Bumper Stickers & Business Cards

Thanks to all our Members for their overwhelming support and constant offers to help spread the word – that the motorists of Australia have had ENOUGH of being ripped off and are now prepared to fight back!

We now have Bumper Stickers and Business Cards available to anyone who like to help promote us and get our message out there.

Please e-mail us directly or use our Contact Form if you would like us to send you any. Just let us know your postal address and how many of each you are after and we will send them straight out to you, free of charge.

Thanks again and we know that if we all work together we really CAN put an end to the current system of revenue raising and really make our roads safer for everyone.

Please note that our bumper stickers are ONLY designed to be placed on your vehicle or placed on a friend or family member’s vehicle, with their permission. We obviously cannot and do not condone placing our stickers anywhere else.

Having said that though, we are aware that a number of people have got hold of our stickers and taken it upon themslves to place them in some interesting and unique places and, we recently started a bit of a “competition” – actually, it’s more like a game – to see who can send in a photo of one of our Aussie Speeding fines stickers in the most unique, interesting or fascinating position/place.

Here are some of the photos we have received so far:

Again, we urge you not to place any of our stickers anwyhere illegal yourself but, should you happen to “come across” one somewhere interesting then, by all means, take a photo and send it through to us.