Who are we?

Aussie Speeding Fines is a small group of independently successful people who, for one reason or another, finally got sick of paying ever INCREASING speeding fines based on ever DECREASING limits and tolerances. We then realised that this was only HALF our problem – the greater battle was with demerit points and the effects they had on our Driver’s Licences and insurance policies.

Most people never stop to think what it would be like to NOT have their Driver’s Licence, even for a short time. They MISTAKENLY believe that if they always drive under the speed limit that they have nothing to worry about. Wrong!

Do you FULLY understand how your life would be affected if you lost your licence for even just 1 month? Now, imagine how infinitely frustrating that would be if it HONESTLY wasn’t your fault – if you were NOT doing anything wrong.

There are NUMEROUS well documented cases of grossly incorrect readings from speed detection devices; including an old Datsun being booked for 158km/h, a Volvo truck being booked for 170km/h and even a tree for doing 60km/h. Mistakes DO happen and they can be EXTREMELY costly – in far more important ways than simply a monetary fine.

Do you know that insurance companies can deny your legitimate claim simply because you failed to notify them of a single speeding offence? Imagine how you would feel if you had dutifully paid your insurance year after year but then, the one time you REALLY needed it, it was denied to you – all because of something that quite probably was NOT your fault.

Do you realise that if someone borrows your car, receives a fine in the mail and then tries to do the RIGHT thing and pay that fine, that YOU could still end up with points off your licence and YOU can then be denied insurance or, have a valid insurance claim rejected?

Do you know that a simple speeding fine on your record can affect you for 5 years – you could get less than that in this country for killing someone! You are actually treated worse, if you commit a minor speeding offence, than MOST criminals in this country.

These facts shocked us too but, as we researched for four LONG years and started looking into the ins and outs of our current legal system – specifically relating to traffic laws – we came across some even more STARTLING facts:

Did you know that Road Rules Victoria – the publication that all the Victoria Police refer to on your tickets – is NOT actually law! It has never been enacted by the Victorian Parliament, in fact, it has never even been laid at the table of Parliament at all – they’ve never even SEEN the document let alone approve it as law. This is the same NO MATTER which state you live in.

Aussie Speeding Fines’ e-book goes on to explain why the various Road Rules publications – used in the various states of Australia to book drivers – are invalid. We explain, in detail, how the Road Safety (Road Rules) Regulations 1999 (every state has a publication similar to this) spells out that these Rules are NOT legal.

Do you realise that even if these various Road Rules WERE, in fact law, that you are still being treated unfairly, as you have committed no crime? Under common law, for there to be a crime, there MUST be a victim – who is the victim if you drive 5-10 km/h over the limit? Worse still, if you choose to defend your case in court, your 5-10 km/h over the limit speeding charge could be heard right alongside a case against a long time drug user who has just broken into someone’s house and stolen from them to support his habit. How can you possibly stand to be treated like that?

Well, Aussie Speeding Fines ASSURES you that once you have read our e-book, you WON’T stand for that kind of treatment again and you will have MORE than enough information to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

After finding out these facts ourselves, we decided that WE would no longer stand for this either. So, we took our findings to some high level lawyers and asked them what they thought about what we had discovered, but they DIDN’T want a bar of it (excuse the pun). We couldn’t believe this reaction – we had done ALL the research, we had gathered ALL the facts, yet they still refused to use this information to help us defend our cases.

We asked ourselves WHY they would react like that and then we buried our heads for ANOTHER year and came up with some even more frightening answers. The lawyers, judges, insurance companies, etc. were all playing a role in the same subversion of our common law rights.

Aussie Speeding Fines decided that enough was enough and we HAD to take matters into our own hands, we had to inform the public of what was REALLY going on right under their very noses and that is how we created the e-book, “Speeding Fines – What You REALLY Need to Know!”

Does this information shock and concern you? Then click here to become an Aussie Speeding Fines member and order a copy now with our absolutely NO RISK, 30 day money back guarantee.

The team at Aussie Speeding Fines realise that the current system just plain and simply isn’t working and ultimately, we have a Vision for the Future that we would ultimately like to see implemented. Please click here to read more about this vision.

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