Why ALL Speed and red-Light Cameras should be REMOVED  from our roads immediately!

Well, on the very off chance that you needed any further proof as to why all speed and red-light cameras MUST be removed from our roads once and for all, we have included those details for you below. In fact, our research shows that these cameras actually INCREASE accidents and we have the statistics and research below to back up what many may think is an outlandish claim. Once you have read the facts though, you will realize what is truly outlandish is that these corrupt agencies continue to get away with false advertising – with their complete rubbish about speed cameras saving lives – as well as making off with your hard earned money.

If, however, you’re one of our informed and educated Members then you know this already and you don’t need any more convincing. Therefore, if you’re ready, willing and able to do your bit, then we would urge you to click the following link and add your signature to our on-line petition and join us in having all speed and red light cameras removed from all roads across Australia.

https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/remove-speed-and-red-light-cameras.html – On-line Petition link

Should you wish a little more information first – or even after you have signed, to confirm that you have done the right thing – then please read on. Now, from a purely technical point of view, those of you who have read Bonus Report 3 from the e-book will understand that the fundamental way in which a speed camera or red-light camera operates is in violation of our fundamental right to natural justice. In ANY other type of punishment a HUMAN must FIRST detect or estimate that you are doing something wrong and then CONFIRM that with the use of a scientific device – there needs to be that 2 step process for transparency. With camera detection devices, however, there is NO human involvement at all. In fact, a single device ends up becoming Judge, Jury and Executioner all in one and people across the world have had enough.

The reality is that the humans that ARE involved with these cameras, know the TRUTH about them: Please click here to download and listen to an important MP3 file that clearly shows that those who deal with the fixed cameras on Eastlink every day – the actual Eastklink workers themselves – have NO confidence in them actually operating correctly! If the people who work with the cameras every day have NO confidence in them, why on earth should we? Motorists from all around the globe have realized how speed and red-light cameras have deprived them of their basic rights – as well as a lot of their hard earned money – and these people have taken steps to remove these cameras in their part of the world. And now, it is time for the people of Australia to do the same. At the very end of this page, you will find a link to an online petition which we would ask you all to sign and to pass around to everyone you know who drives a vehicle on our roads to sign as well.

In the meantime, we have attached some very interesting articles, reports and research that we have come across that you can share with your family and friends so that we can ensure that 2010 is the year that justice FINALLY prevails in this country and people, once again, regain their freedom to travel unhindered on our roads, as they have a natural, God-given right to do.

This first article is from an Arizona County that has now officially scrapped its speed cameras. This PROVES that what we are suggesting – to have all cameras removed – CAN be done. More importantly, the article clearly states that “Accidents INCREASED by 16%” in the year that the cameras were operational. The same article also states that red light cameras have “also been associated with increased accidents in some cities.”


There is a more comprehensive article on the situation below and again, there are some VERY important lines to note. Firstly, it is the County Sheriff himself who made the comment that “I’m against photo speed enforcement COMPLETELY” – he goes on to state that speed cameras actually “created dangerous road conditions.” Now, who better to know this than the actual guy on the ground there? Interestingly, this matches EXACTLY what many police officers in Australia also believe but are too scared to speak up and say.

Now, here’s the truly telling line, the Sheriff actually states on record that, in addition to the INCREASE in accidents by 16%, fatal accidents actually DOUBLED!!!! Now, obviously he can’t prove that speed cameras caused the accidents but he DOES admit that they were a factor – now, this is a FAR cry from the “Cameras CUT Crashes” crap that we are force fed here in Australia!


Here is yet another article – this time from Hawaii – that proves, once again, that these cameras CAN be removed from service if enough people stand up and fight back. The telling line in this article is where the drivers say the system “smacked of “George Orwell’s “Big Brother” – anyone get that same feeling of living in a Police State here in Australia?


The article below is from Winnipeg, Canada and the opening line says it all “Independent city audit shows Winnipeg, Canada police use misleading statistics to hide the INCREASE in accidents caused by photo enforcement” – that’s right, the same thing AGAIN, speed cameras actually contributed to an INCREASE in accidents – the very thing they are supposed to be decreasing!


Here is an article from the UK that details research that shows that speed cameras actually CAUSED some 28,000 accidents!


The final article below, is from a University study that, once again, shows that cameras actually INCREASE crashes! Whilst the whole article is an interesting read, the three pertinent lines are: “Instead of improving motorist safety, red-light cameras SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE crashes …”, “The rigorous studies clearly show red-light cameras DON’T work,” and “Instead, they INCREASE crashes and injuries….”


Unfortunately, far too many people just blindly buy into the media rubbish that is, of course, sponsored by corrupt government agencies – that these cameras are supposedly there for our safety. These articles are just a small sample of research and studies that appear all around the world proving that these cameras exist wholly and solely to raise revenue. We even got an article from a Member recently that stated similar results in Italy – unfortunately, the link didn’t work. We have always referenced the Autobahns of Europe as clear and concise proof that speed does NOT kill. Just look at the speeds that they drive over there and how few accidents they have.

However, we know that despite all of the above there will STILL be people that don’t believe us. There will still be someone that says “Yeah, well that’s all research from the US, it’s not relevant here.” Obviously, they have a LOT more people in the US so, if anything, it just proves our point even further but hey, that’s fine, because we ALSO have statistics from Australia as well.

Now, before you check out the following links, it is important to note that the person who has provided the following statistics is not some crazy guy who hates the cops and enforcement agencies, he is not someone who believes that people should drive however they want – he was actually the Manager for Road Safety Research at Vicroads. Unfortunately, once he started providing evidence such as the links below, he was urged to “move on”. So, on that note, please look over the statistics and graphs below which are from Tasmania and Queensland, right here in Australia.

Tasmania Road Toll Trends – Click here to download this file.
Queensland Road Toll Trends – Click here to download this file

So, the common thread throughout ALL of these articles and statistics is that, despite what our so-called “authorities” try and tell us, cameras do NOT cut crashes, they increase crashes. Cameras do NOT save lives, they are actually a factor in increasing fatal crashes. Mobile cameras, fixed cameras and red light cameras do NOT work in ANY way other than to raise revenue for the government.

We would urge you all to take a few minutes to read over our Vision For the Future page for further details on why these cameras will NEVER reduce the road toll in this country and what steps WILL ultimately make a difference. We would urge any of you who are not yet Members to go to our Memberships page and join the team of Informed and Educated motorists of this country and finally, please use the link below to add your signature to our on-line petition to finally have all these ridiculous cameras removed from our roads once and for all.

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Once again, we would ask you to please e-mail around a link to this page to ALL your contacts. Feel free to cut and paste the relevant sections – or create a direct link to this page – onto any and all motoring forums or websites – such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space etc. – that you may have access to and please help us spread the word that the motorists of this country have now had enough and there is something very simple that EVERYONE can do to help make that change. Together, we CAN change this corrupt, unjust and unlawful system!