“Speeding Fines – What You REALLY Need to Know!”


Please note, this e-book is NOT designed to show you how to GET OUT of something that you have done wrong, instead it is about evening up the playing field and is designed to show you the simple steps that you need to take to PROTECT yourself from the government and the insurance companies dictating to you that things MUST be done their way, despite the fact that “their” way is ILLEGAL and does NOT work!


So, what will you find in our e-book?


This 85 page e-book is jam packed with the latest tried and tested, step-by-step strategies on how to fight speeding fines, parking fines, red light camera fines – in fact, all types of unjust and unlawful traffic fines in all states of Australia – and WIN! It is also full of all killer, no filler, information that explains PRECISELY how the governments, courts and insurance companies are systematically screwing us over under the false and misleading guise of “Road Safety”.


If you have ever taken the time to HONESTLY look at the road statistics, you will realise that our roads have NOT become any safer since the introduction of speed detection devices and their relevant fines (we actually include links within this website to government sites that PROVE this point) – however, the government coffers HAVE become MUCH fatter!


We explain in great detail, yet also VERY simply, all the so-called “laws” associated with speed detection and speeding fines and how to apply them in YOUR favour. We even go as far as explaining, in depth, the flaws within the actual training manuals for radar and laser devices – page by page. You do NOT need to be a traffic lawyer to understand this and, once you have finished reading this e-book, you will probably know more about this subject than almost ANY judge, lawyer or police officer anyway.


We explain EXACTLY what you should and shouldn’t say from the moment you get pulled over to give yourself the GREATEST chance of getting off an unjust traffic charge.


We include a multitude of example letters that you can use – all you have to do is cut and paste your own details – in reply to ANY traffic fine that you receive. We even include copies of ACTUAL letters from Government agencies that detail specific information provided to us as a result of FOI (Freedom of Information) requests from the major players such as Vicroads and Victoria Police. These documents show you the truth in black and white – that is, that people are being forced to believe things which are simply NOT true. It also proves that the strategies we recommend DO actually WORK.


For example, did you know that your Driver’s Licence is simply a way of tracking your movements between states and is yet another revenue-raising exercise? It does NOT constitute ANY agreement by you to be bound by, or for you to adhere to, ANY driving laws at all. We show you this and MANY other examples with copies of actual letters back and forth between government agencies and ourselves.


Do you know what Section 10 of the National Measurement Act is and how it relates to speed detection devices? Do you know that NO speed detection device currently being used in Australia meets the requirements of this Act and NO speed detection device has been certified to comply with this Act? The ONLY reason that the police still get away with this is because people just aren’t aware of it and not enough people have yet taken a stand against it. All of that is about to change though.


The most SHOCKING and confronting information, though, is contained in Chapter 6, where we explain, in detail, the abundance of flaws that exist with all speed detection devices currently being used in Australia – the worst being speed cameras. We actually quote pages from the operator’s manuals for the devices which clearly state fundamental flaws that these devices have and why they should NEVER be used to book someone and how NONE of them comply with even the most basic Australian standards.


In fact, we have JUST come across information that explains why ALL speed cameras MUST be removed from service in Australia and EXACTLY what you can do to make that happen. This information is so new and so SHOCKING that we have included it as a separate report in our Bonus Reports section.


The list goes on and on.


Even if you currently have a fine and have not followed the initial strategies that we outline in this e-book, we can still show you, in VERY simple, step-by-step terms, how to put a fine and its associated demerit points off for up to 18 months. This way, if you are just about to go over your allocated points and suffer a mandatory licence loss, you can COMPLETELY avoid this happening.


In fact, if you have received a fine that you KNOW you can’t get out of and you are about to lose your licence, we have a Special Bonus Report that shows how to keep your licence and, quite possibly, your job as well. Even better, we can put you in touch with someone that has a flawless system for retaining your licence, even if it has been ordered to be suspended!


The key is to get in EARLY though. Do NOT wait until AFTER you have been pulled over or received a ticket. Yes, sure, this information will still help you but it will be of MAXIMUM effect if you have read and understood it all BEFORE anything happens.


So, click here to become a member and order a copy with our absolutely NO RISK, 30 day money back guarantee and start learning this life-changing information NOW!


Still want more?


Fine, we have MUCH more. In fact, we have even included another Bonus Report on how to get out of parking fines. In this report we outline a very simple way of having a parking fine dropped, whilst actually helping to enforce a Commonwealth law.


You see, the more we researched the laws on road use, the more holes we found. What we concluded was that the governments simply wanted to raise as much money as they possibly could, no matter who they took advantage of in the process. They seem to forget that governments are elected BY the people FOR the people – we show you how to REMIND them of this fact!


The governments’ favourite way of raising revenue is under the guise of Road Safety. They tell us that they are building better roads and making them safer for us to use with the money they raise from fines. What a load of RUBBISH. We show you the REAL truth about what they do with the money and who is ACTUALLY funding the road improvements – it is NOT who you think!


The ONLY way we can stop the government continuing to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and stop them from ROBBING the innocent people of Australia is to stop the flow of money into their coffers. The ONLY way we can do that is if we can get as many people as possible to stand up for their rights and stop being bullied into simply paying these RIDICULOUS and ILLEGAL fines.


The BEST way to achieve all of that is through information and education and THAT is what our e-book “Speeding Fines – What You REALLY Need to Know!” is all about. It is about SHOWING you, in clear and concise terms, exactly what the governments are doing and showing you simple, step-by-step strategies on how to take a stand and stop this happening in the future. We educate you oas to precisely what your common law rights are, in respect to driving on Australian roads, and we show you EXACTLY how to exercise those rights.


Ultimately, what we are trying to achieve through all of this is to create roads that are HONESTLY safer and better for ALL Australians to use. You pay taxes, you register your car and you pay highly inflated fuel prices – which also add to the government coffers – so you have the RIGHT to drive on safe roads. Please see our Vision for the Future” to find out EXACTLY what we are ultimately trying to achieve.


Increasing speeding fines is NOT the way to achieve this and enough is now enough. The insanity MUST stop and we guarantee that, once you have read our e-book, you will understand exactly why we say this and you will know PRECISELY what YOU can do to help stop it.


So, please, take advantage of our 30 Day, no questions asked, no risk guarantee and invest just $67 to firstly, enlighten yourself as to what is REALLY going on out there and secondly, to insure yourself against ever having to pay a speeding fine again. This is a very SMALL price to pay for peace of mind whilst driving for the rest of your life. And, even if Rules, Acts or Laws change, we will keep you updated regarding ALL new findings via e-mail.


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Please don’t wait to order this e-book though. Our 17 years worth of experience and research has shown us that if people don’t take action straight away then their busy lives will take hold, it will be put on the back burner and then ultimately forgotten, until the INEVITABLE happens. Order NOW, whether you have a current speeding fine or not, so that you’re prepared and so you that you can join the ranks of truly EDUCATED drivers out there.


Ordering is simple. Just click the link below, become a Member of our website (only Members are allowed access to our information for legal reasons) enter yourcredit card details through our 100% SECURE Square website and, upon approval of payment, you will be immediately e-mailed a link – or sent a hard copy – which allows you to access the entire 85 page e-book, including our 3 bonus reports:


  1. How to get out of a parking fine
  2. How to keep your licence if you’re about to lose it.
  3. Why ALL speed cameras MUST be removed from service in Australia


AND you will receive access to our Resources section, which includes over 25 different sample letters that you can then copy, modify and use yourself. These are the ACTUAL letters that have been successfully used to assist both individuals and companies in getting out of unjust fines. These letters are provided in Word format so you can simply cut and paste your own details and send them straight off without any hassle.


You also get scanned copies of actual reply letters that we have received from government agencies that detail MANY of the points that we raise. We have also included direct links to government agency websites so that you can see sections of ALL the relevant Laws, Acts and Rules that we refer to throughout our e-book.


So, click here to be taken directly to our secure order page and, remember, there is a full, 30 day, money back guarantee and we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked, if you are not TOTALLY satisfied with the information contained in “Speeding Fines – What You REALLY Need to Know!”


So, you really have nothing to lose by ordering this e-book NOW, but you may quite possibly be un-insured and/or lose your licence and perhaps your livelihood, if you don’t.


Remember, after you have become a Member and purchased our e-book, it costs you NOTHING – other than the time to read the e-book – to really make a DIFFERENCE and save your licence, your demerit points and your hard earned money as well.


There are over 75,000 speeding fines issued EVERY week in Australia, worth a collective total of about $3 million a DAY! Don’t wait to become another victim. Order NOW and then please direct EVERYONE you know to our website so that we can raise the number of truly EDUCATED drivers in this country and finally put a stop to this ridiculous, unjust system.