Digital E-Book Information

Please note that the Online Digital version of the e-book is designed to be read ON-SCREEN only – it CANNOT be downloaded, it CANNOT be printed and MANY outdated/incompatible browsers will mean that you CANNOT even open it or access the letters – eg. Anything Google-based, like Chrome, simply blocks access to everything on our site and any old browsers simply are NOT compatible with our new website!

Please note that we ALWAYS recommend one of our Hard Copy versions rather than our digital versions because there are NUMEROUS limitations associated with the online digital versions. Again, as above, you CANNOT print the digital version, you CANNOT “download” the digital version and MANY browsers will mean you can’t even access the on-line version and/or letters in some cases.

There are simply NO benefits to the digital versions and MANY drawbacks to them!

“Why do you offer them at all then?” Because some people simply refuse to read physical versions of books anymore so we HAVE to make digital versions available to cater to those specific people but we are CRYSTAL CLEAR and upfront about this BEFORE anyone ever chooses the digital version rather than the hard copies that we ALWAYS recommend!

If you are after a more portable version then we HIGHLY recommend the Hard Copy version. This version is only $20 more and comes professionally printed and bound with a protective cover and all the Resource letters are also provided on a CD that can then be used on ANY computer with a CD drive. If you don’t have a CD drive, you can buy a USB CD drive very cheaply on eBay and the like.

Updates are provided for BOTH versions free of charge for LIFE so, in the long run, we find most people prefer the Hard Copy version for longevity and portability.

Either way, we thank you in advance for your interest and your order and we look forward to welcoming you to the Aussie Speeding Fines team and the realm of educated and informed motorists!

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