2008 News & Updates

December 7, 2008
Christmas promo update & Current Affair story

Just a quick follow up from last week’s e-mail – there is just ONE week to go in our 25% OFF Christmas discount offer. As those of you who are current Members would know, we have only ever run a discount promotion twice in 18 months so this is the IDEAL time to either become a member or to purchase a membership for your friends, family or work colleagues – as a discounted offer like this is unlikely to come again for a very long time.

Also, in case you missed it, A Current Affair ran yet ANOTHER story on faulty and inaccurate speed cameras last week. You can see the full story here:
https://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-au&brand=ninemsn&tab=m164  The video is called “Two Speed Cameras” and it will come up on the bottom of the first page of videos or top of the second page – depending on when you click through to view it.

How many more of these stories have to go to air before people finally “get it” that these speed detection devices are fundamentally FLAWED and only occasionally get it right – NOT the other way around!

How many INNOCENT motorists have to be fined – or worse still, have their licences SUSPENDED – before people will wake up to the TRUTH, that these devices are NOT about improving the road toll, they are simply about raising REVENUE!

The Christmas period is traditionally the WORST for people being unfairly fined as a result of inaccurate and unlawful speed detection devices. Should people be fined or taken off the road for drink driving? ABSOLUTELY! But what about “speeding”?

We urge you ALL to keep an eye out on the news over the next month or so and see just how many accidents occur on a freeway or ring road at 112km/h. Take note of how many people are killed in a 60 zone because they were ALLEGEDLY traveling at 67 km/h. Despite what these agencies try and shove down your throats, speed does NOT kill!!!

These are NOT where the accidents occur. They occur at intersections, because people aren’t paying attention and they occur on open, outback roads because people FALL ASLEEP because drivers are so BORED at driving so SLOWLY!

Enough is enough, it is time for ALL Australian motorists to send a message to these so-called “authorities” that we no longer want to live in police states and we will no longer accept these unjust and unlawful fines.

Go to https://aussiespeedingfines.com/memberships/  and become a member TODAY or join up a friend, family member or someone else you care about to inform and educate as many people as you can on why this must no longer be tolerated and the simple step-by-step actions that everyone can take to help get our message across:

We want SAFER roads for ALL motorists. We want increased driver training for ALL motorists and we want what Section 92 of our Commonwealth Constitution provides for – FREE travel amongst the states of Australia!

If you have ANY doubts as to the effectiveness of our information and strategies then PLEASE take a few moment to read over the MANY Testimonials we have on our site at: https://aussiespeedingfines.com/testimonials/

But please, don’t wait until you get a fine because then the simplest strategies to implement will already have been missed. Get our information BEFORE you get fined to protect yourself against the current ineffective and corrupt system.

And, don’t forget, you can actually earn MONEY by becoming an ASF Affiliate. Just click the link below, follow the instructions and be sure to select the ASF Products link and start earning money NOW for Christmas by simply helping spread the word and empowering other motorists to fight back against an unjust and unlawful system! https://aussiespeedingfines.com/affiliates/

We look forward to welcoming you, your family, loved ones and work colleagues to our team in the very near future and we wish you all a safe and enjoyable Christmas out there on the roads.

August 11, 2008
The End is Near!

We would like to apologise for all the additional e-mails we have sent you lately but things are REALLY starting to heat up now and we believe that you are better off receiving more information rather than less.

We would also like to apologise for sending you references to Victorian media reports. We have found that due to the EXTREMELY low speed limit tolerances in Victoria and the number of regular media reports that come out from Melbourne, in respect to the consistently inaccurate cameras there, that we simply get more feedback from our Victorian Members than from other states.

So please, if you are from ANY state in Australia and come across a media report in your mainstream or even local papers about unjust speed cameras, parking fines, red light cameras, etc. then please forward them to us so we can pass the information around.

After our last update, we received a HEAP of feedback from people that have successfully fought back against unjust and unlawful fines and won. Please, keep them coming and see the new additions on our testimonials page to see a selection of the latest ones. People constantly question us as to whether our strategies really work and whether people really have a chance if they fight back. The more feedback we get and more testimonials we can put up on our website, the more quickly we will be able to answer these questions with a resounding YES.

Okay, onto the information at hand. As we have made clear in the heading of our e-mail – the end is near. How do we know this? Because these agencies are now going to totally ridiculous – and completely USELESS lengths – to try and convince people that speed cameras are in ANY way effective.

So many people are now fighting back and there is now SO much media attention focussed on these useless money grabbing devices that the police and government agencies are struggling to keep them. We are led to believe that Today Tonight are about to run another major story exposing yet another faulty red light camera in Melbourne within the next week or so.

In the past, the response from these agencies when questioned about these devices being hidden and being about revenue raising has been a simple “Well, if you don’t like it, don’t speed” type of response. As you will read in a moment, this is no longer the case.

As we have now made ABUNDANTLY clear, it is NOT as simple as just slowing down or stopping at a red light. There are just SO many devices out there and they are SO fundamentally flawed that whether you are “speeding” or not (or enter an intersection on green or orange) has almost NO relevance to whether or not you will, over time, receive a ticket.

And, as we have also said ALL along, whether you break some arbitrary speed limit by 5 or 6 km/h has almost NO relevance to whether or not you will have an accident.

Finally, in their last desperate effort to retain these revenue raising devices, the Victoria Police Service (a private entity) and the so-called “Justice Department of Victoria” have finally PROVEN what we have been saying all along.

In their latest and perhaps most fraudulent claim that “Cameras Cut Crashes” website, the Victorian Justice Department have pulled out some completely obscure NORWEGIAN study from FOUR years ago in a pathetic attempt to back up this ridiculous claim.

Check it out for yourselves at: https://www.justice.vic.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/Road+Safety/Home/Speeding/

They try and force this rubbish down our throats yet the fact remains that the road toll across Victoria has NOT reduced at all despite the number of speed cameras INCREASING dramatically!

A FULL report on the road toll Australia-wide can be found at the following link:

Please note the graph on the first page of this report that shows absolutely NO change at all in the road toll from June ’04 to June ’07 – when speed cameras were STRONGLY promoted as “saving lives”.

The TRUTH is that a speed camera NEVER saved a SINGLE person’s life. The absolute BEST claim that anyone can make about speed cameras is that they make people more aware of their speed. And, as we have PROVEN through our statistics (please see the Crash Statistics link on this page if you haven’t already): https://aussiespeedingfines.com/about-asf/vision-for-the-future/  “speeding” is only A factor in 5% of accidents!

Speed cameras are nothing more than revenue raising devices and NO-ONE has been able to show ANY statistics that prove otherwise. When is someone going to stand up and sue the government for false and mis-leading advertising? Any big shot lawyers out there that want to make a name for themselves???

Okay, let’s move on. In yet another pathetic attempt to scare the very people that they are supposed to be protecting, the Department of Justice then put up a page which intimates that ALL speed detection devices are properly tested and certified and that these certificates can then be used against you in court should you try and challenge them:


Of course, they FORGET to mention that NONE of the testing is actually conducted by anyone certified to test these devices pursuant to Section 10 of the National Measurement Act and that these devices are NOT tested as they are required to be by the relevant manufacturers. NO certificate that is EVER issued for a speed camera ever has ALL the required details – ie. Ambient temperature at the time of testing etc.

Then, in a COMPLETE turn around of their “We’re not hiding anything” response when asked why fixed cameras are hidden behind signs and trees and why all mobile cameras are placed in unmarked cars, they have now listed all the fixed and mobile camera sites:



Now, ask yourselves, why would they go to these lengths unless they absolutely HAD to? Because they KNOW that the general public is losing confidence in these devices more and more each day and they are trying everything they can to APPEAR transparent.

Which brings us to the smoking gun that they have shot now THEMSELVES in the foot with:


The Department of Justice have finally made the Speed Camera Policy Manual freely available but obviously forgot to read it before they put it up because it proves once and for all that they failed MISERABLY to achieve their objectives:

From page 4: “To achieve the ESSENTIAL ingredient of community support and program ownership, there must be a POPULAR belief that the enforcement is fair, impartial and objectively administered in the community interest based on the ACHIEVEMENT of road safety objectives.”

The “essential ingredient of community support” is simply NOT there. There is NO “popular belief that the enforcement is fair” and they have NOT “achieved” any “road safety objectives”!

In fact, there are at least 2 massive class actions – one against a speed camera in Sydney and another against a red light camera in Melbourne – that we have heard about. The REALITY is that the community at large does NOT support these cameras, instead, people are now banding together to fight back against these unjust and unlawful devices.

They then go on to say “To ACHIEVE these objectives in the most effective manner, the enforcement activity MUST be consistent, meaningful and applied at the high-risk times of the day.”

Sure, it’s consistent alright – they have a speed camera on almost every corner now – but it is NOT meaningful and, would they have us believe that there is something special about a fixed camera over a mobile camera that means that the fixed camera should NOT be turned off at non high-risk times of the day? If mobile cameras should only be used at high-risk times of the day – which, of course, is NOT always the case – then why are fixed cameras allowed to operate 24/7?

Finally, they go on to say that “Mobile speed camera use at PROPERLY selected sites will also be able to stand public scrutiny, clearly demonstrating fair and reasonable speed enforcement in the interests of IMPROVING road safety through the enforcement of the designated speed limits.”

How are these sites properly selected? They tell us on Page 5 of that manual that a site MUST have either a documented history of a serious collision or a validated complaint of excessive speed. So, how exactly did they manage to put up numerous fixed cameras on the new Eastlink road before a SINGLE car ever drove on it, let alone drive at excessive speed or have a serious collision???

Oh that’s right, fixed cameras are somehow MAGICALLY better than mobile cameras and can therefore be used anywhere and at any time and they for some UNKNOWN reason – because the Department of Justice have certainly failed to explain it – they don’t have to follow the same guidelines as mobile cameras.

Their policies are a complete JOKE and they don’t even abide by them themselves!!!

As we have said all along, the road toll is NOT going down and speed cameras are clearly NOT a deterrent. These cameras achieve NOTHING other than to fill the government coffers with your hard-earned money. Please, if you haven’t been there already, go to our Vision for the Future page at https://aussiespeedingfines.com/about-asf/vision-for-the-future/  and see with WILL ultimately make the roads safer for ALL users.

As we mentioned earlier, we apologise for the fact these past two e-mails have been Victorian based but it just seems that people in Victoria are more vocal and have been screwed over far worse than those in other states. We KNOW there must be similar reports right around the country and we rely on our members Australia-wide to inform us of what’s going on because we obviously can’t read everything.

Once again, we urge you to pass these e-mails on to EVERYONE you know and urge them to get a copy of our e-book BEFORE they get a fine so that they are FULLY informed and fully prepared for when the inevitable happens.

These websites and the previous media reports we sent out PROVE that people have had enough and they are fighting back. It won’t be too long now before Australia is able to join the ranks of Hawaii and Canada (see our testimonials page) and have its citizens fight back and have these illegal revenue raising devices removed from so-called “service” on our roads!

August 4, 2008
Proof that our information works

Just a quick one, we FINALLY have a MAJOR breakthrough for all those who doubt or question our information. Please click the link below to access an article that appeared in this week’s Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne.


Please note the opening line “HALF of all fine recipients in Victoria who challenge tickets succeed in having them dropped” This is GREAT news for anyone currently using our system or anyone who is contemplating using our system. The sad news, however, comes in at line 4 “But only 6 per cent of the four million Victorians fined in 2006-07 challenged them.” We simply MUST get more people to challenge their fines and bring down this ridiculous system.

So, PLEASE, forward this e-mail onto EVERYONE you know and let’s put an end to the unjust and unlawful fines that are being forced upon the innocent citizens of this country.

July 2008
Paying your fine at the last minute – should you want to

Well, we have been extremely busy since our last update and, even as we write, we are in process of putting together yet another e-book update which we release early next month.

In the meantime, we have had MANY queries from people saying that they have elected to go to court and they then decided to pay the original fine at the last minute only to have the agency concerned return the fine and incorrectly and ILLEGALLY tell them that they couldn’t accept the payment and they now had to go to court.

Now, there are a number of problems with this response by the agencies:

Firstly, despite their continued persistence that these fines are somehow a criminal offence, the reality is that they simply are NOT. These are Civil matters as they are trying to extract payment from your ALL CAPS name. Any court proceedings dealing with payment of money come under civil disputes. Speeding fines, red light camera fines etc. all only proceed to court because you failed to pay the prescribed fee – rendering them Civil matters.

This, by the way, is also why the 3 step process IS a legal and valid process because the steps leading to and including the private settlement agreement come under Civil law. But you MUST present this information in the correct way for it to be taken notice of. If you explain the paragraph above to the Judge they will start to get some understanding of what you are doing, rather than just “copying and sending letters off the internet”.

Now, because they are Civil matters they have certain obligations under Commercial Law. The relevant obligation here is that when payment is tendered then they must accept that payment. If they do NOT accept that payment then they give up any further entitlement to pursue that debt. We have written a letter to the Department of Justice on this point and will include any relevant replies in our next update.

For example, if we were to send you an e-book and say “Just send us a cheque when you receive it” – (sorry, no, we can’t actually do that, this is just an example) – and then you sent us a cheque – we can’t then turn around and send the cheque back and say “No, we only accept cash now.” A legal form of payment was tendered and if we refuse to accept that payment we cannot legally lay any claim to it any time in the future. If we were to then try and sue you for the price of the e-book you would simply explain that you sent a cheque and that lawful and valid payment was refused and therefore we have no further entitlement to the debt and a Judge would side with YOU.

So, what does all this mean to you? It means that if you send a cheque to the relevant agency a week or 2 before the final hearing date and they send it back then they have given up any right to pursue a debt from you. Therefore, there is NO need for you to go to court because they are only going to court to pursue the recovery of a debt.

All current members should check their e-mail box for the relevant letters that we have created to deal with the above sceanrio.