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Here is a list of people/companies/clubs that have chosen to support us by adding a link from their website to ours. If you would like to join this list to help us get this VITAL information out to as many people as possible then please e-mail us with your details and your website.

We urge you ALL to look closely at this list and see who may be of REAL service to you. You have taken the time to get to this page so please stay for a few moments and make use of the services you see listed here. They have ALL chosen to help our cause and if you contact them and tell them that you found them on our site they may very well be able to help you too.

www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au Those who don’t know their rights have none!
Learn the truth about fines, the banks, the ATO, the Commonwealth Constitution, the Strawman concept, mandatory vaccinations, UNIDROIT and much more.

www.larryhannigan.com A most comprehensive site!
History, politics, the True Constitution and assoc documents, current churches sold out, how to deal with traffic and council fines, courts etc. banking solution = www.larryhannigan.com/earthplusvid.htm

https://speedcamerascam.com/ Exposing Australia’s Road Safety Rip Off!
The truth about the blatant system of revenue raising in this country and how it has absolutely no bearing on “Road Safety” what-so-ever.

https://carr.org.au/ Campaign Against Road Ripoffs!
The aim of CARR is to teach Australian motorists to use many techniques, including inexpensive modern technology and valuable information to thwart and beat these abominable and immoral revenue-raising ripoffs.

https://banksecretsrevealed.com.au/ The truth about banks and how to beat them!
We expose the fraud that the banks commit every day and we also show you, step-by-step, how to successfully challenge any unsecured loan/credit card.

www.delonixradar.com.au Prevention is better than cure!
Your first step in beating your speeding fine is being alerted to a speed trap ahead! Delonix sell radar detectors and GPS based speed camera warning systems.

www.radars.com.au Australia Radar Detector Superstore!
Largest range of radar detectors in Australia including Whistler, Escort, Valentine and Laser Jammers.

www.brmc.asn.au Blackall Range Motorcycle Club!
The club is devoted to enjoying day rides, weekend overnighters and social activities.

www.thewaterengine.com Not just any water engine – THE water engine!
Working with a not for profit organisation in open source research and development of water powered cars and suppressed inventions.

www.qmrf.com Queensland Motorcycle Riders Forum!
Join our forum to chat to fellow bike enthusiasts about anything and everything, from General Chat, to Repairs, to Moto GP and Superbikes etc.

www.dontgetcaught.com.au Australia’s largest, most trusted online radar detector and laser defence supplier!
We have top equipment from the worlds leading manufactures – including 100% undetectable radar detectors by Beltronics, the only detectors suitable for use in all states in Australia.

www.simonsaysbiz.com A site for sharing creativity and opinions!