e-Book Membership

There are numerous Aussie Speeding Fines Membership’s available. To find out which level of Membership is right for you, please click here – Memberships – for a description of all available levels.

If you have decided that an Online E-book Membership is the best version for you, or is part of Membership package that you will be putting together, please see below for the various E-book Membership options available. Please note that we ALWAYS recommend our Hard Copy options over our digital options – due to the limitations with the digital version – and all hard Copy orders are sent out via Express Post so you will receive it almost as quickly as the digital options anyway.
Please be sure to read our pre-purchase instructions here before selecting one of our digital options. There are 4 digital e-book options available, please click the image above to see the various options available.
The hard copy version is our most popular option as it is far more portable and easy to access at anytime, anywhere and does not have any of the limitations that can sometimes be experienced with the digital options. There are 4 hard copy e-book options available, please click the image above  to see the various options available.
The seminar DVD expands on many of the topics and principles detailed in the e-book. It is a great additional resource to have with either the digital or hard copy e-book itself.
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