2009 – 2010 Testimonials

Hi Guys,

The latest news from Moreton Bay Regional council is that they will withdraw the fine in this instance…..result!

After sending off the first letter which spells out all of the obstacles that they are going to have to meet, they have turned around and found me too hard.

Thanks again….

Cheers, Ira – QLD
Hi Guys,

A couple of months ago I wrote to you about my vehicle being Towed away in the Valley in Brisbane one Friday night.

I just wanted to let you know that I contacted my credit card company as you suggested and asked them to credit the money back to me, citing that it was a breach of the Imperial Acts Application Act section 8 clause12.

Visa credited the money back to me immediately and to date the towing company has taken no action to recover the money and I very much doubt that they will as they know they are acting illegally. Unfortunately the unsuspecting public is none the wiser and just coughs up the extortionate $300 levy to get there car back. Once I would have done the same but thanks to you, no more

I believe that the towing company has quite a racket going here and I was please to be able to beat them at their own game.

Thanks heaps for the advice, you guys are doing a great job and I tell everybody about your website


Scott – QLD


Good Morning Team ,

You will recall I sent you copies of my defence re being charged for alleged 103 kph in an 80 zone. I went to court 3 times for this and I recently won my case !!!!!!!

Thanks for all help . I believe if you challenge them you can win. Go for it





I just received a notice of Revocation for the Red Light Camera offence from the Traffic Camera Office.

3 points back and no fine.

Just a lot of letter writing.

Thanks Guys.

David – Vic.


Dear ASF,

Back in January I became a member. I’d read through your web page and decided to give ASF a go. At this point I hadn’t received the e-book but I sent the following message to a great number of friends and relatives. I was hoping that maybe one or two within my network would have something constructive to share.

The responses:
1 sympathy response
1 serves you right response
1 Good luck, I had a go but failed response (not an ASF member).

My message was as follows:

I, just like everyone I know who happens to elect to drive on public roads have, for a whole range of reasons (primarily for being human) copped a traffic camera infringement notice.

In this instance, my story is a little different, because I was driving my company car, and the infringement notice has requested that the driver be identified. So whilst diligently completing the notification to return it, I found a glaring flaw in the document. So I twice attempted to inform the authorities, and for my trouble, they sent me an even larger infringement notice. Now I have two.

Red Light Camera $299.00
Failing to provide information $717.00
Total $1016.00.
Which I’m supposed to pay by 3 May 2011

A bit rich I would have thought…….and I think I’d be forgiven if I also thought the behaviour of “Civil Compliance Victoria”, who administers traffic cameras, was simply attempting to intimidate….

Anyhow, notwithstanding the above, and not to be deterred, I have commenced a little research. I quickly found the following website.


I have signed up and there appears to be a great deal of substance in the information provided. Rest assured I’m not receiving any commissions, but my initial appraisal of the information is motivational to say the least.

The purpose of this message is just to share my experience with friends & family and give you a starting point if you are interested in becoming a little more informed. And there is something to be said for strength in numbers.
Likewise, if you have info to share then much appreciated.

Today I received 2 letters from Civic Compliance Victoria stating “We acknowledge receipt of your recent enquiry in relation to the Infringement notice above and wish to advise you that this matter is now finalised.”

And I sent the following message to my network:

Thought I’d let you know………….
3 letters and both infringement notices have been withdrawn.

Guess who’s happy?
Think I’ll shout the family to a treat.

The methods prescribed by ASF have worked for me. Your 3 step process done and dusted. Great publication, excellent education, very pleased member.

Wishing your team every success and hope you get a few more members as a result of my promotion



PS. Please feel free to add to your testimonials etc.


Dear AussieSpeedingFines,

Just a quick note to tell you the Police have dropped the charges. In their typically sneaky way there was no way the cop had three clear seconds to get a reading. Interestingly they also dropped the “crossing a no-passing line” charge as well, in spite of them saying they had two eye witnesses. The only disappointing aspect of the whole thing is they never sent me the RADAR manual I’d asked for. I’ll save that for next time. Perhaps just asking is enough to get all charges dropped.

Paul from NZ


Hello everyone at ASF.

I would like to offer this testimonial for you. I would also like to say thankyou to all the staff of ASF and the members who share their success.

I have recently had two charges for parking infringements discharged.

The first was for a fine I received because the parking meter would not take my coins 8 years ago. I was convicted in court (in my absence as I was overseas) and the sheriff used this as bait to trap me into going to court for another alleged infringement 4 years ago.

The second fine was for parking in a no stopping zone. I did not look at the signs but was very frustrated that the issuing officer parked in front of me in the same no stopping zone.

I challenged the second one on the basis that (in my opinion) it was not reasonable for the parking officer to park in a no stopping zone as per Road Rules Victoria but the Magistrate was not willing to entertain my opinion. Frustrated by this I just played the delaying game and then found out about ASF.

I joined ASF only about 18 months ago and did the 3 step process but all this did (apart from educating me) was delay proceedings which is why the sheriff used the first “offence” as bait to get me into court. I own 2 vehicles so when the sheriff requested Victoads to refuse my re-registration I just allowed that to happen. (a mistake, see below)

The sheriff came to my door twice but I refused to co-operate so they arrested me (at a time that suited me) and bailed me to appear in court.
At the first court appearance I requested an adjournment to gather further evidence which was eventually granted but not before the magistrate offered to reduce the first offence to paying the fine which was only $20.00. The court, and in particular the police, were astonished that I rejected this offer. The $20.00 is not much but that would still make me guilty of a made up offence so I said no on principal. I was coming back for the adjourned matter (the second) anyway so why accept?

At the second appearance, after much delay, I was eventually heard about 3pm (more tactics) but as the prosecution had not produced the warrants the matters were discharged.

You might think that I got lucky but without the ebook and testimonials I would never have challenged these, so would not have had the ‘luck’ that the prosecution did not produce the warrants. I believe that after rejecting the offer to reduce the first fine to $20.00 the police decided not to produce the warrants as they knew that I would continue to cost them valuable time. (as I would have) They probably felt that two days in court for me was equivalent and requested this matter be heard late in the day to ensure a full day lost by me.

I would not have had the information to follow through on this without the ebook and was fairly cynical about this at first. It was the testimonials of the other members who really inspired me to keep going so thank you to all of you.

Was it worth it?
I saved $620.00+ on a years registration and around $400.00 in fines and costs etc but three days off work to attend court and it will cost me almost that much ($’s) to roadworthy and re-register my car. It has not run for 18 months so what damage have I done to it?

Yes it was worth it! It might seem like a high price to pay on these two notices but the knowledge will be used again if/when needed and shared with others to encourage them and spread the message of ASF.

Some advice. Don’t let your rego slip if this happens to you. Get a hearing/appeal in court which prevents the sheriff/Victoads stopping re-registration. This will buy you at least another year.

Regards to all

Craig – Vic.


Hi Guys and Girls at ASF,

Once again I thank you for this weekly update of information, especially the Testimonial section, it gives heart to hear that people power is having a win and for the right reasons.

I myself have also had a win regarding my issue with the SA Police or more to the point the SA State Government. Last year whilst on my way back to WA from a quick visit to the Barossa Valley, I was stopped and fined for allegedly speeding, approximately 15 klms south of Ceduna on the Flinders Highway.  The Brevatt Sergeant informed me that he clocked me at 125 kph, now my Harley can certainly travel at this speed but I was not anywhere near this velocity and I took exception which led me to contacting ASF and becoming a member.

I commenced the “3 step process” and as you are aware due to the nature of these debt collecting institutions, I had to issue all the letters ie “notice of objection”, “clarification letter”, “default notice” and the last letter was the “court election letter”. I skipped the “notice of private settlement” as I was wanting to front court, I am very confident that I would win this as there are definite anomalies with the written infringement ticket and a SA POL letter as to the exact location of the said infringement.

Anyway yesterday I received a letter from the SA Police Criminal Section informing me that they would not be pursuing this matter.

I have also acquired a “parking infringement” issued from my local council and naturally I have commenced the “3 step process”, I already have a good feeling regarding this issue as my informal visit to the Council Chambers to inform the Head Ranger that I am aware of my rights and also of the Councils role as per the Australian Constitution and that all “fines” as such are illegal. His demur told me that his departments actions are in fact all about bluff and or stand over tactics, I am looking forward to this.

I have informed everyone that I am in contact with, and in general conversation with, of the process that ASF has refined over the years and the purpose for this undertaking. In short ASF membership has been a fantastic acquisition and I am only to happy to expel your virtues.

Many thanks and regards, keep up the good fight.

Paul – S.A.

I travelled from NSW to Wonthaggi Court in April. As my case was not being heard till after lunch, I had ample time to talk to the Prosecutor, who was a very nice lady. It was because of that lady, & because of a good Judge, that the case was dismissed!!

I had been told by my solicitor that if I asked the camera operator if he had with him a certificate for the h/h radar that he used to help set up the Gatso, that the prosecutor would ask for an adjournment & I would have to go through all this again. The prosecutor said nothing.

By the time I had finished my statement in the box, I thought I was gone.
The judge then asked the prosecutor about my driving record & the prosecutor replied, “A minor traffic infringement in 1996, your honour”

Judge said, case dismissed.

I had sent all letters, pleaded not guilty, brought up the constitution, questioned the judge on the legality of the RMIT issuing illegal certificates, but I don’t think any of it helped. It was the prosecutor & a good judge.

That said, I couldn’t have faced court without the knowledge your E-Book gave me, &, if I get done again by these revenue raising cameras, it’ll be NOT GUILTY again.

Thnks Guys,

Jim. – NSW


Hi Guys,

Police prosecution withdrew a fine for alleged speeding from March’ 08 – 62k’s in a 50 zone. 3 years on and many letters sent but a positive outcome.


The prosecutions reasons for withdrawal was the officer of the day with the laser gun – an English import – has left the money grabbing service. I suspect he left over a year ago but I was told he left as little as two weeks ago, just goes to show how far they will go for the cash.

If that’s not bad enough, when I got into court for the fourth time over the three years the magistrate still asked me how I was pleading. Ii told him not guilty he then told me the charges had been withdrawn two weeks ago and I should have been notified I guess they just wanted one last chance to get me to roll over – nice try though!

Good outcome – cheers ASF!

Keep fighting, from Paul S.A.



When I turned up at Ringwood Court for the mention hearing, my name was not on the list. So, I spoke to the Clerk of Courts who advised me to speak to the prosecutor. I gave the prosecutor a serve about my innocence and explained the technical details out of his Operators training manual as to why the reading was quite incorrect.

The prosecutor told me that he lost me at the beginning, and that the Court is not there for justice, but to get a conviction and collect fines! I was quite incensed but the prosecutor told me that if I plead guilty, he will pass a note to the Magistrate to dismiss the case. When the case came to a hearing, the Magistrate asked me how I would plead.  I stood up and pleaded guilty under protest. The Magistrate then dismissed the case as I had observed the prosecutor passing up a note.  I then asked to address the court and I told the court that I was not guilty, and thought that the whole case was most unjust. The Magistrate then asked me if I wanted to withdraw my guilty plea and have a full hearing. I said “No” and the case was dismissed.

What I think is happening is that more and more people are contesting these cases. This threatens to clog up the courts, so, the system is that the prosecutors are considering if the defendant can actually present a plausible case, and then suggest that the defendant pleads guilty, and by arrangement, the case is dismissed.  The advantage is that as the defendant has pleaded guilty, he can’t ask for costs.  The defendant knows that a contested hearing will cost time and money, so the lesser of two evils is to plead guilty and have the case dismissed by prior arrangement.

This way, the police and Government can deny that  lots of people are having acquittals because of errors in reading, and they do not have to pay costs. As the defendant had pleaded guilty, he can’t say much either.  Its a win win situation.

I recall you guys telling everyone to elect to have the case heard in court so as to clog up the courts. I think that it seems you are on the right track. It may not happen every time, but if more and more pressure is applied it may become the norm.



Hi All,

It appears that I have had some success it dealing with a speed camera fine, used the non compliance with National Measurement Institute issue, the Magistrate’s reply “well that is interesting”.

I then put forward that the evidence produced ( a photograph ) could not be used as the method used to render it secure was no longer appropriate as the Md5 code had been compromised, The prosecutor asked me to provide proof that the photo had been altered, I explained that I was not claiming that the photo was altered, I was claiming the prosecution could not claim with any certainty that it had not been tampered with and therefore it could not be used it evidence and therefore there was no evidence of the alleged offence.

The Magistrate asked what evidence I had that the MD5 code was not secure, I produced 17 pages of information from the internet and offered to read them to the court, the Magistrate said that won’t be necessary we will be here all afternoon, can you tender them as evidence I said yes. The Clark gave them to the Magistrate he thumbed through them, he said to the Prosecutor and what have you to say about this, (and this is the good part that shows what whole lot of b/s this all is) I was not aware of this evidence your Honor the Police withdraw.

The Magistrate said to me you are free to go, I said excuse me your Honor there is the matter of costs, the Prosecutor stood up and said we will not pursue costs,( arrogant so and so) I said I am pursing costs this has taken 2 years of wasted time and money on my part your Honor The Magistrate said do you have a total and of course I did and it was passed to him it was total of $700.25, this seem to be reasonable I award costs to the defendant to paid within 14 days.

So I guess if you get it right in court you can win, if you want to publish this you can but only use my first name, this not a transcript so there is no copy right issue, so I found out there is no transcript (very convenient) however it is a very accurate account of the proceedings.


Bob – S.A.

My recent good news – Mitcham Council dropped their last car parking fine – after sending it for enforcement where I stated I had requested a court date if they refused to accept my appeal, they then wrote saying something like they had tried to bring it under the wrong grounds and were dropping it! What a surprise.

Best wishes

Bridget – S.A.
Hi mate,

Thanks for all your help, the case has now been dropped! Haa haa.

Just goes to show, if you play them by their own game, and draw out the process as long as possible there’s a good chance, they can’t remember
details of the alleged offence! .

That’s saved me $300 and 3 points, I’m happy for use to use my comments as a reference also!


Dean – QLD
Hi there guys,

Cop this true story – I received a parking fine from the city of Perth for parking my motorcycle in a car parking bay on the street directly out side the show I was in.

Question the parking ticket issuer about this and I was informed that the city of Perth has 1 in 25 parking bays dedicated to motorcycles and it is an offence under the city of Perth for motorcycle to parking in a car parking bay.

I wrote a very nasty letter to the parking authority pointing out the following:

1/ The city of Perth has a policy in place that states 1 in 25 parking bays will be for motorcycles. On going back and counting the bays the average in Perth was 1 in 57 parking bays was for motorcycles, they breached there own policy.

2/ I then pointed out the Australian Constitution does not recognise the council and thus they fines was given out illegally.

Answer received was very short

1/ The fine has been waved
2/ Do not speak of this incident to anyone.

Hence I have told every person I know and then some.

Sincere thanks for the tips on beating the fines. Now I have centered all my efforts onto the speed cameras. And again thanks guys for the help I hope I do not need the advices (touch wood). Though my wife was caught by a road side speed camera. I had her stop and I got out with the trusty camera and began taking photos of the radar set up, directly under a road sign, facing into trees. As I was taking the photos the operator got out of his car and asked what I was doing. I explained that I was taking photos of the radar set as I was going to fit this in court.

He firstly asked for my camera which he did not get and he then very quickly packed up his camera and left. This occured approx 6 months ago and the wife has not heard a thing from them even though the radar camera flashed her.


Road User (Peter) WA

Its just after 10.30 at night on a Sunday. Not much traffic on the road as I travel back from Rockhampton. Come around a corner and get slowed right down by an old bashed up ford dragging a equally crappy boat on a trailer that looks like it came out of the ark. Just gave my Holden ute a bit of a touch and away we went out around the old ford and off down the road.

Bloody hell you wouldn’t believe it, a damn police car and here I am doing 117 so I could pass that old bag of shit. Cops  do a screaming u turn put on the lights and sirens and come after me going at a great rate of knots. They would have to be doing 170 klm per hour to catch up so fast. They are just back behind me with their lights and sirens going so I move to the left to let them pass if they so desire.

Have travelled about ten kilometres now with the cops still back their waving their hands about. I am afraid I just can not hear what they are saying. Cop just pulled up beside me and told me to pull over. I will just have to find a place that I consider that is safe to stop. Drove another seven kilometres and found a place to stop, pull off the road. Cop ( Passenger ) has got out of car wearing his jack boots and little poofter hat. He comes up to the side of my car and gets a little excited, asks me why I didn’t stop when I saw the lights and heard the sirens. I asked him when a set of lights and sirens where a lawful command. He looked stupid and asked me what I meant. I told him that lights and sirens are warning devices and not lawful commands and until he had told me to pull over I had not received a lawful command.

He walked away. He came back with a bit of a smug look on his ugly face. He said “why didn’t you stop when I gave you a lawful command?”  He thought he had got me , I said “I did, when I found a place I considered safe.” Now what the hell do you want? I was starting to get a bit pissed off by now they were wasting my time. He finely asked me if I had a reason for speeding and I replied what when was I speeding. “No sorry mate I don’t think I was speeding.” He is starting to get really pissed off by no . He said you were doing 117 kilometres an hour. I said “I was, hell can you prove that?” He went all red in the face and mumbled some thing I couldn’t understand.

After a few more words and grunts coming from constable smart arse, he walked back to the police car and spoke to his mate. Within a few minutes he was back handing back my licence . Never said another word just hopped back in the car and they drove off. Bit of a bastard really I was not finished with them. My next thing would have been section 23 of the criminal code and after that I would have had a go with section 24 – Mistake of fact. Any way it has been over six months now and no fine has arrived.



Hi Folks,

I had a court preliminary hearing today having pleaded not guilty to the Gatsometer Radar 24 reading of an alleged speed of 64 in a 60 zone with no previous recorded offences and with a driving experience of 52 years. I had done all my preparation for the case and had a Summary Case Conference in the prosecutor’s office on the day of the case.

I stood my ground and said I was happy to go to court because I had enough evidence for reasonable doubt. The officer suggested that we have a predetermination hearing before the Magistrate as it was not recorded and anything said could not be used in evidence later so I agreed. She also said that a previous case involving a higher speed had been dismissed. The evidence was presented by the prosecution and the Magistrate said that he would dismiss the case but I would have to plead guilty so that the case could be dismissed.

I said I accepted his recommendation and the case was dismissed . No fine and no record, no points lost.

Follow the E Book and stand up for your rights

Jeff, Vic.


Hi Guys at Aussie Speeding Fines,

I recently incurred a speeding fine and decided to use your letters to object as my Husband had done so a few months back and the day before it went to trial the officer phoned him to tell him he had dropped the case FANTASTIC thanks to all your information he won!

Giselle (QLD)


Hi Guys,

On the way to work at stupid-o-clock this morning, I drove through an amber light that went red just after my rear wheels crossed the line. About 400m later was pulled over by the constabulary for my hideous, infanticidal crime. We both alighted.

COP: [in an unusually friendly manner] Morning.. You know what I pulled you over for?

ME: Umm.. Nope.

COP: OK. Just sit back in your car a minute.

Got back in the car and just knew things were going to get interesting. Constable alights again. Seems a decent guy so far, so I won’t be too tough on him.

COP: The reason you got our attention was that you went through a red light back there.

ME: Nup. It was amber when I crossed the line and I don’t do emergency stops for amber lights.

COP: Ok.. Your car’s also unregistered.

ME: No it’s not. You got all my details by punching in the plate number, right?

COP: [suspicious] Yes..

ME: That means it’s still registered. I haven’t formally disposed of it and handed in the plates.

Cop riding shotgun (literally covered in weaponry that’s illegal in most countries) alights, tries to remove plates from car.

ME: Hey – don’t break anything. You don’t have permission to touch and trespass..

COP: It says your registration’s cancelled.

SHOTGUN COP: [still trying to steal] The plates are fake..

ME: The car’s still registered with VicRoads. So I didn’t pay the renewal fee. No law against not paying a fee..

COP: [straining] You know what I’m talking about, right?

ME: Sure, but I just didn’t pay the renewal – an extortionate 180 bucks a year for a VicRoads computer to automatically “manage” my rego. Not value for money..

SHOTGUN COP: But the plates are fake..

ME: Still the right rego number. Ever pulled anyone over for having their plates covered by pushbikes where they’ve done the right thing and written their rego on a piece of cardboard? And rego numbers painted on the back of unregisterable trailers?

COP: No, we don’t see any..

ME: [wry smile] Geez, look harder mate. The reason these plates were printed on paper is because Dandenong police thought the car was unregistered a while back and stole them, while it was parked and they still haven’t notified me. Plain and simple theft since I paid for those plates.

COP: But what about insurance?

ME: [laughing] Another form of gambling. I’ve dutifully participated in that rort for decades and never needed to use it. That’s 10 grand down the drain. Besides, rego and insurance don’t stop crashes. I’m done with the fraud guys [rolling a smoke]..

BOTH COPS: It’s not fraud..

COP: I pay rego for for my own car..

ME: Feel silly now? VicRoads has nothing to do with the law, they’re just a corporation.

COP: But they’re only trying to make a profit.

ME: Oh sure. Hardly value for money though.

Speaking amongst themselves, they quietly noted they couldn’t take my printed plates because they were my property.

COP: Ok. I still have to fine you for unregistered..

This is where I unleashed a taste of your Great Wall of Aussie Speeding Fines, having memorised it for such occasions..

ME: That’s ok, but you should understand that the Imperial Acts Application Act, Section 8 Clause 12 states that all promises of fines and forfeitures before conviction of any person are illegal and void..

COP: [trying to interject] Umm.. but..

ME: ..a Commonwealth law, which ensures that by fining me for anything will mean you’ve committed a Federal offence, and STILL have to prove a I committed a crime and then provide a victim. Then again if I have to pay any fine, I’d still have to drive to work for the money.

COP: But you really can’t drive your car. Just wait here..

They get back in their car. Less than a minute later and handing back my licence..

COP: Here.. You can’t drive your car though..

They get in their car and drive away. No fines, cavity searches, backup calls or arrests. Not even a mention of the many (9 at last count) warrants for unpaid fines. I wait ’til they’re outta sight and drive to work. Nice. Maybe just luck? In any case, I had a blast by the results. If I see a fine in the mail, a simple “Return to sender. Please remove from mailing list” which I’ve been doing for years now.

Thanks for the great work guys. You may use the above any way you like.

Hi Team,

I successfully used the three letter process and then court election letter and a couple of other letters recommended by the Aussie Speeding Fines team to defeat two speeding fines – both for 68 km/h – by fixed speed cameras.

The court orders illegally took away my licence and prevented me from dealing with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. In SA if you go to the Magistrates court and submit a Form 51 that takes the whole process back to the people who issued the fine in the first place ie the Police. This delays the process so 12 months can be used up and then they gave up. I submitted a Form 51 today for a second alleged offence.

Just be persistent have some fun and you will win, thanks to the Aussie Speeding Fines team.

Thank You,

Yours Sincerely

Terry (S.A.)
Hi Aussiespeeding fines,

After being booked for alleged exceeding the speed limit and after I said that I would challenge it in court I received a telephone call from the officer that I considered most unusual. She stated that she had run the incident past the board and it was said that they would not win against me as the officer had not recorded her speed even though she was stationary.

It appears that the police vehicle has to record its speed at 0 to be able to make an accurate calculation. If this is definitely the case then all speeding fines where the measuring vehicles speed is not recorded should be cancelled.

This is likely to be another win in the fight against illegal speeding fines.

Kind regards

Hi Aussie

Just to let you guys know, we had a win today, we had a meeting with the prosecution before court which I was able to be in on with Lachlan. 

We were able to have the fine dismissed by having a fair and reasonable discussion over the matter with the valid point in our case being the red car in the foreground producing reasonable doubt.  They came back to us with an offer of plead guilty, case proven then it was dismissed, no fine no record and as yet no points.

I think Lachlan’s good record and the way in which we presented ourselves helped a lot also.  So thank you for your help with this matter.

Kind regards

Greig (Vic.)

Dear Aussie Speeding Fines

Just letting you know I received a speeding fine from the SA police on the 18/01/11. I knew I wasn’t driving at the time so I requested a photograph the day after I received the fine. I never received the photograph and thought I would either have to fight it or pay the late fee. But to my surprise I received a letter withdrawing my expiation notice. Just shows you a simple request for a photograph can get you off.

Thanks to Aussie Speeding Fines, as if I received a fine before I would just have automatically payed it.

Keep up the good work

Les (S.A.)
Hi aussiespeedingfines,

My case today was withdrawn by the council.

Your help was quick, accurate and understanding.

Yes, we can have our day in court with little if not any cost to yourself.

Thank you, I was amazed, yes aussiespeedingfines works!


Hi Guys,

I’m no legal professional, just a scientific mind. I argued a friend’s case in court the other day, stating that there’s no instrument on the dashboard of any vehicle built today that will foretell of impending doom or when an accident will occur, and that staring at the dashboard instead of the road was the riskiest behaviour, similar to mobile phone use while driving. The case was chucked out for a couple of reasons, but the magistrate said that was the most compelling argument she’d ever heard.

Yet another victory – thanks to you guys.

Hi Guys,

Wow can’t get much clearer than that!

When I purchased your e-book midway through last year I wondered if there would be any back up support. Not only have you responded to every email I’ve sent you have taken the time to clearly address my specific situation/s. That’s a level of support of was not expecting.

I have to fly down to Sydney specifically for the hearing this Friday and thanks to the service you guys offer I will do so with far more confidence than I would could ever have had without it!

In gratitude

Rob (NSW)
Hi Guys.

About time I gave you some of my story.

About 3 years ago I got 2 tickets for the unforgivable sin of going past
cameras up on poles. I was so cranky as I guess I was going at least 5K over some turkey’s stupid idea as to what was deemed safe at that particular 200 Metre stretch of road. As you appreciate the speed limit changes every  couple K’s!!  So I did a google on “beat speeding fines”  Well among all the know alls and liars there was one site that seemed above board!!….. and that is why you are reading this.

Aussie Speeding Fines has been sooooooooo HELPFUL!!

After getting the Ebook online, and putting into practice all the teaching
re the 1st 2 fines, Blow me away if I don’t get another from some Cop in
Rosedale Vic. Population of at least 300 people. Such a crime to be doing 54
in a 50 zone!! Worthy of a suspended licence, one would expect!! So back to the Ebook and do what is suggested, except this time I have an
officer of the law to deal with.

Now just last year in NSW where I live on the beautiful Sapphire Coast. My
wife and I are hooting along on a perfect day in our old 65 Chev. When I say
old I don’t mean it’s clapped out. Far from it. I still get asked by couples
to use it for their wedding!! So it looks good, but it also goes OK with a
worked 353 Cubic Inch [5.8L] V8 under the bonnet. Now I very rarely open the throttle and do spin outs, but on this perfect driving day cruising along at 99K on cruise control, we come up behind a caravan struggling up a hill.

So without thinking too much about it, as I could see a couple of K up the
highway I put the foot down.  Well it’s a few K’s down the road when the sky
lights up with flashing red and blue lights, and there is this terrifying
siren screaming, disturbing all the pleasant surroundings for miles.  Well
this officer is very happy as he thinks he is in for a bonus for such a
great catch!!… He recorded me at 143 according to his dodgy radar gun in a100K zone!!!

Well now things are really getting exciting! Please don’t get the idea that I’m some young hoon out of control. I’m actually an old bloke of 65 years. I have been driving for 48 years, and have never had an accident. I can remember driving at high speed in the days when there were no restrictions on the open roads out of town. The roads were no where near as well made as today, and there were a lot of fatalities. But from experience I still feel comfortable driving at 160K/H on our freeways in the right vehicle, in the right conditions…. weather, light, wind etc.

Now, back to the matter on hand. Well you will be glad to hear that the 3 Infringement notices issued in Victoria were all dropped as I followed the Ebook instructions, and sent out the letters as required. None of those cases even got to the stage or requesting my case be heard in court.

Now in NSW these guys thought they had a case for me to answer. So over a
period of 12 months I finally had my day in court. I am a little saddened
actually as I will never know how all my study and preparation for my case
pointing out how all these unlawful laws were being used on us motorists. As well as the facts that the radar guns and cameras were all illegal. Not one
of them has been passed as OK to use by our National Authority. And I have a personal letter from the top man saying so!!

For some reason the officer who booked me, and who was unable to reply to
any of my requests and questions sent to him as per the Aussie Speeding
Fines Ebook letters, just didn’t turn up at court…. He had a training
session which was more important that he should attend!!… The Judge /
Magistrate, was not impressed.!! So he threw the case out, before I even got
a chance to present anything.

So although I am a little sad, it is certainly a win for me, and proof that
ASF and the Ebook is worth a fortune!! The guys at ASF answered every Email and question I had within a day ever ytime!!

Truly a great team of guys.  All I can say is a BIG thank-you.


Howard (NSW)
Hi Guys,

Another success story for me, I was charged in the Magistrates Court, appealed and in the County Court the case was dismissed 19 Wednesday 2011.

That makes 5 infringements I have won, another one to go.

I would like to thank you guys again, I still have my license thanks to your system.

I am a serviceman always on the road, I could not believe I received 5 tickets in less than one month in 2009. I will say again Your System works great.




I have just had another speeding fine withdrawn after sending your letters off. You have now saved me over $600 & 5 points


Hi Guys

Just wanted to let you know I went to court the other day with my parking fine, armed to the teeth with various arguments (eg. 1988 referendum, letter from attorny general, Traffic Commission’s quote that Road Rules have no legal effect, and the most interesting one I found about loading zones not being allowed to be near trees or cafes with street dining) and though the Magistrate was impressed with my research and the amount of work I had done, he wasn’t interested.

However the interesting thing is that in the time I was waiting for my case to be heard, he was dismissing without charges every case including mine. Basically he would say “you have taken the time to come here today…..”.  So the upshot of this is the message to everyone to simply take their case to court and there is a very good chance it will be dismissed. I certainly found the exercise to be profitable in my favour – the councils must be well pissed off!

Cheers and Merry Xmas

Stefan (Vic.)

Peter T here from Sydney,
Some more progress  with my Notice to Council rangers/officers that states I am very willing to spend the day in court if they even think of putting a ticket on my car.

I am a Tradesman and I have been working with another Tradie that was amazed that I didnt get a ticket when he did and I was parked only a couple of cars away from him. And I told hi it was because of the Notice and the ASF methods, he didnt believe me.

Well since then I have had the balls to approach the ranger when he put his chalk mark on my tyre, I said to him. “Did you read the notice on the front of my car?”   ”I did” he replied, then I said ” please be aware that I know the Law and my rights and that you work for a company and you or your company do not have any lawful right to issue any fines to me – do you understand this?”…then he said  “I am not really sure if it would stand up in court, why do the Police give us the authority and a Badge that we are licenced to use?”  then I said …”Look if you really want to know then you do a simple Google search, Question 3 1988 Referendum and then go to Australian Parliment’s website and find out how much authority Council has”…

Well he took out his pen and paper and noted down the above details….and then yesterday he was in the street where I was parked and he waved hello to me and then …..he walked right past my car….no chalk….no ticket…he didn’t even go near my car. Then, ( when he was leaving the street after booking 3 cars) he yelled out  “see ya mate, hope the weekend is good for you!”  

Thank you Aussie Speeding Fines …you have given me back my rights and some extra power I never thought I had.


Peter (NSW)



Thank you for sending the link to us again.  I clicked on it immediately and didn’t find it there the first time but didn’t get the opportunity to write to you and also I didn’t want to bother you.  You had warned us it wouldn’t be there for long and I thought I had missed out, so thank you again for going through all the trouble.  It’s great we have members who contribute as well.

I am contesting a red light fine.  I wrote to you about it.  I went through a yellow light and received an on the spot fine by a traffic cop for going through a red light after arguing with me that going through a yellow light was illegal.  Anyway after writing my letter saying that I was contesting and filling out the appropriate section at the back, I received a reply saying they are withdrawing the Infringement Notice, refunding any monies paid and cancelling the demerit points incurred. This leaves me absolutely appalled.  If you don’t tell them you are contesting, you are automatically slammed with a verdict of “guilty” without having the chance to prove yourself, fined in more ways than one, but the moment you tell them you are contesting, everything is automatically erased.  I can’t believe it.



Hi Guys,

My son has just had a speeding ticket dropped in QLD using your advice. It took nearly 12 months but, in the end, the court dismissed the charge because of lack of evidence. They really are disorganized when you contest the fine and want to defend it

Thanks again,

Roger (QLD)
Hi Guys,

Could you please post out to me some Bumper stickers and cards etc as I too would love to spread the word further.

I have already helped a few people get onto your ebook and some with their letters, which also met with success.

I have yet to find the time to type up a testimonial, as I did indeed have a win in the courts too. I fought and won 3 camera fines earlier this year which without your help I think would not have been possible. Thanks so much and I will find the time to post a testimonial shortly.

Keep up the great work Guys…

Erle (QLD)
Hi Guys,

What a fizzer. The Magistrate questioned me for not paying fine on time, till I showed him my thick file of correspondence. I simply explained that I was not speeding. Having an exemplary driving history no doubt attributed to the end result. He dismissed the charge in 2 minutes flat.

I believe if everyone had a meticulous correspondence file & fronted court there would be a very high probability of success. Did not even need to mount any real defence.

Thanks to John Lambert & your help



In December 2009 we went to Queensland were we were photographed at Warwick by a speed camera. At first we tried to transfer the ownership of the fine to the person who drove the car but the correspondence was returned because of our illegible writing.

Before the allowed 28 days to respond expired, a letter from SPER (debt collection agency) arrived. At this point of time we stopped the whole process and requested that the SPER process be cancelled. It took them another 3 months before it happened.

After we transferred the responsibilities, a leniency letter was drafted but was rejected. It was followed by a statement that there was a number of people in the car and we didn’t know who exactly drove the car. They didn’t care, all they wanted were money.

We threatened to go to the court, but before we go there, we asked for all the camera credentials, as suggested in the ASF book. The reply was the fine was withdrawn, because of the system error.

Thank you ASF it was worth the initial outlay.

Jerry (QLD)


Dear A.S F,

You sent me some bumper stickers and business cards to me here in Townsville and honestly 50 b. cards were never going to be enough so I jumped on the printer and did another 6000. Went through a few ink cartridges but when you have been screwed by the system and want to get back at the system you don’t mind a bit of time and expense to go the extra mile to inform as many people as possible.

Rather than hand them to the general public and take the unnecessary risk of informing a policeman or lawyer what I was doing, I decided to go into as many shops in the CBD as possible and hand them to staff or the owner to put on the lunch room staff table and to also hand to family and friends. (Gave out 1000). The response I got was 100% positive. Everyone at some stage had been done for parking in the CBD. I was given free drinks at cafe establishments, I got to meet beautiful women in hairdressers, florists, lingerie and clothes shops and felt so good about myself doing something that got a positive response from the public it was euphoric.

I don’t know how many requests you will get for the booklet but with a few large shopping centres around, coming up to Xmas  I feel the other 5000 will go pretty quickly.

Kind Regards

Hello Aussie,

Thanks again, have beaten Council again. Got a Parking fine, waited till letter from SDRO, sent them Court Election and they have ignored it, I called SDRO and they said it is in waiting for Court availability, this was Jan this year. (think this is a win)

Also I still have that letter on my dashboard, (the one that warns them if they book me I will take them to court) and I havent had any tickets since Jan, and I even parked in a NO PARKING zone to see if I would get one but they walked right past. I think they are getting to know my car. Excellent.

Thanks again,

Hi Guys,

I challenged a fine and asked for lots of info and even a right to info form I sent was not complied with and my money sent back. The fine was sent to me, I was not the regestered owner of the car the fine was sent to me. Our partnership is the owner. I sent the fine back told them the story with no luck. I ended up in court and beat the cops.

The judge said he could not make heads or tails of the act 124 ,120 and so on transport operations and threw it out as the acting officer didnt know any thing about the case as the paper work came from brisbane she said.

Thanks guys,


We may have revealed yet another flaw in the camera system.

I was travelling from Mortlake to Warrnambool when I was apprehended for speeding. The police car was in a side lane at the end of a bend. I was waved down by the officer as I passed her car that was still in the lane.
I asked the officer how she managed to get an accurate reading from that position. She said that she got a reading head on to me. I immediately said that is impossible as I went past you while you were still in the lane. She blushed and said that is your right to challenge if you wish. I said that I would definitely take the matter to court.

The officer rang me one week later and said that the infringement notice had been withdrawn and the reason that she gave was that she had not REGISTERED HER SPEED AT THE TIME OF TAKING A READING ON ME. This must mean that if the police car is moving or stationary they must record their speed at the time in order to accurately calculate the speed of the alleged infringing car.

Are we on a winner!!!.

Kind regards

Hi Guys,

I received a red light camera fine but was not the driver at the time of the offence. I used your information to draft a number of letters explaining to the Traffic Camera Office that I did not know and could not, with reasonable due diligence, ascertain the name and address of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time.

The fine was subsequently withdrawn.



Michael – NSW
Guys, you ROCK.

Got a parking fine Oct last year (no parking spots and I have osteoarthritis) so would have had to have parked 500m down the road (1km total walk) from my house.

So I parked in a no stopping zone (11pm got up at 7 to move it too late).

Tried phoning council -“Can’t withdraw the fine it is in the SDRO’s hands (otherwise known as the Sopranos).

Got it court elected and went to get a date and what do you know, the council wrote me a letter today to say “No further action”.

I should have gotten your book sooner, wouldn’t have even had to go to court the first time.

You MUST start to stand up to this BLATANT revenue raising by taking things further, if we don’t we will get fined for everything.

Get the book NOW, even if you don’t have a fine outstanding, you will need it.


Hi Guys,

Just an update, for your information. Not sure if you remember, as l am sure you address thousands of emails but a brief recap.

Booked on Eastlink at the Wellington Rd bridge camera point on 12/12/2008 at 4:05pm.Alleged speed: 109Km/h

Since then, l have used your Ebook and followed it to the letter, as well as sending questions to you on different occasions.
Final court date was 06/10/2010 as you can see managed to prolong this for 2 1/2 years, and in that time much has been learnt about this faulty money revenue system (speed cameras).
The police have tried to bully and intimidate me throughout this period but l have stood firm.

Admittedly l have had many feelings of ups and downs during this time, as some days it seemed l had a strong case but on others it seemed l had no chance, but l persisted with the notion that nothing ventured nothing gained.

My first actual hearing date after l had adjourned the original dates was the 21/07/2010 were the state tried to bully and bullshit me into pleading guilty, by taking me into a private room outside of the court room. May l add that at this point the state also made me aware of the provision in the act that allows that in the state of Vic if you have had a clean driving record for 2 x years and the speeding charge is for less than 10Km/h you can apply for a waver, but then proceeded to inform me that now that l am in court l can no longer take advantage of the provision.

(Now this is a provision that you should make all members aware of.)

Obviously l stood my ground and when we went back into the courtroom l advised the judge that l would not change my plea and would still plead NOT GUILTY.
l also advised the judge (She seemed reasonable) that l would be issuing a summons for Breeze (the EastLink toll people) as l had the gantries times as well as 2 x independent witnesses (one was in the car with me and the other was in a separate car behind me).
The state said that they would bring in a speed camera expert as a wittiness.

When l reappeared in court on the 06/10/2010, the state was wise to my plan so they did not bring in the camera expert, so l had no one to question, the only person from the state was the prosecutor.
The court had also made me aware of a case that had just passed, that was now precedence, l think it was called the “Galliger case” were l had to prove any of my claims and that it was not good enough to just swear the evidence.

So to cut a long story short (about 1.5hr on the stand);
1. My 2 x witnesses were of no use.
2. My statement of not speeding and having my cruise control on, was of no use.
3. The Eastlink gantries times and Eastlink staff, was inconclusive and not substantial.
4. The fact that l had not had a traffic infringement in over 15 Years was of no use.
5. All the information of the Wellington Rd speed camera problems , was inadmissible.
6. The proving the photo was not tampered, was thrown out.
7. 2 x cars in the photo grounds for interference, thrown out.

You can see were this is going……..

So it became quite clear to me that the only chance l had was to fight them on law.

1. That the Certificate they produced (the photo of my car with the digital speed reading) requires the serial number of the camera that took the photo as per the regulation.
2. The person signing the Certificate who claims to be authorised by the Chief Commissioner of police, what is his Authority?
3. The signature on the certificate that should be of Kevin Boulton is in fact not his signature. Compared his signature with other certificates and they were all different.
The judge thought all 3 x point had merit, even though the state strongly tried to argue against all 3 x points.
The judge stated that she would need sometime to make a decision, and set another court day for the 10/11/2010.

Today l received a letter from Victoria Police stating;
“The prosecution office has review your file and a decision made to withdraw this matter. I have notified the court that this matter is to be withdrawn. The matter is now finalized and you are not required to attend court on the 10/11/2010.”

A win for the common man, thanks for you assistants.


Hi Guys

We were recently bringing a car from Queensland to Melbourne and stopped in at Canberra for a couple of days. During that time it is alleged that we exceeded the speed limit. The notice arrived approx. 30 days after.

I rang and explained that there were three of us driving and it was impossible to nominate. The attendee said to nominate any of the three as there are no demerit points allocated if the infringement is interstate. I received the relevant documents and there on them it states that if you knowingly forward false information there is a four year jail term.

I promptly wrote back that I was not prepared to make a false statement and could assist no further. I have heard nothing since.

Kind regards

Hi ASF Team,

I was told by an RTA officer that we have cost them many many millions of dollars in cost reviewing infringement notices after we put in a request for a review. He said that whilst the infringement is under review they can not take your money or your points and it costs them around $ 650.00 in lost time to review each one. The RTA officer told me that we cost the NSW gov $324 million in lost revenue, How true that is I dont know but it is nice to stick it to them


Dear ASF team,

I went to court last week and the judge dropped the two Eastlink charges and said that both tickets and demerit points should be dropped but that sometimes VicRoads still sometimes pass on the points and there’s not much she can do about that but that I shouldn’t be getting the points and that if I do, to follow up and say both my cases were dropped.

She laughed when I put my closing to her about which way she would find… Not guilty or charge me with perjury… “No one is going to be charged with perjury here today”… and she was chuckling away to herself…

So thank you sooooo much!!!!! 

Another victory for ASF… You guys are great!!!

Thanks again,


P.S.  There were so many people there I wanted to slip your details to that day but I was tethered to the desk with headphones on and I couldn’t interject at any point and I was saved to last so everyone had gone by the time I got out of there…. there are obviously still many people who haven’t yet heard of your work so I will do my best to help spread the word.

Hi guys!

An update!

I elected to go to court and entered a plea of ‘Not guilty” on the basis that while I had been pulled over for ‘an improper U-turn’ the infringement notice read “an improper right turn” – something I definitely did not do…and I had witnesses.

Yesterday I got a letter telling me that (I quote):
“I have considered the circumstances surrounding the issue of this infringement and taking into account all information available to me I have decided to use my discretion in this instance and waive this infringement notice.”

So…thanks very much for giving me the encouragement to challenge this blatant revenue gathering ploy. I appreciate all your help.

Kind regards, Chris
yeah ha ha,

well it has taken all day, and I only got a result, on one of them. I think the prosecutor thought he was having a easy run TODAY, I caught him having a laugh with the court reporter as I walked in to register. He didnt know I was the one he was laughing at, he was pretty down in the mouth by the end of the day when the judge said CASE DISMISSED.

It took all day just to run a statute of Limitations argument, he wasnt real well prepared for me to be a bit organised and Im exhausted. So it ran overtime and now I have to go back tomorrow for the second. Im, going to run the same argument, I expect the prosecutor wont be so ill prepared this time, but it is the same judge and he has the same issues in his head, hopefully I can be better prepared and he will not take so long.

You are right, they dont work a lot on the stand do they. Wish I could get a job like that, 18 hour days suck.

wish me luck
Hi guys,

well the matter was withdrawn the next day by the prosecution under the same stat of lim argument I put forward the day before.

Once again thanks very much for your help, keep up the great work, hope my info is helpful


Hi Aussie Speeding Fines,

I received a speeding fine in the post from a mobile speed camera on the Gold Coast in Queensland Jan 2009, I elected to go to court as I was sure that I wasn’t speeding. I tried writing a letter to the Queensland Police Services but they declined to let me off, so I had to go to court after receiving a summons from them.  I pleaded not guilty on my first attendance at court and over the next year I went to court on 3 separate occasions but did not get a chance to state my case. After nearly 1 and a half years I received a letter and then a phone call from Queensland Police Services to say that they would be withdrawing the charge.  A loss for them and a win for me. I would recommend to anyone in Queensland who is sure that they were not speeding, to go ahead and fight all the way.

Polly – QLD.

Testimonial for Aussie Speeding Fines

I have a residential parking permit. Because I work out of home I don’t check up on my car every day.

I parked my car in the designated parking zone and left it there for a week. When I returned to my car I was shocked to find that I had received 2 parking fines. During the middle of the week the council had decided to change the residential parking zone to a construction zone.

My initial response was to contact the council and explain what had happened. Their response was

“We have examined the details of the penalties and considered the issues you raised. Based on the circumstances you described we cannot, under our guidelines, cancel or offer leniency for these offences. We confirm the penalty notices were legally issued and conclude that the penalties still apply.

The issuing officer reported the restrictions and were clearly signposted as Works Zone. Unfortunately, there is not period of grace when new restrictions are introduced or existing restrictions are varied. They take effect immediately….”

As you can imagine, I was upset at the prospect of having to fight this in court, this was till I came across your material.

I applied it step by step. Not only did I get both fines cancelled, I got a written apology of the inconvenience and a verbal one via phone.

Thanks to Aussie Speeding Fines for sharing their information.

Paul W.
Hi guys,

Another fantastic email.  Keep up the great work.  As an ex-cop I can only be amazed at your guts and tenacity.

These ‘toadying’ cops who provide this illegitimate money to their corrupt politician mates should all be jailed for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice!! Could you please send me some business cards and bumper stickers.  I will gladly hand them out and display them.

Warm Regards,

Hi there Aussie Speeding Fines Team,

My case (stopping in a bus zone during school time) was heard after 11 months of letters and electing to go to court, the fine was dropped and no points lost.

I will continue to encourage family and friends to take up your membership and save themselves in the long term.

Keep up the good work.