2011 – 2012 Testimonials

Dear ASF  

I would like to thank you for being the inspiration behind my victory today in court.

I received a parking fine for standing in a loading zone.  I was puzzled because I drive a business registered ute which is allowed to park in such zones.  When I saw the ticket I immediately called the rangers asking why was I fined?   They said all loading zones are 30 minute limit unless otherwise stated. 

Now that’s confusing to me. I had no idea and I was told that ignorance of the law was no excuse from the ranger.  Well that got my attention and indeed gave me the energy to fight this unlawful ticket!

I did a lot of research and being an ASF member was armed to the teeth with excellent information.  Mikes determination to help us be free and just is something I aspire to!

This is what I did to win. And I  have to state this is not the usual way to do it or as recommended by ASF but I took a different tact however I used all the info from ASF to get it done.

I went on line and asked to have the claim heard in court.
I received the court election and pleaded not guilty.
I wrote to the court asking for better and further details of my case, w ill include the list I got from ASF.
I showed respect to the courts in that I wanted this information to save time for the judge presiding.
I was not answered on 80% of the questions but that’s ok, the magistrate gets a copy of the letter.  This shows you are educated without offending the judge, which is a big no no.

I realise when in court we are subject to mercantile law, not common law, so I used mercantile law to my advantage.

When I went up to court the ranger handed me the breif of evidense and then asked me if I wanted to talk about it with him outside.  Nice trick, getting info for his defense. I politely said no. 

When the judge called me up I stated that I am representing my self and I do not understand the charge or proceeding.  She then kindly explained the procedure and I then stated my confusion.  I said I did not believe I was guilty of a crime because,  and this is the law at work here,   ” I was not shown the terms and conditions of parking in a loading zone ”  I then stated the time limit was not printed on the sign which is a term outline as part of the parking contract.   She asked the prosecutor if the limit was printed on the sign and he said ” no” .    She did ask me several questions about my work status etc. I was honest saying that I was not making as much as normal, that times are a little tough economically.

So what I did in effect is accept a plea of guilty on condition. The condition was I believed I was innocent because of a fault outside of my control.

In contracting law all terms and conditions MUST be visible at point of purchase.  In this case they clearly weren’t.   So I was let off the fine and a win for the good guys.

Note, I was very respectful to the judge, she was actually really nice and fair.  They do not like being told they are wrong in their own court so you need to manouver it so you use the laws they set out but show the fault in the PROCESS.  The process being in this case a lack of understanding the terms and conditions.

Now the unfortunate part of this is the cost to the council that issued the fine. I estimate would be between 1- 2 k which is in their budget.  If they get hit with enough of us fighting back then they may just change tact to a more acceptable fining method.

Personally if I was issued with a ticket of pro rata parking of say $8 I would have gladly paid it.  

Now I was  little lucky, but I handled my self in court very respectfully and was very honest. The judge picked up on that and took pitty on me.  Mind you I had a wall of other information up my sleeve if it didn’t go well. I was ready to really rip into it if I had to but my tact worked and it was a just result.  

I could not have done it without being a member of ASF, their information is vital to being well educated, and that’s imperative to  have a better chance of winning.

Thanks again


Mr Massive


Dear ASF, 

I am a member of the community law resource group and recently helped a gentleman defend himself from the sheriff, and it is very simple. We attended Seymour Magistrates court last month on a driving while unlicensed charge and as we walked from the court, the Sheriff was there waiting to arrest or receive money for outstanding fines back to 1994 from my friend.

Step one – Ask for the court orders that comply with sections 150 and 151 of the commonwealth Evidence Act, and ask for the royal identifier stamp/ seal, as evidenced in the Style manual 6th edition a printout will not suffice.

Step two – If this cannot be done explain to him/ her that they will be charged with section 42 of the commonwealth crimes act 1914 perverting the course of justice if they do not let you pass.

This is exactly what we did and we walked out of the court unhindered, we then wrote to the sheriff inviting her to come back to the court, when we had to reappear the next month with the correct court orders, but of course there was no sight of any sheriff or policeman to arrest my friend.

Therefore the road safety act and just about all state laws passed after 1986 are unenforceable unless you consent to them.


Mark – Vic.


Hi Guys,

I would love to share another testimony with you.

I got pulled over 2 weeks ago for being on the mobile and I had a
15 minute stand off where, in the end, no infringement was issued.

I did the (Am I under arrest? No! Am I free to go?) The HWP officer had no idea what was going on.

If you know what you’re doing, they can’t touch you.


Tony – Vic.

Hi Guys,

Took your advice on sending the Court election letter as it was too late for the 3 step process and this was my response.

Thank you ASF!

Sharon – QLD.
Dear Ms xxxx,

I acknowledge your letter dated xxxxx in relation to Traffic Infringement Number xxxxx, offence dated xxxxx.

As this ticket was written out over 2 ½ years ago, the timeframe with which to action this ticket has now passed.

Therefore, no further action will be taken in relation to your request and I consider the matter to be finalized.

No further correspondence will be actioned in relation to this ticket.

Yours sincerely,
G Marsh
Senior Sergeant 8723
Officer in Charge
Maroochydore Station

Dear ASF,

I’ve told you about this previously but felt to elucidate for your interest.  If you use this as a testimonial please don’t use my name at all – not my first name, not my last name!!

Background:  Toll company accused me of 4 unpaid trips.  I entered into a barrage of correspondence. Eventually the Tolling Offence Unit at Dept Roads issued me one fine for one of those alleged toll trips.

I had it reversed by emailing tou@tmr.qld.gov.au a scanned stat dec
that simply needed to say “tolling company never gave me notice of this fine” 

I’m not sure if it’s possible to say something else instead, but the basic idea is that people seem to either make a trip and pay, or not make a trip,  but the tolling company still get Dept Roads to issue a fine nonetheless.  It happens so often Dept Roads happily will rapidly reverse it.

Well I recently received another 3 fines from Dept. Roads for the remaining three alleged toll trips.  This time however it appears Toll Co. had been in personal communication with the Dept. Roads about me.

The claim was “not paying deferred toll notice”!  So the correspondence I had had with the Toll Co. was seemingly taking into consideration.  Saying ‘I didn’t get the toll notice’ would not take into consideration this claim of ‘deferred notice’

I wrote out another stat dec, filling in the whole story. Explained I had repeatedly requested proof of claim, I explained the three step letter process,  I explained I always paid my tolls.  I was very polite but made it clear I was being imposed upon and thus irritated about it.

Pronto – reversal of all three.   Easiest thing is it can be scanned and emailed. 

It appears that, once Dept. Roads reverse the toll infringement fines, it’s the end of the issue and the issue is lumped with the tolling company but can’t proceed.

I noted there was no apology or any acknowledgment of wasting my time and energy!

Here is the standard email they send out, for your interest:

Re: Infringement Notices xxxx

Thank you for your Statutory Declaration to the Department of Transport and Main Roads received for the above Infringement Notices, issued to you for failing to pay the deferred toll amount as required by the Demand Notices from Queensland Motorways Limited.

The matter has been reviewed and the decision has been made to waive the Infringement Notices.

The State Penalties Enforcement Registry has been advised of this decision and no further action will occur.

Please retain this letter for your records.

Kind regards,

Qiao Zou
Administration Officer, Tolling Offence Unit


Name Witheld by request – QLD.

I had a massive win today.

My adjourned case for my charge of driving while disqualified was re-scheduled for today.

I didn’t show in court and rang the courts for the outcome at 4:30pm and they advised me the case was withdrawn.


Tony – Vic.

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know that I have once again defeated another pathetic Local Council for a parking ticket.  This idiot was so excited at seeing so many cars parked just after the signed offence sign that he ran around first taking photos and later placed tickets on cars. Only problem was that in the meantime I had left the area and he didn’t have a chance to put his ticket on my window.

They sent me the ticket with a photo, however there was a 1 minute discrepancy between the photo and the ticket.  I simply sent in the first letter from the e-book which they duly ignored and that blew the payment they wanted from $64 to $117. I ignored their pathetic threats for more action and sent on the second letter and duly received their letter of surrender – their withdrawal notice!

I encourage all members and your friends to just follow the ASF methodology and not be intimidated by these revenue collecting kleptocratic thieves.  They just count on people being weak and spineless and handing over their hard earned cash – DON’T DO IT EVER – it just encourages them to keep on stealing your money!

Hi team.

I had a win with the WA police here recently where a highway I frequent twice a day, six to seven times a week, had the speed zone changed at a level crossing from 110k/m’s to 80k/m’s. They fined me for doing 113 in an 80 zone and gave me it fine for $700 and 5 demerit points, even after I argued that it was 110 zone and the frequency in which I travelled on that road. The issuing officer said “…in all fairness it was only changed today…”.

I took it to court and at the hearing the magistrate suggested that discretion could have been used, but the police proceeded. Five minute before the trial was to begin the prosecution told me they were going to drop the case. I believe it was because of the fact that I should have been given a caution rather than a fine.

Thanks for your help,

Tim – W.A.

Hello ASF folks,

A few months ago, I told you about a red light/speed Redflex camera fine I got for which I was able to prove by using the readings on 2 photos on it that I was actually doing 57.6 Km/h, rather than the 68Km/h I was alleged to have been going.

I will shortly send you the reply I got from the Police saying the fine had been dropped. The interesting part of this story is the fact that the camera I complained about was removed only 2 days after I got my fine dropped!

Why would they do such a thing? The answer is as obvious as nuts on a dog; they very likely didn’t want anyone to set a precedent. I was gob-smacked to see the camera gone when I went through the intersection with the intent to get more evidence for a friend whom also received a speeding fine for the very same camera.

As a result, I wasn’t able to help her because the camera was now pulled out of the ground! So, she’s going to do what I did by buying your e-book. I have no doubt she’ll win because the “informant” (camera) is now gone without a trace…




Hi Guys,

My son had a parking fine issue earlier this year with Brimbank Council (in Victoria) which he defended in court using the information that councils have no authority under the Constitution to issue penalties. The Magistrate dismissed the case stating – quote: “we do not want to go down that path”.


Len – Vic.

Every time I received a letter in the mail, I just kept sending them with Number 4 crossed, saying that I did not know who was driving my vehicle
at the time and date that they accused me of.

This goes back and forth for around 9 months, with please send me a photo or describe the drive too me, and I will be happy to help. After nine months I receive a letter saying no further action will be taken, 5 fines, got out of each one.

Another thing that I do is when I send the letter back to them I always put the GPO Box of the Civic Compliance Office on the back of the envelope, as I do not send it in with a stamp, so they pay for this as well, through Australia Post, lol

Also if it is a red light camera, please video the camera at the intersection that you were accused of, as I was informed by a police officer, that most red light camera ONLY have a 3 second, and not a five second, as stated from green to amber to red.

Interesting and workings well.

Out of five fines this year, went to court once, (which I did list on Facebook for you, wrote a letter to the judge stating the 1988 law, judge ask me how do I plead, I said Not Guilty, Judge then said, that I must have been angry when I wrote the letter.

Case dismissed, another success thanks to Aussie Speeding fines.


Jo – Vic.

Hi Folks,

Firstly, my apologies for taking so long to get around to making a donation, I finally managed this tonight. My only (weak) excuse is that I just wish life could be less busy.

I however wanted to tell you about an incident regarding a Victorian infringement notice that I think underlines the importance of members checking the accurancy of any notices they receive.

A work colleague of mine recently received a fine for speeding in a 60k zone.  He felt strongly that it was in an area he had not been in on the day and time identified.  He made a telephone enquiry and was told the photographs do not make mistakes. He urged the operator to verify the location again but they refused, saying the best they could do was to provide a photograph which he would have to pay for. ($7.50 I’m told, another handy earner when you consider the time to download and send a photograph they easily have available). He reluctantly agreed to pay.

His first problem was that despite paying the picture did not even arrive and he had to follow up. (A stalling tactic possibly). On finally viewing the picture he realised the vehicle photographed was not his. An error had been made.  Whilst the last three numbers of his registration are “114” the vehicle in the picture was “144.”

No doubt this results from an admin error.  But it does underline that these fines are merely about revenue raising. Admin staff are probably being pushed to process the fines quickly as possible, leading to mistakes. Hardly an activity associated with saving lives. So the lesson would be that as a first step, ensure the information is correct. He is now requesting a refund of the charge to send the photograph.

Anyway, my thanks for your ongoing work and commitment to this cause.


Peter – Vic.


Hi Guys,

In 2009 I made two return trips from my home in Frankston to visit a friend up in Kinglake using the then newly opened Eastlink tollway road. I had heard a lot of stories in the media about how people were being issued speeding fines when they were adamant that they had not been speeding, so I was very aware of my speed whilst using the tollway and of keeping it at just a tad under the signed speed limit of 100 kmp… You can imagine my utter shock at receiving not one, but TWO speeding fines a short time after my trip on Eastlink, not even 5 days apart! What enraged me most was that they both alleged I was speeding at 108 kph, but were adjusted down to 105 kph. I KNEW for a fact that I had NOT been speeding!

Since arriving from the UK to live here in Australia in 2001 I had not previously received ONE traffic or speeding offence and believe that this is because I have always been a careful and law abiding driver. I was determined to find out if there was a way to challenge this and set about doing some searches on the internet…

The more I researched the more I realised I was not alone in being enraged at having my previously impeccable driving record tarnished by these unjust allegations of committing a speeding offence! I discovered that there were a large number of people who had also strangely been accused of travelling at 108kph and had their ticket adjusted down to 105… I was not alone!

Upon doing more searches I found several references to a website called Aussie Speeding Fines, I took a look and was intrigued by their information and thought it had to be worth a shot as it claimed to have all the information you needed to challenge unfair speeding fines… OMG! The best money I’ve ever spent!! You wouldn’t even get 20 minutes of a reputable lawyer’s time for the price of their information!

Using ASF’s advice that I had downloaded, I decided to challenge the fines and stand my ground that I was firm in my belief that I was not speeding on the date and times they alleged I was.

In a nutshell and to keep my story as brief as possible, my case was adjourned at Dandenong Magistrates court THREE times over the course of about 6 months!! I firmly believe that they just wanted me to give up and rather than waste any more time out of my work in attending court etc., just pay the fines and be done with them. Well, I wasn’t giving up that easily!

Now I am not a confrontational person and I have never had reason to even be a courtroom before in my life, so it was an intimidating experience but such was my conviction in challenging “the system” and standing up for what I knew to be the truth, which was that I WAS NOT SPEEDING… that I found the courage to stand up and simply and firmly state my case, under oath… and guess what?? My charges were dismissed!!!! AMAZING!!

I was thrilled and wanted to tell everyone that you CAN make a difference and you CAN challenge the system when it is unjust and unfair and that if enough of us stand up and say “this isn’t on!!” then they HAVE to listen. Only a very small number of people actually speed above the signed limits and cause harm by their actions and I firmly believe time and money should be spent in educating and dealing with these few, rather than the majority, who do mostly do the right thing…

It is quite obvious that these cameras have absolutely nothing to do with road safety and causing less fatalities on our road and EVERYTHING to do with revenue raising and for repaying for the road’s construction costs and profits for shareholders!!

With kindest regards,

Buffy – Vic.


Hi Guys,

Just to clarify, this whole thing started because I parked on a yellow line at Griffith Uni Gold Coast, not blocking anyone and was actually a regular spot for students late for classes while there was no other parking (a very common theme at Griffith).

Initial fine was $100 then $10 admin fee and SPERs fee is $60.

When I first received the notice of infringement, it was overdue and had gone to SPER for debt collection. I had sent my university (the biller) a letter through their online section months before this, but it didn’t reach them for some reason. After receiving the SPER letter, I then sent Griffith a written letter asking what authority they had to fine me. Then after receiving a letter stating that all fines where part of the Griffith University act with no other authority stated.

I went on with the first step in your program. Then received another letter back from Griffith stating that it had gone to SPER and they couldn’t do anything about it. But then I sent the same letter of objection to SPER and they backed right down and said they couldn’t do anything because Griffith is in charge of the infringement. So I sent Griffith that letter from SPER along with another letter of objection. And with a couple more letters back and forth trying to get out of it, they folded and waived the fine.

I hope this helps, as with all infringements it seems that standing your ground is the best tactic.


Tyler – QLD
Hi Guys,

About January 2011 I was recorded doing a ridiculous speed through Berrimah(NT) on the Stuart H’way. I challenged the infringement notice using the ASF system. After about 12 months it ended in court.

In court, I questioned whether the unit had been properly certified for use and calibrated. The prosecutor produced the standard Gazetted notices and certificates. The magistrate noticed discrepancies in the gazetted notices and after a day of arguments between the prosecutor and the magistrate the case was withdrawn by the prosecution.

From that I presume they either felt that they had wasted enough time on a $600 fine or that they realised that the camera did not pass the required certification and withdrew, thus avoiding the magistrate having to rule on the case and set a precedent – possibly having to repay a couple of years of speeding fines.

Using ASF advice I had about 15 points of argument and really only needed to win 1 to win the case. This was point number 2.

I note that if I had uncovered a flaw in the speed cameras being used in the NT, this possibly indicates that there are many motorists who have paid fines when they were doing nothing wrong. This is another cover up in the pursuit of revenue from illegal fines.


Ken – N.T.

*Just recently Sunshine Coast Council let me off on a parking fine. I sent in a copy of the ‘meter parking fine letter’ via secure post. They said that I didn’t have enough information for a review???? I wrote back saying I didn’t ask for a review and I flatly refused to pay the $30 fine as they had no reason to ask for money from me. They wrote back to tell me that I still didn’t meet criteria for a review, but I was not to set a precedence- but was let off.

*A couple of years ago my niece was going to be fined a couple of hundred dollars for speeding- she wrote the’ leniency letter’ and got off too. I can’t remember the exact details, and she wasn’t able to respond this weekend.

*After my ‘input’ to a friend, who was going to get an unjust parking fine. Dandenong council has not responded to her letter- 5 years ago!

Yes, the methods do work.

Allison – QLD
Hi guys,

I recently had a 2 year ordeal for a speeding fine on the new Wellington Rd cameras on the Eastlink.

Ultimately l was able to prove that it was physically impossible for one person to sign and verify each photo to be true and correct, and the photo stated “A” camera at the Wellington Rd bridge was true and correct. But there are 4 cameras on each side so which “A” camera is true and correct?

The judge agreed that this would open up a huge can of worms and would change everything, and set the case aside for a week and warned the police the impact a loss for them would mean.

The very next day the police withdraw the case.


Mark – Vic.
Hi Guys,

I was alleged to have been speeding in a special community event 25km/hr speed zone when, in fact, I was travelling at/under the 25km/hr and was overtaken by another P-plated driver in an R33 turbo skyline…

When I was pulled over by the officer in question, I thought he was taking the mickey by telling me he was issuing me with a speeding infringement notice.  I pointed out to him that clearly, it was the OTHER car which had overtaken me, that was speeding.  His response to that was “I don’t care, really. I took a reading which was over the speed limit, and you were the one I pulled over, so you’re the one getting the infringement notice.  If you don’t like it, then take it to court.”

So, after reading your ebook, getting a lot of information, I DID have it taken to court.  I recommended MANY times to the prosecutor that it shouldn’t go to court but they refused.  When it finally GOT to court, the magistrate immediately recused himself on the grounds that he couldn’t give it a fair trial as he was inclined to completely rule in my favour after just the opening remarks…  It was rescheduled and the prosecutor was advised VERY strongly to drop the case.

They didn’t.  Eventually it got to court.  I took up a WHOLE day of two Police officer’s time, the prosecutor’s time.  I knew exactly WHAT to say, to WHOM, and had the CONFIDENCE to represent myself.  The magistrate, in his closing remarks stated that he was MORE than impressed with my preparation and the way I’d conducted myself in his court, that he was ASHAMED at the conduct and display of the officer who’d made the allegation.

He was MORE than persuaded by my case, my statement, the way I answered under cross examination, that there was WAY more than reasonable doubt and that THAT was all that was required for me to win.  The case was completely won in my favour, and without even having to ask, the magistrate brought up the issue of costs and they were all awarded to me!  Talk about a win.

I’ve currently got an FOI application to have the transcript of the trial given to me, although apparently they can’t find it in the storage..?

Without the information, advice, and confidence I got from ASF, I’d never have taken it to trial, and would’ve paid.


Dear ASF Team,

Last December I was pulled up by police, who served me with an Infringement Notice specifying that I was texting on my mobile phone while driving. I had shown the constable that my mobile was packed away in my bag, and that I was having trouble with a new GPS, but he insisted it was all the same.

Subsequently, I followed your instructions in writing a letter. They replied saying in effect that everything was fine from their end and that I should apply to have the matter heard at the Magistrates Court.

I sent in my application by registered post, as per your instructions.
Finally, last month the Police sent me a letter saying that they had served me the wrong Infringement offense notice and that I do not need to pay the fine. Also, that there would be no demerit points against my licence. I was quite elated!

At about the same time, I received a speed camera fine. Again, I followed the procedures and points you outline in your book. Up till now I have not been summoned to Court.

You are doing such an amazing work.

Thank you!

Dear Aussie

I have had success against the WA Police. I had two fines withdrawn and twice after a multi nova flashed me and I did not get a fine in the mail. I am a disability pensioner and these fines would have crippled me.

I am wiling to go on camera and as I have presenter experience I would like to offer my services to promote Aussie.

Kind regards

Troy- W.A.
Hi Team,

I wrote on behalf of an older friend of mine using the appeal terminology outlined in the ASF system handbook. This was in relation to him turning against a sign prohibiting a right turn between 0700 -1000 Monday to Friday.

Using the language outlined in the handbook I wrote an appeal for leniency for him on those grounds and the many years of safe driving.
It took just the one letter and about 6 weeks for him to get a reply that the $207 fine would be waived, given his safe driving record. No further action was forthcoming.

I can’t remember if it also involved points or not. But usually these are restored if no penalty is enforced by the RMS (formerly RTA) in NSW.

Keep up the good work, I am so pleased the membership has got up and running, looking forward to more success stories against this unjust system masquerading as road safety.


Vic – NSW.
Hi Guys,

Yes I had a win using the e-book and e-mails.

I was sent a fine in March for this event that took place in Jan. The fine was $200 plus $20 victims levy. In the first month I did little, with days to spare, I applied for your e-book. My month {28 days} had run out and I was sent a reminder with an additional $20 incurred for late payment.
After the first letter, which I addressed to the superintendent of traffic ops, Mr John Emery, here in the N.T.

I continued with the advised three letter course of action, the only reply I received seemed to urge me to nominate someone else as the driver, stating this was the only method of having the fine and three points revoked. I resisted the idea of lying and stuck to your method.

I was happy to find in my mailbox a letter dated 30th May 2012, informing me that the infringement and all penalties/points had been withdrawn.


Thanks guys,

Sincerely, Ray – N.T.


Hi Guys,

I have had a recent win, by simply asking for a photograph of an alleged disobey a traffic light.

I indicated that I would dispute their claim, they wrote back saying it was a clerical mistake, and withdrew their claim. 

That saved me over $400!  They are cunning people.

Hi Guys

What a fizzer. The Magistrate questioned me for not paying fine on time, till I showed him my thick file of correspondence. I simply explained that I was not speeding. Having an exemplary driving history no doubt attributed to the end result. He dismissed the charge in 2 minutes flat.

I believe if everyone had a meticulous correspondence file & fronted court there would be a very high probability of success. I did not even need to mount any real defence.

Thanks to John Lambert & your help


Hi everyone,

Just a quick one, I received a parking infringement from City of Geelong for stopping in a bus stop, having success before with your system l sent a letter asking if this was a criminal or civil and a copy of the evidence.

Anyway l did received a reply, no evidence but they informed me that this was a criminal matter, l then replied saying if this was a criminal matter then l had the right to go to a criminal court and be judged by my peers, l also asked for them to let me know who was the victim etc. I did get a reply saying that l was to take no further action until l was contacted, so far no word, I think the panic has set in, in regard to their letter.

You must challenge every fine, they know it is illegal and they try to bluff. This is my second win over the council the experience was very helpful. One important point “you must insist on a magistrate and not see a judicial registrar” this ploy is to counter the load on the system from court elections.

Keep up the good work

Neil – Vic
To Whom It May Concern

I’ve had a few traffic fines come my way. I turned to ASF and I was amazed with the deeply insightful and articulately described contents of their book. I became quite excited as I learnt that we can truly stand up for ourselves and break through the manipulation and oppression wielded to ‘keep us safe’ (note my quotation marks.)

I was also highly impressed by ASF’s rapid response to my emails requesting further assistance, and their professional, personable and authoritative advice.

After sending a few letters to the police, I received responses dropping my speeding and ‘not stopping at a stop sign’ fines. One other occasion I turned up to court to challenge a traffic matter, (having already written to the prosecution with ASF defence), and the prosecutor informed me she would tender ‘No Evidence’ before the matter was even heard. She even apologised for wasting my time!  They were clearly threatened by the legal understanding  demonstrated by my letters.

I am extremely grateful to ASF and really feel they are, ultimately, saving many many human lives on the road.  Where would we be without them?

Hi there

My story is about getting off my parking fines.

When I lived in the city I had a permit to park in designated parking areas. Because I had a home office, I would park my car in a designated spot and might not get back to if for a week.

On one occasion I returned back to my car to find I had 2 parking fines. What had happened was that the council had changed the parking signs from residential to a work zone. Then I received a parking fine followed by a 2nd parking fine the following day.

At this stage I didn’t know about your system and I contacted the council via letter explaining what had happened. The council told me I still had to pay the parking fines.

It was as I was speaking to a friend about this that he told me about your system. I purchased this and used the system to get off the fines.

I hope this helps,

Hi ASF team,

Thanks for the email. Yes I have had some success with the ASF system, in relation to two speeding fines and 1 parking fine.

Please find the following information,

1 – Parking fine – This was an unjust fine for parking in the Adelaide parklands while watching my son play soccer. It is a long story which included me being injured by poorly maintained kerbing in the parking area which caused me to seek a closer park where I could see my son play.

Anyway, I used the ASF system (along with appealing against the fine on the grounds it was trifling) right up to the Court Elect letter which the Adelaide City Council (ACC) ignored, resulting in me receiving a Court Order. I fought against the court order on the grounds that the ACC did not follow legal procedures as I had elected to go to court, and I won, resulting in it going back to the original fine.

I then proceeded to (yet again) appeal on the grounds the fine was trifling and went back to the ASF letters.

The ACC eventually sent me a letter (after all the previous letters saying the fine would stand) stating that the fine had been cancelled.


2 – Speeding Fines – One was mine, one was my sons (who was a P plater). Both were as a result of SAPOL hiding in unmarked police cars on quiet 50km/hr side streets pointing their highly inaccurate speed guns at decent citizens, when they should have been out actually fighting crime and apprehending criminals.
My son’s fine was also on a road sloping downhill. Neither were significantly over the speed limit.

As my son was in my car and would lose his licence (being on his P plates), I ended up taking the hit for him. As I was extremely busy at work during this period and had already delayed and adjourned both cases for extended periods of time, and really couldn’t get the time off work to go through court cases, I did end up pleading guilty at the final hearings after striking deals with the prosecutors.

With mine I got the fine scrapped, and only had to pay the “victims levy” to the courts – at least no money to the police.

With my sons I was able to ensure no loss of demerit points and no conviction recorded.

Without the help and knowledge of the ASF system and all the information provided, I would have been much worse off, and my son would have lost his P licence (he was in his last month before receiving his full licence).

Without the help and knowledge of the ASF system and all the information provided, I would not have had the confidence to fight the injustices of these parking and speeding fines, and would simply have lost out like the majority.

Thanks again for all your help. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Darren – S.A.

Hi to the team at Aussie Speeding Fines,

I personally have got out of 3 speeding fines using the three step process, all just a few kilometers over the limit and had success with a number of other people.

I still have one pending In a speed limited bus that will not get over 102km/h but got pinged at 108k/h. I have a court date on the 10th August and this is the only time that I had got a court date, all the rest I received a letter saying that they revised it and no further action would be taken.

Again I will use the information from the ebook and will inform you of the outcome


G’day guys my name is Emmanuel,

I’ve had success with Aussie Speeding Fines many times now and you have since put my story in your testimonials a couple of times.

My cases all took months before going to court so an outline of steps would be far too long for email.

The best case was when I fought 3 speeding fines in one day and after months of intimidation they were all dropped all my cases have been worth a story to be honest the whole system is a scam.


Hi Team,

I have had success with your system on 2 maybe 4 counts.

1. Red light camera: Company fine – encouraged to leave it with the company. Fine not paid as the company had subsequently been closed down.

2. Mobile camera unit – withdrawn by prosecutor after a day in court when he couldn’t prove the unit had been properly certified (NT).

3. Mobile camera unit – Requested court – not heard back after 7 months

4. Patrol car radar – Requested court – not heard back after 7 months.

5. Stopped by patrol car – let off as I didn’t admit guilt.

Wished I had heard about you earlier as there is one old case that is still hampering me with demerit points – until September 2012.

Thank you for your assistance and glad to help in return.

Ken – N.T.
Hi ASF team,

Just want to say I believe in what you’re doing … I’ve been using the letter templates and challenging all fines. I’ve even stopped a payment plan having them re-sending old fines from up to 3-4 years ago …so it is possible to start the process on old fines.

The outcomes are hard to judge but it has definitely thrown a spanner in their works. It becomes a very slow process, I think I’ve had success with the darebin council as I haven’t heard from them since applying for a rehearing on the basis that a brief of evidence was not supplied …as I don’t think they can produce any for a parking fine in suburban backstreets.

I hope this is helpful, I’ll see if I can gather more information.


Martin – Vic.

Dear ASF Team,

Over the course of the past 12 months, I have used the information supplied to me through Aussie Speeding Fines for the use of unjust, council issued, parking fines!

By using your information and writing numerous letters to my local council, with the tickets attached for them to keep, they must be starting to realize that motorists will NOT tolerate their attempts to obtain illegal funds from us! I simply have not heard anything back from them, showing that they have clearly put the issue in the “too hard basket”. These tickets are numerous and span over a whole year!

Thank you ASF, for motivating me to stand up to my Constitutional rights!!!


In May 2010 I was accused of using a hand held device (mobile phone), whilst stationary in my car, at a set of traffic lights with the handbrake/park brake on – even though I use bluetooth to talk whilst in the car.

I was in fact holding one of my 3 year old son’s cars, and talking to the little guy while we were enjoying a Saturday afternoon together.  The unmarked police car beside me, assumed it was a phone, and he also didn’t realise I had a 3 year old in a baby seat, but he didn’t really care anyway, as even when he pulled me over he never acknowledged my son, even though my beautiful boy said “Hello Mr Policeman”…..

To cut a long story short, I used the detailed info within the Aussie Speeding Fines e-book, and the police never had a brief of evidence.  So the policeman handed out a yellow slip, which would have been a $330 fine, and a loss of 3 demerit points.  They even tried to say in court that the car was moving, then later in the statement they said it was stationary, so it was just full of holes!!  I think the magistrate was embarrassed in the end.

A few weeks later they sent a letter saying the case was dismissed due to “loss of the file / lack of evidence!”….. Funny though, because if I had not of fought for my rights and shown up in court they would have still charged me!!

Fighting for my innocence worked, even though I was bullied and some what intimidated by the magistrate and the acting duty sergeant (policeman) in court.

I remember the days when driving around, and if you had a policeman behind you in his car, you felt safe, and you felt that they were protecting the community and the roads.  Now when they pull behind me, I get nervous, I check my speed, I think “here we go, is this guy going to pull me over for some random reason”.  Sad but true!


Dear Aussie Speeding Fines,

I had success in the City Link Melbourne toll road using the ASF system. I received a $3.80 fine from City Link then the amount increased each letter to over $100, I used the ASF information in each letter in the end City Link informed me  (as a one off customer service gesture the toll fine has been cancelled). 


Shane – Vic.
Hi Guy’s,

I have had success with approximately 5 fines being withdrawn, all speeding. I just won a case last week on a technicality with regards to refusing to give the names of all drivers as I was not the owner of the vehicle.


Shane – W.A.
Four successes 5 coming up hopefully
2 Camera detected
2 Parking

Camera – first alleged offence – Sydney magistrate found in my favour but could do nothing about points That is up to faceless nameless RTA people to whom you may only write.

Camera – second alleged offence – bus lane followed letters of ASF no response kept at it made court election they pulled out. The camera time had to be incorrect. Probably that camera collected $000,000s SDRO would not admit to. Should do a FOI on the file to see how the withdrawal was given.  

Parking – first – magistrate found proven no fine mere court cost.

Second – used ASF system court election the clowns had the suburb incorrect as their photo proved, total win.


David – NSW

Hi Guys,

Sometime ago I parked in a no standing zone for 14 minutes as I could not find a suitable on street park for my 3m high roof van. It was Easter time and I was late for my vital blood donation that the Red Cross Blood Service was desperate for due to low supply.

I wrote to the council and explained the matter to which they ignored my justification to why it was because of humanitarian reasons I HAD to park there so I would not miss my appointment.

After several letters back and forth, they would not budge so they then threatened court action to which I responded by saying yes to.

It was only then that they withdrew the alleged infringement. It was only because ASF had empowered me to stick up for my rights and make common sense of the matter that I was able to fight the unjust fine.



I supposedly exceeded the 100km/h limit on the Western Ring Road coming into Melbourne in a company owned car from Ballarat in February and copped a $150 fine. Using your book, I massaged the form letter to say it was from our accounts department and we wouldn’t pay until we were assured that the camera technology was right.

I didn’t hear back until about a month ago when Civic Compliance wrote to say it could not supply such information and to seek it through the freedom of information office. I was then nominated as the driver and following receipt of a personalised infringement notice, I again massaged the letter in your book and sent if off as stage one of the three step process.

I’ve heard nothing more yet. In the meantime though, VicRoads renewed my driver’s licence and very nicely informed me that because I had not incurred traffic fines in the preceding three years, they were reducing the cost of obtaining the licence by about $40. So the delaying tactics have already worked to my benefit.


David – Vic. 
Good Afternoon All at ASF,

If you link this email with the previous emails I sent to you re “Alleged Red Light Infringement”, you will develop a picture of the typical state traffic enforcement agency whose mantra is to extract funds from motorists, pardon me for stating the obvious.

I know that this letter will be posted in the forum as testimony to the effectiveness of the ASF process of standing up for your rights as per the Australian Constitution, and so it should be. Let me briefly explain my situation so that the average punter who may be in two minds to join up is provided with another independent positive account.

Late September 2011 I rode my motorcycle from Perth WA to Cooma NSW, passing through Adelaide and the northern areas of Victoria, after arriving back in Perth some 4 or 5 weeks later I received an “Expiation Notice” from SAPOL alleging that I ran a red light in Adelaide.  Now I was only in Adelaide for a few hours and I certainly did not recall running a red light. The weather at the time I was in Adelaide , was foul with lots of rain and gusting winds, the Adelaide traffic on a Friday afternoon was slow and cautious, if you have ridden motorcycles you will know how alert you are in inclement weather.  Who runs red lights in foul weather and Friday afternoon traffic?

Anyway having had to utilise the ASF process before, I immediately started the ball rolling with the “Objection Letter”.  Naturally I received the mandatory “these Internet letters do not work” spiel and also another statement informing me that “no further correspondence will be entered into”, all the better I say.

I followed the process with all the mandatory follow up letters and some further letters (thanks ASF) to ensure SAPOL were aware that my rights under Commonwealth Law would not be denied and that my intention was always to have this matter heard in a court of competent jurisdiction, which SAPOL had manipulate to avert this right and try to illegally force me to paying the expiation notice fine/tax, which had by their own agency means accumulated to over $800.00, not to mention the question mark over license points to be forfeited.

Today I received a letter from SAPOL informing me that this matter has been  “withdrawn” and was effective as per given date. To ASF I thank you very much, and to all who have doubts let me say that our own governments who are supposed to be for the people by the people do not provide the level of justice we are entitled to, but ASF has given us the tools to commence correcting the imbalance. All Australian licensed drivers need to belong to a forum like ASF.

Yours Very Sincerely,

Paul – S.A.
Hi Guys,

Just to let you know, I got lots of useful info from your e-book which gave me the confidence to defend myself when I knew I wasn’t speeding. You also supported me with emails and advice re where to find a particular “law” (the one that says the police have 6 months to present their case to the court from the date of the expiation notice “pay be date”).

As a result of knowing this law – I was successful in getting the case dropped (at the final hearing! – we went through 2 preliminary hearings first where the prosecution and judge completely ignored this fact although the prosecution knew that I knew it – they had said it didn’t matter).

AND as a result of your advice I knew to go into court prepared to ask for compensation – so I had details of my time, lawyers fees etc written down with me. When the judge said “you are free to go” I replied “Your honour I would like to make an application for costs” and then handed up my sheet of paper outlining the details (with a copy for the prosecutor). She said “I will take a broad brush approach to this/ I award $1000” and then asked if the prosecution had any objections (they didn’t) and about a month later – they paid me!

I also took advice form a few other sources but you were the ones who
a) alerted me to the law re the time limits first
b) gave me confidence
c) helped me to go into court prepared to ask for costs – I think many people assume the court will be fair and as they are not asked about costs they just “go away” with nothing.

Huge thanks for being there!

Bridget – S.A.

Hi Guys,

We won again!

Please see the response I just got back regarding my parking fine.


Samy – NSW.

And here is the letter he received:

Dear Mr XXXX,

We are writing about your contact with us regarding penalty notice xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

W examined the details of the penalty notice and, using our Review Guidelines, considered the issues you raise. While we concluded the penalty notice was correctly issued, we have determined a caution should apply in this instance.

You were previously advised the penalty applied however, we have reconsidered the circumstances using our review guidelines and conclude a caution should apply in this instance. You do not need to pay the penalty.

Please make every effort to follow the road and parking rules because similar leniency may not be given in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Gregory Frearson
Assistant Director, Operations.

Hello ASF,

Just a quick letter for your testimonials.

Last year I had an alleged incident in the DOMAIN TUNNEL – MELBOURNE. I was shifting a logging machine with my low loader – truck, a journey that took me though the tunnel going from one side of Victoria to the other. I didn’t think I was over height and no bell’s and whistle’s went off, they have height detection devices there to stop accident’s happening.

Anyway 358 day’s later I was charged with being over height in the tunnel and charged with carrying an over height load by a Colac police officer ?


This police officer has already had me convicted in a de facto court on false charge’s, 9 months loss of licence for that one !

So it seems that aussie speeding fines came along at just the right time – well maybe a year or two ago would have been better but that dosen’t matter.

I sent this police officer the first letter – NOTICE OF OBJECTION – and you wouldn’t believe it, right on the day I was going to send the second letter he sent me not one but TWO INFRINGEMENT WITHDRAWAL NOTICE’S !

Reason – OUTSIDE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS, ah yes good old corpus delicti !

Thanks ASF, it’s a great start, now I only have to deal with another three police officer’s ( pushbike fine’s ? ) a parking ticket and a couple of court cases , they like to keep me busy you know.

Please, by all mean’s put this in your testimonials and keep up the good work.

Thanks again Aussie Speeding Fines,

Kindest Regards,

Karl – Vic.


Here’s an update on my bogus “disobey information on road sign” charge.
I wrote to the informant again by registered post after he ignored my email asking for certified time stamped photo proving fine was displayed and a copy of the voice recording.

He responded by sending a witness statement made 342 days after the alleged offence but no photo or voice recording!

Today was contest mention day and while the informant didn’t show up I had a good discussion with the magistrate.

He asked how I plead, I said not guilty.

He asked “what’s your argument?” I said the sign wasn’t displayed.

He said that as the cop and his resort management witness worked in that environment all the time they would be considered experts and that they had me saying “there was no sign, its white, I didn’t see it because of the fog” which was a the nonsensical line made up by the cop.

I thought the expert witness idea was crap as they are experts at nothing and the cop apparently cant even check the status of a sign but I said nothing.
In response to the made up line by the cop I said I didn’t actually say that and I have asked for the voice recording 3 times to back me up on that.

The magistrate said “well what did you say?” I had written an opening statement for my contest day the night before including an accurate transcript of the roadside conversation which was still fresh in my mind, so I just read it off the top of my head.

I sensed I had made an impression at this point.

The magistrate said he could adjourn it for contest if I wanted or if I were to plead it guilty today he would find the charge proven and dismiss it.
I said I know I have committed no crime but I accept your offer.

Result! Thanks for your help on this one.


Hey guys,

I have a letter from the Sunshine Coast Council regarding a parking ticket. I only sent the first letter of objection and before I could send the Default they basically let us off!

I am happy for u to use the letter if u want to share it. I have also had a parking ticket back in Dec 2009 (booked in Noosa) and won!

The Sunshine Coast City Council seems to give in. I am also waiting to see what happens with the Brisbane City Council…will keep you posted.


Jasmine – QLD

Hey Team,

Well I have implemented your strategies and had my first parking ticket removed by Melbourne City Council. I am in the process of contesting 2 speeding fines and a fine from Darebin City Council for having an unregistered/ abandoned on Council property as well and will keep you in the loop.

The parking ticket went like this.

I sent the first letter; notice of objection.

They responded by stating that I was still in the wrong but was entitled to one internal review of the infringement.

I responded by again sending the letter of objection again stating that they could conduct the internal review but they still haven’t provided  me any evidence as per my request in the first letter of objection.

They sent me a letter stating they would conduct an internal review but requested no further information regarding the alleged infringement.

They then sent a letter stating that the internal review had been conducted but, surprise surprise, it had been ruled that I was still in the wrong and had to pay the infringement.

I wrote them another letter requesting detailed information of the internal review. The information I requested was;
Time of the review.
Date of the review.
Names and titles of all individuals and parties present.
What evidence was presented in the review.
Detailed minutes of what was discussed and how the decision was made.
I requested all this to be presented with sworn affidavits regarding the review.

I also stated that they still hadn’t provided any evidence or proof that I had committed an infringement, as per my 2 requests in the letters of objection.
I also attached copies of the 2 letters of Notice of Objection that I had sent.

They withdrew the fine, stating that there was still no reason that they should.

I wrote back to them stating that since they could not provide any evidence that I had committed any infringement and that all the accusations they had made against me were alleged and could not be substantiated this was possibly the reason that they withdrew the infringement.

I am considering requesting that my costs be refunded to me.

Any way, thanks guys for helping us stand up for oursleves in an intelligent and peaceful way.


Adam – Vic.


Just wanted to let you know the result from the speeding fine objection letter I sent.

Your efforts must be reaching a tipping point where the SDRO are making judgment based on how much time and effort the SDRO will spend in order to even try and get payment.

Very happy about this.  If you wish to use this document as a testimonial, please go ahead.

Andrew – NSW

This was his reply from the SDRO:

Dear …..

We are writing about your contact with us regarding penalty notice ………..

We examined the details of the penalty notice and, using our review guidelines, considered the issues you raise. While we concluded the penalty notice was correctly issue, we have determined a caution should apply in this instance.

You do not need to pay the penalty and no demerit points will apply.

Please make every effort to follow the road rules because similar leniency may not be given in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Gregory Frearson
Assistant director, Operations.

Hi Crew,

I will start by saying I was a little sceptical initially about buying your e-book. I stood to lose three points, and therefore my licence because of a B.S. seed reading. I had heard of similar strategies avail on the net with varying degrees of success. I took a leap of faith. Well, dipped my toe in anyway.

After sending the first letter of the 3 step process, I got a nonsensical reply asking me to nominate someone else to take the “:rap”  I replied using your second form letter, explaining they had not addressed the issues I had previously answers to.


Sent a third letter, using your letters as a guideline to which I again received NO REPLY.

Finally I sent an election to have the matter heard letter, care of A.S.F. Again tweaking a few words that made it clear I most definitely wanted the matter to come before the courts, and a list of personnel I wished to appear, willingly or summonsed.

I heard nothing. I have been to Cairns for a ten day break and upon my return saw an envelope in my p.o. box with the letters O.H.M.S.


My friends have been following how I fared, I had been niggling them to sign up. Now they cant believe that I have my licence, my points, my money (p.s. they increased the fine/tax when I first refused to pay) AND MY DIGNITY, yeah dignity. When you stand up for your rights, and win, you retain your dignity.

I cant thank you`se enough. The e-book was less than a third of the possible fine and I get to use it in a myriad of other possible situations. The points you raise opens up a hornets nest of illegal fines/punishments.


Ray – N.T.

Here is a copy of the letter he received:

Dear Mr ….

Re: Infringement Notice Number ……….. issued on 18/01/2012

We hereby inform you that the above infringement notice has been withdrawn.

There are no outstanding fees/penalties against you relating to the original infringement.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Mardi Cleggett
Assistant Manager
Criminal History, Warrants and Infringement section
NorthernTterritory Police


I thought you might like to know that I won my case!  This case was in Western Australia, Joondalup Magistrates Court.  Some of the information in your eBook was useful, but I also had an eye witness that helped create doubt, and something I thought you (or more importantly your clients in WA) might find helpful. This is something the judge, of all people, initially picked up on and of course I grabbed it and ran with it.

As you noted in your book, the first thing the Police did was bring the camera operator in and get him to submit the photo as evidence.  He then submitted his certificate to say he was certified to operate the “Vitronic Polyscan Speed M1” speed detection device.  He then produced the gazetted notice (I believe that’s the right term) for the “Vitronic Polyscan Speed M1”, which was dated I believe Dec 2010, however my alleged offence was dated Sept 2010.

The magistrate picked up on this quicker than I did, and asked if he had the gazetted notice for the date of the offence.  He did, but the name of the equipment on this notice was the “Polyscan Speed”.  When questioned by the magistrate he said this is one and the same unit, to which the magistrate asked “how do I know that?”  Under cross-examination I was then able to question him further, pointing out that either:

1.  The Vitronic Polyscan Speed M1 was not gazetted at the time of the offence; or
2.  He (the operator) was incorrect in stating, under oath, that the unit used to measure my speed was the Vitronic Polyscan Speed M1.  It was in fact the Polyscan Speed, which means it was gazetted, however the operator was not certified to use that device because his certificate refers only to the Vitronic Polyscan Speed M1.

At this point in time the camera operator was staring wide-eyed at the prosecuting sargeant and I knew I’d gotten the upper hand.

The judge used this, and other eyewitness evidence I provided, to determine that there was sufficient doubt to dismiss the case.

I’m not sure the exact dates of the gazetted notices, but this may be very useful information for your WA clients who are facing court proceedings for offences around the same time as mine.


Paul – W.A.
Hey there team,

Thanks for all the great email updates you send through each week – they’re inspiring and so helpful. I wish to provide an update on two parking tickets, one received in Melbourne and one in Adelaide. I followed the 3 step process for both, and with the Melbourne one, they said they receive such letters regularly and they mean nothing to them.

I then received an enforcement letter from a lawyer on their behalf. I wrote back to this as instructed and have heard nothing since. I phoned the council responsible and they said that the next step is to elect to go to court. I asked what would happen if I don’t do that, and they said the ticket will sit on their system, but that they won’t be sending me any more letters. That’s a win for me!!

The Adelaide one is also sitting there with nothing happening with no communications back from the council in over 3 months. Although it still shows up online when I type in the ticket number, I’m counting the fact that there has been no further communication from them in this time as a “we can’t be bothered”.

Please feel free to use the above information for a testimonial if you wish.

Many thanks

John Chambers – S.A.

Hi there aussie speeding fines,

I would like to thank you for helping me beat unjust fines and keeping my lisence.

Last august, I recieved two parking fines in one day for the same place in front of a school, I was not the driver and because of the unfortunate set of circumstances, there was no way of knowing who was. The fines were hefty and both attracted two demit points each. I was going to lose my lisence. I quickly found your ebook, read and re-read it and began using some of the tactics used in there.

Firstly, I understood my rights and used the system against itself to delay any proceedings, it is amazing how you can use a big slow moving bogged down judicial system work for you. The most amazing thing is that the system is there for you and it is YOUR right to use it.

Firstly, because I had two fines for the same thing on the same day, it caused a lot of confusion for everyone involved, sometimes even myself. When court electing on one, I missed clicking on the submit button but still printed that screen shot and kept it in my records. The fine went straight to enforcement order and I applied for an annulment which was refused. I then appealed the SDRO’s refusal saying that they just sent me a pro forma response and didn’t consider my case, which was true, and the court upheld my appeal, so I was back in court for both fines but 9 months later and on two seperate days a month apart.

A week before I went to court for the soonest date, I went into the courthouse and requested that both matters be heard that day, it was granted. I asked them to send me the date of hearing in the mail, which they did. As I hoped for, the day of the hearing, the parking inspector didn’t know that both fines were being heard and wasn’t ready for the second one. Straight away they had to withdraw one fine.

I asked to see the evidence from the first fine, it was three very pixellated and grainy pictures printed out on paper. you couldn’t make out what the sign said and there was no time or date stamp.

The police presecutor presented the case and tried to say that I didn’t take responsibility for my own vehicle and didn’t send a letter to the aurthorising office blah blah. I showed the court the letter I sent to the local council (who were the issuing office on the fines) and the pro forma response letter, I also showed them the a copy of the letter and pro forma letter the SDRO sent me, also the application and pro forma letter the SDRO sent me for the annulment.

The magistrate was satisfied that I had done what I was supposed to do within the allowed time and took a look at the pictures. Whilst he was looking at them, I explained that it was my car and it was parked there when I found it later that afternoon but I was unsure what time it was parked there in the first place. The parking officer had misquoted the sign times in his statement which I corrected, and I pointed out that there was no time and date stamp on the pictures.

It was starting to look pretty shaky for the prosecutor. I then asked the parking officer to show me in the traffic act (stated in the original ticket) where it gave the council the right to issue two fines for the same vehicle unmoved on the same day, and where for that matter it gave the local council ANY right to issue fines at all. I had printed out the relevant section stated in the original fines and highlighted the actual fine and handed it over to the prosecutor. Both the prosecutor and the parking inspector started looking through the paperwork.

The magestrate then asked how long the parking inspector had been doing his job and why he couldn’t quote the legislation he was using on a daily basis. The prosecutor then asked for an adjournment to get some better pictures and the paperwork for the second fine together. I asked the court to have both matters heard that day because it was the fifth time I had appeared for the same thing and I wanted to get it over and done with.

The magestrate dismissed both fines and suggested to the parking inspector that it was his job to know the finer points of the traffic act. I asked the court to pay for my out of pocket expenses and annulment fees, he declined and said I should think myself lucky the prosecution wasnt better prepared…..I was lucky but it was worth trying to get a few bucks.

The most interesting thing in the whole matter is to see how the court works and how long it takes to get things done through it. Lawyers use the slowness of the system everyday to get more time as is their right. The court is there for US to use so why not use it. It may take lots of time and cost you money in lost hours of work but at the end of the day, if you get to keep your lisence and unjust fines off you record, it is worth it. I think most employers are understanding if you have to go to court to keep your lisence.

The other interesting thing I learned in court is that if you have a lawyer and he isn’t 100% prepared, the magestrate will tear strips off him/her. If you represent yourself, they expect you to be unprepared and nervous and not know your rights. If you stand up and have all you paperwork labelled and copies of everything with dates etc highlighted, the court looks favourably on you and listens.

I don’t think I would have got off on any one point in my case but all the different little points you pick up on along the way help in the end. All you have to do is satisfy the court you’re the victim. Without the ASF ebook and the weekly testimonials, I would be without a lisence and without a job.

So thank you ASF, sterling effort. It is still better not to get fines in the first place, but if you end up in that position, you’re way better off fighting it, even to draw it out, the worst that can happen is you cop the fine but have longer to get your previous points back and save up for the fine.

Fight for your rights!!!!!

Hi guys,

Had a win with a very low speed infringement that wasn’t mine anyway it was the wifes.

Anyway I left it for as long as I could because I had ways of getting attendance records to show I wasn’t the driver anyway so wasn’t worried about the 3 letters on this one. Anyway after 6 months when they threatened to suspend my license, so I elected to take it to court the court hearing was set for July.

Anyway I received a letter in the mail saying it was withdrawn so the operator might have left or they decided it wasn’t a good idea to follow a 107 in a 100 zone fine. A win is a win and if I hadn’t of read your book I would have just paid it. Tthis time it saved me 75 bucks and anything on my record.


Rob- WA


I would just like to say, I had received a speeding fine, 122 in 110, which I was not doing as was using cruise control. I elected to go to court, appeared once, plead not guilty, then set down for pre trial conference.

About 2 weeks before that got a call from police prosecution saying they were considering withdrawing the charge and they did. Not sure why but I didn’t have to do anything whatsoever and it was withdrawn.

Maybe they have some doubts themselves in their own system.

Mel – S.A.

Hi Guys,

I was summoned for an alleged red light camera offence well over two years ago now.

After following your system to the letter and with repeated communications and threats from SAPOL – of which I replied in kind – it was decided to run the matter without my permission or attendance (even though 2 magistrates had said the matter could be heard by phone or video link up) and the Magistrate who refused this option treated the matter as a guilty plea.   So, on your advice, I appealed the matter – which was, to be honest, a bit daunting to start with – but after communications with ASF all the doubts disappeared and the confidence came back.

Well, an interesting time – the Judge was actually very understanding to my situation and of course he did say the reason I had to attend was because he could have overturned the agreement for the appeal if he wanted to.

He was of the opinion that the whole matter should be dismissed but that part of it was not up to him – it has to go back to a Magistrates Court for a ruling on the original alleged offence – that is “if the Police want to continue with it”  – his words.

I raised the subject of costs – but he would not allow travelling – or car parking – or the printing of any documents as it was my printer (I did not pay someone to do it).  I did remind him that I had to buy the printer and spend the time doing it and also I supplied the ink!!.

In any case, he awarded me $200.00 costs despite the protestations of the crown solicitor,  who had emailed me and said the payment of costs was not an option and he would be opposing the payment of any costs – so a favourable result!!  And all thanks to you guys.

I can only say that your system and the support you have given me over the years has been outstanding and way beyond what I expected to be honest, you have supported me and given advice on a number of matters and all of it has been of the highest order and easy to understand (despite some of the dumb questions I have asked you.)

I can’t thank you enough for this – and I can’t understand why more people are not members (I have tried to encourage a few to join and some of them have, but we obviously need more.)

I don’t know if this email is in the format you need but please feel free to use it and any others I have sent as a testimonial to you.

Kind Regards
Michael – S.A.

Dear ASF,

I am proud to announce that I have a testimony in regards to an illegally issued parking infringement.

I parked my car on the side road of Ricketts Rd, Mt Waverley just after the driveway that leads to SKILLED and other offices. Prior to the driveway there is about 30- 40cm of grass and a no standing sign pointing to that grass and the fairly large driveway. Considering there is no specified length of road, the 30-40cm of grass and the driveway was the only thing I could see as being a “no standing zone”. After receiving a ticket I followed through with the 3 steps. Of course I got a response telling me that an officer authorised in writing observed my vehicle offending the “law”.

This is where I went berserk. Berserk in writing that is! I printed out the necessary pages of the Applications Act and scribbled notes on it that were relevant to their unlawful claims. I even compared Monash City Council to the Prince (King?) of Orange that caused the Applications Act to be conceived in the first place. All letters had almost all paragraphs having notes beside them or where I could get it to fit. This was of course also directing the “reader” to the Constitution (they try to push forward certain constitutional acts that were BEFORE the referendum yet still say nothing about councils actually being recognised) and other documents. They were NOT going to withdraw the fine. After sometime, I found the letter I was waiting for. The letter that hasn’t dropped the fine but rather telling me that is it on hold and no further action need to be taken.

I sent in my court election and I had acknowledgement of that court election but was DENIED because they had “suspended” the fine and did not want to fight it. Of course I could keep pushing but I am happy that after hours of research and writing notes on their letters (copies of course) I had beaten them.

If anyone is interested, including ASF,  in my documents, I will email them to ASF to link in following emails. I am a gutsy person so I wasn’t aiming to politely point out there mistakes. I was blunt and cynical. I have given ASF another sale as my neighbour, who I have educated (not to mention countless others), has read all my personal information and wants to buy your ebook. After sending him all the information I used (bar your book) he is now one of us so to speak. It has blown his mind.

Thank you ASF, thank you thank you thank you. The empowerment feels great, I actually feel less scared about the world. Seriously.


Aaron – Vic.
Hi Guys,

Some very good news.

I went in and filled in the document to challenge the camera’s accuracy etc. They tried to scare me saying that the experts will come in and I may have to pay up to $5000 and the internet letters wont work. This did not deter me and I said I will come to court on 6th June.

This was two weeks ago.

Today I got a letter in the mail from the traffic camera office Senior Sergeant saying “it is the intention of the prosecution to make application to the court to withdraw the charge on 6 June 2012”, the day of Court hearing.

I am very happy but do I still have to go to court or I can call them etc.

I was thinking of going and asking the Magistrate for costs as I “did not” opt for a court hearing, they actually dragged me there ie. summoned me saying that the questions in the first letter can be verified in Court.

I am just relieved and happy. Thank you guys this is $300 saved in one hit!!!! and points etc.

Keep doing the good work.

Best Regards
Ritesh – QLD


It all started in bout march last year, 2011. I was pulled over by NSW highway patrol on the central coast. They pulled me over and fined me for driving unregistered, uninsured and a defective tyre.

After reading your e-book I said very little other than I was on my way to the RTA to register my car. Neither less they still fined me. Needless to say I was a little peeved and did not get to the RTA. About 2 weeks later my car was allegedly photographed been driven whilst unregistered.

4 days later the same NSW highway patrol officer knocked on my door and placed a form of demand on me. I told him I don’t know who was driving and he gave me one day to determine who was driving. The next day he again placed a form of demand on me to which I replied I don’t know who was driving and I can’t tell him if I don’t know. I was than charged for not disclosing the identity.

Some time last year I went to court for the defective tyre, unregistered and uninsured n plead not guilty. Went back to local court and was found guilty as the magistrate allowed photo evidence of tyre even though the police could not prove it was not tampered with. (side note, in his closing statement, the magistrate himself said that it was a possibility that the photo may have been tampered with but it was a remote possibility. Go figure).

Suffice to say I appealed to the gosford district court. Attended district court April 12th 2012. The judge accepted that the magistrate was correct in allowing the photo of my tyre into evidence but overturned his guilty verdict as the picture was not clear on whether my tyre was bald. In relation to the unregistered and uninsured he found me not guilty under section 10 as he accepts that I was on way to rta to register but I should have gone to the absolute nearest RTA. I was on way to tousled RTA, approx 10 km’s away as the RTA themselves state we can drive “to the nearest convenient” so in the end I won. No court costs, no $1600+ fine and 1 pissed of highway patrol cop.

On April 13th 2012 I went to Wong local court for not disclosing. Short of it is I explained to magistrate that I can not disclose if I do not know and to give false or misleading info to cops is an offence. The highway cop, still annoyed from my victory the day before, told the magistrate that as I was the owner of the vehicle it is my responsibility. I explained to the magistrate that a few friends have access to my car and after enquiries from me I could not determine who was driving. Just short of violence and the fact I not a police officer there was nothing more I could do.

He dismissed the charge as I had shown that I was not driving and that I had tried with diligence who was. The face on the cop was priceless. I only wish I was more prepared and had asked for costs. I


Andrew – N.S.W.


Hi Aussie,

Today I went to court in Manly Sydney NSW.

I was fined for “Unlicenced driver/rider Expired License by one day, back in Aug 2011. When I arrived I spoke to the Prosecutor directly and handed them my Affidavit.

She said my copy of Legislation was old and invalid, and the case was to do with Unlicensed driver, {while I was prepared to fight the validity of the legislation} she offered me to Plea Guilty with a reason as she said my case was thin due to the wrong legislation, but she would recommend to the Magistrate that the case be Dismssed as I had prepared a lot of paperwork and she believed the Magistrate would be lenient.

So I weighed up my options, re-read my case notes, and decided to Plead Guilty with a reason [that I truly believed that the renewal was due in two weeks – not the day before I was fined]. And that I had prepared a case, and that I had actually made efforts to pay my renewal the day of the offence and that I was prepared to fight the legislation in the first place.

So the Magistrate dismissed the case, no conviction, no penalty. Also I took a friend to the court to observe- this was helpful I think as there was no shenanigans.

Thanks for all the help Aussie, much appreciated.

Peter – N.S.W.

Well here is the final chapter,

What an interesting day waiting from 9am until our case was finally heard. I think what was even more interesting was the fact that a gentleman who was called before us was fighting a mobile speed camera fine using Aussie Speeding Fines information.

Unfortunately, after the prosecution and a number of SERCO management  all attending court, including the police the Magistrate adjourned there case until the afternoon so I was unable to find out the outcome to the case.
The case dated back to 2010 so he had delayed the case some 2 years. I just hope that he lets the Members all know what the outcome was.

12:45 our case came to the courts, I wanted to represent my wife Susan, as the council had still refused to charge the name as I was the person who had parked the car.

The council had a solicitor, 2 managers from the council and the parking enforcement officer. Their prosecution counsel approached us earlier in the morning to ask what objection to the case we had and we stated that the council have no jurisdiction. He laughed and stated he was looking forward to the case.

Upon arrival of the enforcement officer and his two cohorts they then, not realising that we was already sitting in the court, said don’t worry I have photo’s which brought a great smile to my face.

We were called forward the judge asked who I was and I explained that I was here supporting my wife and would like to speak on her behalf. The magistrate stated that only legal counsels can represent clients. I asked the judge is this a criminal case or a civil case which she would not answer or could not. I then asked if I can give advice which was granted.

The enforcement officer went to the stand and the prosecution asked him a number of questions, we just listened. He presented his photos and then I prompted my wife to ask the simple question: Can he prove to the courts that the photos have not been altered tampered or enhanced in any way. Obviously he could not prove it and he was lost for words.

I felt awful putting my wife through this and she is a very shy and private person but I knew that we would win the case. Just because they had responded and acknowledged that I was the person who had parked the car in the 3 part process from the Aussie Speeding Fines book and responded all in my name rather than my wife.

I was disappointed that I could not have ran the case as I would have loved to go up against their solicitor. I had so many questions and armed with information and facts that would have just made it impossible for the judge not to have reasonable doubt. But it was a simple case that the council had not followed due process and the case was dismissed with a note to the council saying that this should never have come to court…

We looked at the solicitor, council representatives and the enforcement officer smiled and left. I am sure I will be back as I want to fight this case especially against their solicitor who was smug and said he has fought this case before and won. Hmmmmm!!!!!

My wife did not want to follow up with court costs and I had to respect that even thou we are the winners it still cost us 2 days wages but what a feeling. It was amazing how so many people roll over and pay fines and pay costs each day. We need more and more people to fight these unfair and illegal fines.

Come on stand up, you fought for the constitution, now protect your rights under that constitution before it is taken away from us.

Remember, people have died serving the queen and protecting our constitution so that our civil rights and liberties are kept for every man women and our future children.

Many thanks to the powerful information that Aussie Speed Fines have given us. My friends are amazed as I have now helped 3 people get off parking and speeding fines.

God Bless You


Hi Guys,

Was traveling home from Auckland during Easter weekend when passed a police car going the other way. We might have been going a bit fast.

Anyway 2 mins later, sure enough, the red and blues are behind us. Wife is driving and she is panicking a bit. I tell her not to worry, what to say and start videoing the whole thing. Police sergeant comes over and says…”Any idea why I pulled you up?”.  “Nope” says wife right on cue. “You were going a bit fast” he says. “Was I?” she replies. “Yes, I clocked you doing 112km”. “Can you prove that?” she asks. “Um..well unfortunately I didn’t lock it on” he says. “Well then you cant fine me if you cant prove it can you?”. “Yes the fact I saw it is good enough for the court” he lies.

I cant help but chip in. “Mate that is heresay and heresay is not admissable in court”. He defends himself and says “You are welcome to defend the charge if you wish”. We both replied ..”Don’t worry we will be”. Anyway he wonders back to patrol car after getting details and comes back with a ticket and pamphlet on why they have dropped the speed tolerance level over easter (probably some bullshit about safety which is a croc because the traffic is so backed up its hard to speed anywhere even if you wanted to.

Wife says..”am I legally obliged to take that ticket?” Cop says I will post it and walks away. Its been almost 2 weeks since and no ticket in the mail yet. It may still come but at least we didn’t admit guilt on the side of the road and have video proof of him admitting he had no proof!!


Mark – N.Z.

Guys, thanks a million!

From me using this line I have managed the lady in the RTA to re check her computer and ring the courts and found out that yes the suspension was lifted and she had to re engage my license, the cop didn’t like it much either but I like seeing smiles wiped from their faces!! Thanks guys!!!



I recently parked on the grass beside a car/boat trailer car park which has longer car parks (for the trailers) in a riverside town here in SA. There were signs in the vicinity with instructions not to park on the grass, however I did it so I didn’t have to carry about 80 kgs of tools/equipment about 200m (closest normal car park on a busy holiday weekend) to effect a repair on a boat trailer which required the boat to be off the trailer to gain access. I didn’t just defy the signage to exercise the ASF system.

I also figured if someone of authority came along and told me to move (I was with my car the whole time) or I would be fined after explaining why I was parked there, I would of packed up my equipment and complied to avoid the grief.

About 3 days later I was shocked to receive a parking fine for $180 in the mail with a covering letter explaining why I was fined. This letter stated some lies eg. I was parked amongst other vehicles on the grass which had permits. Obviously my rego number had been recorded from a distance and the sneaky individual issued the fine from afar.

My gloves were immediately off as I was very angry because 1. the way the fine was issued with no consultation and 2. the unbelievable cost of parking on the grass staying out of the way of a busy carpark with cars with boat trailers attached!!

Without deliberately including any of the above information, I used the ASF Parking Fine Conditional Acceptance letter bolding the sentence about the 1988 referendum, and the time limit of 28 days for them to supply the requested affidavits, via registered post with confirmation receipt. No response. I waited approx. 35 days and sent the ASF Parking Fine Notice of Default again via registered post with confirmation receipt. That was a month ago and still no response.

Great information ASF and your system definitely works.


Russ SA.


Thank you for your assistance.

For the record I used your methodology to contest a speeding fine at Byron Bay. I sent all your documentation off to GovCo but they still insisted on me paying the fine.

It went to court but the Magistrate dismissed the matter as the RTA representative didn’t show.

I kicked myself after the court attendance because I forgot , in my state of euphoria, to ask for costs.

If possible could you include in your next email some info about what can be asked for.



Hello Team,

As previously explained I have taken on a speeding fine previously and won thanks to your guidance.

It was thrown out of court here is SA because they could not justify/prove how the camera in the speed detection car was calibrated after the police car went through 3 times then what calibrated the police car speedo. It was dyno checked at the RAA here in SA and we all know that does not comply with Australian National Measurements Act.

Thank you so much again for your help and your time.

Neil – S.A.

G’Day to all,

Just a short note to say thanks.

Last year I got pulled over JUNE weekend 2011 double points weekend. Police officer was at bottom of hill, it was dark I was coming back from ACT wife in back daughter in front with me and I was concentrating on the road as there are a lot of Kangaroo’s in this area.

The lights started to flash, I kept on going as WTF is going on, my wife just said “hey, you’re not speeding”.  I was not sure as I still had 80k’s to go to get home but eventually pulled over, got out of the car and went between Police car, officer meet me in between the cars, said this is being taped/recorded.  I said ok, he said why did I get out of car. I answered always do. He told me I was doing 119k’s. I said don’t think so, being polite.

Anyway, took my licence and got in his car wrote out a ticket for 119k’s. I asked for him to put his name on the ticket he told me “we don’t do that” so I asked for his name and wrote it down and the station he was from.

To cut a long story short I had been renovating and could not find my book to do the 3 steps etc (most of it was in my head anyway) when I got home I wrote down exactly what happen and was said to the best of my memory.

I waited till my 21 day’s were up and went online to go to court but there was no record of my fine. Did it twice nothing came up to match the infringement notice.

So I rang next day, kept note of who I spoke to and she came up with nothing. So whenever a letter came addressed to me with a window on the envelope ( I could tell what was in it) I just sent it back as per the book (unopened) return to sender approx 6 or eight letters were sent back, one a month and it’s over 6 months since the last letter  and no more letters or visits of police have arrived.

No points lost/no fine!




Just a couple of things, firstly in relation to my previous email (present or give licence). I tested this out in Adelaide in January.

Police stopped me on the main street of Adelaide city and requested my licence. I have it in my wallet in the photo section, so I opened my wallet & showed them my licence but held onto the wallet. (At this stage 2 more bored police arrived on the scene).

I then put it back in my pocket, they responded with you must ‘give’ your licence. I responded with I must ‘present’ my licence and I have met my obligation.

Present is not give, I said and they began to mock me, ‘bit of a law student are we mate’, I responded with, ‘NO I just know my rights, why do you feel threatened?

The officer in question then pulled his head in and began playing the role of good cop, ‘Na mate just curious, how do you know that stuff’.

I told them the licence was issued to my person, and not to them, that I had a duty of care not to give an official document placed in my care to anyone, especially someone who was still at this point un-identified. I then stated I was happy to attend the police station to discuss the matter of give and present with their senior officer and have them reprimanded as ‘present’ was quite obviously not give…

I then asked if I was under arrest, they stated ‘NO’, I said, ‘have a nice night; and proceeded on my way, they surrounded me, and stated ‘Darren you are helping us with our investigation.

I responded with, ‘if I am not under arrest, then no crime has been committed so no investigation is warranted, have a nice night’ I proclaimed once again and continued on my way, this time without police interference.

If you want to use this on your site please feel free, the harassment of innocent people needs to stop, I encourage everyone to exercise their common law rights.

Keep up the good work guys!


Darren – S.A.

Hi ASF Team,

I have communicated with you several times including one testimony. I have recently had some more luck with a parking fine where I tried a number of ways to pay the parking ticket but machines were not taking my credit cards etc.

I rang up and reported the fault and then went to get some coins and left an explanatory note on my dash. I had returned with coins some 15 mins later only to have a fine on the windscreen.

So I got onto the councils website, downloaded a penalty review form and submitted it to council.  The outcome was a complete rescinding of the penalty which is as it should have been. It did however take some time and did initially go through the SDRO which I rejected.

Point is, in the past I would have just paid it or tried to fight it some way. Now with you guys, the default position is to immediately reject the fine. I start with a request for leniency and then your 3 step process.

An interesting thing I now always do is send everything by registered mail and copy a number of important people in the council like- the Mayor, the General Manager, the reviewer or review panel and the council prosecutor.

I’m sure that by doing this I intimidate them to some degree and by sending it by registered post, they sense that I mean business. 

Anyway, love your work.

Hi Guys,

I just received a letter from the NT public prosecutions saying they are intending to drop the speeding charge against me.

It was due to go to court on the 10th May, but after I sent the prosector a list of evidence I’m requesting he wrote back quickly to say they have dropped the case.

On the first court appearance when I pointed out that I had already attempted to settle this matter the judge said that I might find they will drop it before it goes to court.  I think he was hinting at the prosecutor.

When it went back for a contest mention, I pointed out that I had already asked on many occasions for the police to provide evidence.  The judge looked annoyed and set a date for a hearing. So I wrote to the prosecutions and requested a list of evidence such as the service record of the radar device and other things, and within days they dropped it.

Thanx to ASF for the valuable resources and work they are doing…

Lore – N.T.

Hi Guys,

I visited Australia in August of 2011, little did I know, when I returned to the U.S., I would find a speed camera ticket in the mail.  I felt helpless until I found the team at Aussie Speeding Fines.  Their simple advice helped me resolve the problem, case closed!


Scott – Atlanta, U.S.A.


You guys are the bomb!

I have your e-book and have recently successfully fought a speeding fine – just sent the one letter requesting leniency and it was granted. Thank you!

I have been telling all my friends and work colleagues about you but unfortunately most of them still buy into the whole system. I will keep working on them though.

You may like to know that a daughter of a friend of mine got a speeding fine from a fixed camera recently and just paid it! Aaaaarrrgh! She is 22 years old with a perfect driving record otherwise. Her insurance company subsequently refused the renewal of her car insurance without saying why. Is this practice commonplace in all insurance companies or just some low life ones? Any idea which companies to avoid?

Many thanks again


Thanks for your support team in my hour of need.

It’s my turn to submit my success story to Aussie Speeding Fines newsletter & to repay members for their stories that have given me confidence to fight for myself in court.

Its actually my second win, the first was a fine at Sydney international terminal for jumping out of my car at the departure terminal to see what time my flight leaves, all of 30 seconds.

I followed the steps until I finally I wrote to them, after some coaching from our team, stating that are on notice for attempting to pervert the course of Justice.

I then stated they need to provide me with directions on how to avail myself of that course of action.

That was august 2011 have not heard back.

My second win, drive when licence suspended under s 66 fines act, arises from my straying from the 3 step process & letting a couple of parking fines progress to the stage where my licence & rego was suspended.

8/11/2010 Parking Fine date
29/7/2011  Annulment application to SDRO declined
18/10/2011 Appeal refusal local court – Granted
6/2/2012  Case heard in my absence due to my not being notified
15/3/2012 Re applied for annulment date set for April 

I’m sure I’m not the only member that this has happened to & you can see how long this can drag on for.

I was pulled up for speeding 13/7/2011 & informed my licence was suspended for fine default, received court attendance notice for

Finally contest hearing on 16/3/2012

Police told me on the day that my defence (not aware that my licence was
suspended) was not valid because I had been pulled up at a breath testing unit & given a notice.

However I had been corresponding with RTA & SDRO regarding my annulment via email which showed they were waiting for notification from the court before reinstating the licence.

I produced this email but still I had not received the notice but drove in any case so I was on shaky grounds.

I explained to the magistrate that I was unaware of the suspension & then proceeded to quote the Section 8 chapter 12 of the applications act & explained that the original fine was Illegal & Void in the first place.

Straight after that he asked to be seated & proceeded to read his summary of the case & concluded that he is satisfied that I was unaware of the suspension & dismissed the case.

The officers were most displeased as one had flown in from another location.

Thanks for all the help Aussie.

Greg- NSW

Hi there Aussie Speeding Fines,

I had a win last week where I chose to challenge a Red Light Camera fine in Court in Melbourne. At a mediation hearing the prosecutor was not at all interested in what I had to say so it went to court.

I explained to the magistrate that the photo of my car which was directly alongside a taxi did not have the details of the so called certified/tested camera on it and that the tested camera could well have been a hand held camera, one mounted on a vehicle or any other camera. Accordingly there was no proof beyond reasonable doubt that the tested camera was the one that took the photo and the fact that I had a clean licence the case should be dismissed.

The prosecution argued that the photo said it had been taken by the certified camera and I asked that he prove that the camera certificate and the one that took the photo were in fact the same. He couldn’t. The magistrate said that by law the prosecution didn’t have to prove that and as such had an advantage over me. I again asked that the case be dismissed. My wife was there as a witness who confirmed that I drive with the cruise control on to avoid exceeding the limit. Prosecution asked if I had had the speedo tested and I said no but had checked it against a GPS and was asked if it had been tested. No.

The case was dismissed.

Apart from using ASF’s letters and recommendations, I believe it helps if you have a clean licence and you are well presented.


Jeff – Vic

Hey guys,

Went to court after following your 3 step letters, stood up went not guilty.

Got a hearing date then got letter a week later they made a police mistake and everything was dropped.

You guys rock,


Re: Contested parking fine in Cairns

The short of this story is they (the council ) cannot prove that you did not pay for parking by placing a coin into the parking meter.

A judge ruled in my favour that there is no process to account for (1) money placed in meter or (2) time.

The Judge suggested they have a good look at the whole process of accountability. In real terms they cannot so I don’t pay any parking fines I just quote Cairns city council v Griffiths.

Good work Aussie.


Peter G – QLD

Dear ASF folks,

As always, a huge thank you for your always informative updates.

I bought your ebook about 4 years ago and use it whenever I get some sort of infringement; almost needless to say, I have NEVER lost a court fight (out of 5 tickets, I only ever had to go to court twice and the rest have been dropped before going to court).

Best regards,



Recently, I went to court and the magistrate kindly waived my penalty. Most of my friends counsel me against it.

Actually, I feel that the legal aid at court and the magistrates are emphatic towards us who cop the fines. I’m sure they feel the same way too. I believe that if more people refer their cases to court, they will be pleasantly surprised.

Of course this applies to people who have a good track record of no accidents and no convictions and do not drink drive. In other words, we have to be clean ourselves to be helped. As Jesus said in John 8:7 – “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

In fact, I quoted this to the police in the conference talk and asked if he has ever gone over the limit by a few kilometers. He could not answer me.

I did plead guilty but the magistrate emphasised that I only exceeded the limit by a small margin and I was coming down a slope and the fact that there were no cars along the road. So, how unsafe can my exceeding by a few km do?

Thanks and regards,


I successfully got a seat belt fine dropped in the local court at Wagga. (I was fined for my daughter having her shoulders out of the baby seat harness)

The magistrate gave me a section 10 with costs. ($130 instead of $265 ) this included revoking an enforcement order because I ran late!!

I found out that recently that the legislation has changed and if you get a section 10 for a traffic offence the points are dropped.

This was specifically mentioned to the magistrate and she agreed.

Best Regards,

Richard – NSW


Hi Team,

I recently won a case in the NT.

January 2011 my vehicle was recorded by a mobile speed camera. Using the full procedure I eventually had a hearing in the NT courts on 17th Jan 2012 at 10 am.

Firstly, I had advised the court that my company was using the vehicle and was therefore responsible for the fine. The magistrate decided that as I was a Director of the company at the time that I was responsible for the fine also. I eventually capitulated on that one and we continued. I was not well prepared to argue beyond that point.

Firstly the magistrate berated the Prosecutor for allowing a traffic matter get this far.

I had asked why it was being held in a summary court and not as I had requested “in a court of competent jurisdiction”. Then when I started raising constitutional issues the magistrate complained but remembered that I had asked for a higher court and changed his tack.

We eventually got to the real issue.

I objected to the Photo evidence but was not properly prepared. (Next time)

The prosecutor then submitted Gazetted items regarding the certification and calibration of the device in response to my questions on this matter. Then it started. I had said very little but the Magistrate began questioning the Prosecutor about this evidence. “Mr Burke (the prosecutor) we seem to have a problem here…….” . Apparently the people who certified the devices were not authorised to do this until sometime after the devices were certified or something like that.

After adjournments, lunch break etc at 4.30pm the court was adjourned to another day for a 9am start. Remember court sits 10am to 12 and 2pm to 4pm. We had taken up the good part of a whole day and some.

I returned for the 9am sitting 2 days later a lot better prepared than I had been the previous day (I learn from experience). Prepared to argue properly several other issues when this one was over if necessary.

Court in session.
“Good morning Mr Burke. Good morning Mr J….”
“Mr Burke. Do you have anything for the court?”
“Your Honour. The prosecution wishes to withdraw the charges.”

I WON!!!!

I asked for costs but the magistrate wanted to hear those on another day and as I was packing to leave the NT I decided to leave it.


Ken J – N.T.

Dear ASF…a testimonial,

One afternoon 11 months ago I drove through a stop sign at a T intersection, having ascertained it was safe and clear to proceed.  A behaviour mirrored by many other motorists, I might add, it being quite a visible thoroughfare.  Well lo and behold, a motorcycle cop suddenly appearing in my rear view, flashing lights. Him having taken considerable risk to speed through quite windy mountainous road to catch up with me.   He explained he had been hiding up on the ridge behind the intersection and had filmed on his camcorder (slung around his neck) me not stopping at the stop sign.  I was fined $300 and 3 points.

It was a blessing in disguise because as a result I finally purchased the Aussie Speeding Fines resources which continued to greatly benefit me, and inspired me to share their website on their behalf thus supporting many others also.  I went through the 3 step letter process, which was firmly obstructed by letters from the police in return. Then finally a court election letter from me – and nothing!  After several months of no court summons I finally realised I must have won.

In retrospect I later learnt that the first thing I should have done is to deny that I had ever gone through the stop sign. Note how the first thing they always ask you is why you did ‘such and such’…in order to get you to agree to the ‘crime’ in the first place?  After denying, I would ask if the camcorder was a certified and tested device, did it have a certificate, was he trained in its use, and could he prove that the recording was not tampered with before he submitted it as evidence? If not – then sorry – won’t hold up in court my friend.

Well after all these months of presuming the matter was finished, a letter just arrived! Bizarrely, stating they had ‘investigated’ the nature of the issuing of the notice in question, and decided that the matter was resolved.

The fantastic part was the extremely irresolute and wishy washy sentence ‘ This notice nonwithstanding, it should be noted that the Road Rules Act such and such, exists for the safety of all road users’ .  Such a deflated admission, it was a new experience to receive a letter of humility from the constabulary, that’s for sure.

Hey, I reckon most police will benefit from learning a bit of humility and having their egos put into place for a change. Mind you, cops are human beings too, and we can remember they are victims of the system more than most – they actually BELIEVE they are doing the noble and justified thing – and are pawns in the hands of their masters who invented this whole charade. So instead of affirming an ‘us and them’ battle, lets try and support them to see the bigger picture as us ASF subscriber  ‘true believers’  already do.

Another thing I took from the experience – to be sure to stop at stop signs for the obligatory 5 seconds even if its safe! Better to avoid similar situations again.  I’ve noted there are many stop signs cops hide out because it seems like easy revenue, when people know it’s safe to continue through without stopping.  And to be a responsible motorist, I can concede that Stop Signs can serve as a safety even when it appears there are no blind spots in ones vision of oncoming traffic.

Anyway it’s a victory all around, and once again many thanks to ASF for your great support.  I look forward to donating to your cause.  There’s been a few instances I’ve really felt a lot of anxiety about being oppressed by one traffic infringement or another, and it has been SUCH a relief to know that there is one single place I can turn to, with someone that understands EXACTLY, and with an email asking for help knowing I’ll be supported without delay. I am extremely grateful.

Aside from this personal victory, in the bigger picture, knowing that every time I stand up and say NO, and remind the system and its pawns that what they are doing is wrong, every time – our righteous cause progresses. The individuals that read my letters are educated for their own personal sake, and they are also reminded that the job they are doing is lacking in virtue, dignity, integrity, and cannot be justified.  We’re all in this together.

Thank you,


Hi to the team at aussie speeding,

I received a fine on 29th June 2010 using the three step process. And at the end elected to go to court and I received a court request from the traffic camera office stating that the matter will now proceed direct to a magistrates court you will be issued in due course with a charge and summons will contain the details of the charge and location of the hearing .

Well, I have been waiting all this time and yesterday received a letter from the traffic camera office stating , “Following a review of the above mentioned matter I wish to advise you that no further Police action will be taken against you.” And that was dated 30th January 2012. That was 19 months after the first fine.

So to all your members, hang in there no matter how long it takes and that is the Third fine that I have got out of in approximately 4 years and still have one pending will let you know how I go. Fantastic keep up the good work



Hi Guys,

Last week was a great win for me. I contacted you guys awhile ago re a $1089 fine for not filling in and submitting the stat dec on time.

I went to court and won.!!!!

We contacted the State Debt Recovery department and told them I was the driver of the company vehicle. I had never had to fill out a Stat Dec before as all speeding fines I have ever recieved were issued to me personally. I told the RTA and State Debt Recovery I was to blame and would take the points. I was then sent a Stat Dec to fill out and submit which I did. I was told that the fine of $1089 still stood to be paid. By now I had correspondence with the State Debt Recovery and was really pissed off that I was still to pay the $1089 and take the 3 points. This is the reason why I went to defend myself.

In court I met the prosecutor who I might say was a really nice guy doing his job. I told him my story and he asked me if I was going to plead guilty. I was ready to plead ‘Not Guilty’ but he told me that he does this every day and if I was to plead Not Guilty it was going to go to trial. I really don’t have much time for this crap so decided to go before the magistrate and plead ‘Guilty’ Which I did.

Magistrate – How do you plead? I said Guilty your honour ‘under circumstances’. She looked at me and asked me what the circumstances were. I told her that I had tried to resolve this nonsense previously and since it could not be resolved out of court decided to settle it in court. She realised I was in there for a fight and kind of took my side. The prosecutor also realised that I was not full of nonsense and tended to take my side as well although said that I was late in submitting the Stat Dec. He did also mention to the magistrate that I had paid the initial fine.                      

Previously the prosecutor he told me that I was to probably going to receive a lessor conviction and pay for the court costs of $81. He also told me he was going to ask the magistrate for a $150 professional fee from me. This was going to cost me $1320 if I was to lose.

The magistrate realised I was right and awarded me a section 10 (for the company vehicle) with no costs at all. The prosecutor asked to see me out of court, shook my hand honourably, and told me that this was a rare occasion and bid me farewell. 

I thought you might enjoy this story.

Kind regards,

Dion – NSW

Hi Guys,

I thought you might like this one from South Australia. I wrote in explaining that I was not the driver and did not know who was and could not fill out a Stat Dec/Nomination form as I was not sure who was driving, this was the response I got:

Notice of Amendment of Expiation Notice

I refer to Expiation Notice Number: ********* – Registration Number: ******

On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence regarding the above Expiation Notice.

Your submission has been considered together with the relevant documentation and I can find no evidence to suggest that the offence was detected and reported incorrectly. However, taking all factors into consideration the notice has been amended to a “Caution”.

Please be advised that this was done under discretionary authority and should any future transgressions occur the same degree of leniency may not be shown.

Chief Inspector John Burgess
Expiation Notice Branch

Thanks again for all the information and assistance,

Michael – S.A.


It is my contention that speeding fines should be abolished altogether.

If someone is driving 110 in a 100kmh zone and the police consider it dangerous, then the charge should be dangerous driving. But they won’t do this as it would further show the fallacy of their arguments.  There is no doubt in my mind that speed cameras cause accidents.

Until I discovered Aussie Speeding Fines, I spent too much time concentrating on my speedo, and not enough time concentrating on driving safely. Now I concentrate on the road, and will back off the pedal a little when my GPS beeps, but I am now a safer driver.

I have not yet received a speeding offence notice, but now have no concerns. If it happens, I know how to deal with it. Thank you ASF for making me a safer driver.



Hi Guys,

Keep fighting.

My experience after getting a ticket for speeding from two cops who had parked themselves on a Give Way sign at 2100hrs was interesting.

I asked to see the Calibration Certificate for the Ultralyte they used, one of them laughed and asked if I had been watching Current Affair, to which I replied ‘NO’. I was shown a QPS label on the side of the gun, I recorded all the information on the label.

After many events I ended up in court and was handed the police Brief of Evidence. This is where it got really interesting, as one cop stated that I was travelling south, the other said I was travelling north ! All at the same time. Next the number of the gun that they and their boss quoted was NOT the gun that they used on the night in question !

At the last court appearance a hearing date was set, then the prosecutor asked to speak to me outside. I was advised that if I wanted to use calibration as a defence that I would have to lodge a ‘Notice to Challenge’. I advised the prosecutor that it would not be necessary because of the information contained in the Brief of Evidence. I got three phone calls after that, one asking for the gun details, and two to say that the court date was being ‘vacated’. End of story.

Make sure you get as much information as possible when you get your ticket!


Hi guys,

Thanks for your advice!

I followed the 3 step process in relation to an unjust parking fine and even warned them that I would take the matter on to the county court. Then, at the last minute the council backed down from taking me to the Magistrate’s court.


Nathan  (Vic)

Dear Sir,

I’ve tried out your nice little letter that is on your website with regards to the parking.  I can happily report that the piece of paper actually works and has done so for me 3 times !

I’ve left my car parked right in the middle of the city (Melbourne) and everyone around me has had a ticket issued to them where my car has not, even after 1.5 hours over the time limit (all 3 times I’ve done it) !!!

That is proof of pudding of what you are doing and is the reason why I’ve become a member because your stuff just works.  Its great!

Kind regards,



Hi guys,

Great news about the court decision regarding the evading police. Another reason for them to hate me, because I wont stop in future… LOL …

What do I do if they point a gun at me?

I am a long time user of your methods with great success. I haven’t paid a speed or parking fine in 10 years and have won outright in more than a dozen cases in the S.A magistrates court…. Happy to provide case numbers for you if you want, I have had costs awarded to me in amounts from $200 to $4500.

Admittedly they all came down to the statute of limitations argument, but a win is a win and I have a reputation here now … LOL. Most of the Magistrates pooh pooh your 3 letters, but they have repeatedly allowed me to run the issue beyond 6 months 28 days before they charge me, then one prosecutor after another is convinced they can push aside the limitations argument, which they cant, to their disgust and expense, I am getting to be a bit of a expert in the issue now.

Many thanks once again and feel free to use this as a testimonial..

Yours sincerely

David – S.A.

PS. I notice that the vehicles I have your stickers on don’t seem to be recieving fines ??? has anybody else thought this ?

Hi Guys,

I trust this e-mail finds you all well. I just thought I’d share with you another BIG win that I had in court today that you might like to pass on.

It all started out with a $1.79 Eastlink Toll Invoice and ended up with me not only having the case withdrawn against me but also being awarded $150 in costs – yep, I got almost 10 times back in costs what they were trying to originally sting me for!

I used your info and combined it with a bit of my own knowledge and fought it for about 18 months but yesterday, the 2nd of December, I finally beat them and got costs awarded in my favour at the Dandenong Magistrate’s Court. You are welcome to look up the case, its number B11068860 and I encourage you to upload this e-mail to your website – I’m happy for you to include my name – because I know that people still have doubts about your information and I can assure them that it absolutely works and my day in court today is the perfect proof of that.

You might also want to know that, I used your 3 step process, which they ignored; I elected to have the matter heard in court, which they also ignored; then had an Enforcement Order issued against me, which I applied to have revoked, which they also denied and it wasn’t until I got in front of a Magistrate that things started turning around in my favour.

She took one look at the 60 page affidavit I prepared which raised all the issues about toll companies being private entities, the police not being able to prosecute over a civil debt, the Enforcement Order being illegal and void pursuant to section 8, sub-section 12 of the Imperial Acts Application Act etc and immediately granted my revocation application and suggested to the Prosecutor that they really didn’t want to pursue this case “did they”?

And the rest, as outlined above, is history! So, tell your people that, no matter how much these “authorities” deny what you say and tell you you’ll never win, if you keep standing up for your rights, justice will prevail in the end!

As always, thanks for all your tireless efforts keeping everyone informed of new breakthroughs and ways to fight these evil and corrupt revenue raising bastards!

Have a safe and happy Christmas!
Mike Palmer

P.S. As you guys know, I spend a lot of my time in New Zealand now and people should know that your information works just as effectively over there too!

Hello Team,

I purchased your E book, and not long after got a speeding fine.  I’m a courier so I drive for a living.  I tried your 3 step process, and delivered a hand written letter direct to the fines counter in William St – to make sure they got it and asked for a receipt from the counter.  They responded (twice) only a few days before payment was due, to say that they were withdrawing the fine and demerit points–due to my good driving record – and issued an official warning instead.

Excellent.  Before I had read your book, I probably would have done as they hoped I would – just paid up.  Thanks to your book – $153 and a demerit point saved.


Richard (Vic.)


Just to let u guys know I have printed the ‘parking fine warning notice’ and taped it to the inside of my sprinter van windscreen.

I love it, the amount of people that walk past and stop to spend the time to read it is amazing. Of course I haven’t received a fine since and let me tell you I not one to obey the stupid signs, with a high roof (3m) van its hard to find on-street parking in the Adelaide CBD.

I have had 3 court cases now against speeding fines with a mix of results and more pending plus fighting a parking fine. I’ll spend the time soon to let you know of the results.

Keep up the good work.


Hi guys,

Just to let you know that I used your three step process on a speed fine I got in feb this year. Sent the letters as per your book first then received a letter back to say I had to pay up, (and lose my points ).

I then used your court election letter as I did not receive a cert no for the laser device being used, (weights and measurement act). That was over three months ago and as yet have not been given a court date or even had any more correspondence from any departments concerned.

Guess it’s been quietly put in the too hard basket. So thanks for the info guys and keep up the great work.



PS . I stuck your stickers wherever I could put them…

Hi aussiespeedfines people,

It would have been good to have seen this before our court case today!

Anyway, hubby did well. He received four fines from the same fixed camera, all within a couple of weeks of each other, from December 2010 to January 2011 (double demerits). We didn’t use the letters in your three step process, but we did elect to have all of them heard in court, had the initial listing adjourned, and as I said, the case was heard today.

The court listed all four to be heard together. As we already knew, the court will automatically accept the prosecution evidence as correct, and the onus is on the defendant to disprove their evidence. Extremely difficult, when the magistrate says straight away that they are satisfied that the prosecution have proved their case before we have even had a chance to say much more than our name and confirm why we are there. Nevertheless, hubby is not easily intimidated, and proceeded to question the ‘camera operator’ (stupid term, as it was a fixed device and therefore operates on its own).

We had scrutinised the four fines, and two of them had obvious anomolies. Those two pieces of legal document both stated a fine for ’10km and under’, but on the same document it listed the speed zone as 60km and the speed detected as 71km and 73km. What the….?? When I went to school, 60 from 71 is 11! The prosecution witness was not happy that hubby pointed this out, and he used that argument to attempt to discredit all four fines, stating that these contradictions should show reasonable doubt in the accuracy of that particular fixed camera. Of course, prosecution produced one witness to testify that the camera was operating efficiently and had been tested within acceptable guidelines.

Hubby then did as I suggested, and made a statement explaining that he drives for a living, has an immaculate record for the last 15 years, and if these fines are designed to alter driver behaviour, that he hadn’t been given a chance to, seeing as he didn’t know that he may have been doing something wrong or that he may need to have his speedometer recalibrated, as he received the first fine after the last alleged offence. He asked for all four fines to be reduced to just one. He didn’t get that outcome….but….he got the first two dismissed and both were the double demerits, double fine.

The outcome was 4 reduced to 2, and the judge dismissed the most expensive ones. We consider that a win, as our day in court showed us that the cards are stacked in their favour. Nevertheless, we saved 8 demerit points and $500.00. The judge made it clear that she accepted the prosecutions evidence, and stated that we didn’t show ‘reasonable doubt’, even though she acknowledged the anomolies that we pointed out. She stated that she based her decision on his good driving record.

There are quite a few websites that are calling your website a scam. Well, if it is then it’s a very useful one. We have delayed any penalty for more than six months with some tips obtained from your e-book, and we have managed a win, of sorts. We wouldn’t have even thought to fight this if we hadn’t discovered your website.

Just to make it clear how absurd these fines were, the fixed camera that ‘caught’ hubby four times in three weeks is located on Parramatta Road, Auburn, in Sydney, and actual speeds that motorists can travel at during the day is what can only be described as ‘a crawl’.

Please feel free to post this in your testimonials.

Thanks for your information and support, and we feel that subscribing to your e-book was money well spent. Even though the court system is clearly prejudiced, if you believe that you are right, have the guts to stand up for yourself, and present your arguments honestly, you just may get some kind of justice.

Linda – NSW

Dear Aussie Speeding Fines,

I have also have a testimony – feel free to post it if you like:

I was recently ticketed via the post (for the first time since successfully beating a speeding fine just over 2 years ago using your much valued e-book’s very informative and absolutely trustworthy information) by a multanova model 6Fcamera whist travelling at 99 Km/h as indicated on my speedometer ( interestingly, my GPS showed 90Km/h – it has always showed my speedo to read 9 Km/h too high from the day I bought it) in a 100 Km/h zone (this is posted very clearly at regular intervals).

The infringement alleged I was travelling at 109 Km/h. Armed with your “ammunition” and with notes I took directly from the multanova manual I viewed whilst under the supervision of a traffic senior-constable here in WA. I was lucky to have found this officer through a mutual friend of 15 years who is also a very high ranking police inspector. Whilst viewing the manual, one cannot make photo-copies, but may take as many notes as they please in the presence of this senior constable’s watchful eyes (he also made sure my mobile phone was turned off as to stop any possibility of me taking photos!).

My court date came up (I used your e-book’s form to elect a court hearing instead of using the back of the police’ infringement notice). I had a very thick folder under my arm with “Multanova 6F” clearly written on it. When the prosecutor tried to get me to plea guilty before the trial, he asked me what was in that folder so I only replied with “you will find out soon enough. I’m also applying for costs to be awarded to me”. When my hearing commenced, the prosecutor told the magistrate they were withdrawing the infringement. That was it! I was free to go – no demerits or fine.

I was a happy lad indeed and only have one regret; I didn’t push for costs to be awarded to myself. I’ll save that for next time. The ever-building negative exposure of these flawed revenue raising devices (so called “safety cameras” – what a joke!) may, hopefully, thwart the possibility of another unlawful infringement to be slapped on me ever again. May that day soon come for all that drive on Australian roads.

As an after-thought, I have to wonder if it would be helpful for anyone to carry a folder filled with paperwork on any subject at all having the camera type prominently written on the outside. I’m sure that alone would make any police prosecutor nervous enough to think twice before proceeding with the trial, lest they make a fool of themselves!

Thanks Aussie speeding fines – that’s 2 wins in three years!

Bill – W.A.


Today I was opposing my two speeding fines (around $150 and $300 worth).

My defence, based on the ebook from www.aussiespeedingfines.com was a total success – both cases dismissed.


Hi Guys,

I won my case against the local government.  They have no authority.  The member at the State Administrative Tribunal stated that some of what he has said will not be in the transcript as it is not in the best interest to SAT as they too are in the same situation as local government.  They too have no real authority to lay down the law.  The thing is we actually do need this form of mediation between government and commonwealth.  I have been invited to many events of late to assist others but I don’t have the time as much as I would love to.

Donna – WA

Hi Aussie Speeding Fines,

I have good news as the Magistrate today listened to reason and I won my case with the parking fine.

The stressed out prosecutor was concerned if they had run the case would I really have used the “unconstitutional” defense?

He warned me that the $5.00 internet letters don’t work…He may be right or wrong the point is I had won my day in court and they had 5 people in court to just defend the case.

Thanks again to Aussie Speeding Fines.

Andrew – Vic.


I just received this letter today. After following the steps in your book it seems I have beat them. I have attached letter to show you.

I was apparently caught speeding by a highway patrol car doing 115 in a 100 zone. He asked why I was speeding and just said I was not speeding. After several attempts of him trying to get me to admit I was speeding, he then asked me to look at the police radar device that had 115 kmh on the screen and I asked him where is the photo of my car that shows me speeding. He said it was my car that made that reading but as far as I am concerned that 115 could have been on the screen all day and booking people for it ? Who knows without evidence ?

Sper finally stepped in and I did what the book said and they then sent a letter ignoring my initial request about the court hearing so I responded with another copy that I sent earlier and told them that I have noted that they ignored my first letter.

I sent everything by Platinum Post except for the last letter to Sper as they made sure that I had no time to post a letter in response so I faxed the last one to them.

I am STOKED that people have won again against this corrupt system.

Kind regards,

Rob – QLD

The reply from SPER was as follows:

Dear Mr ……

Thank you for your facsimile received at the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) on 15 August 2011 about infringement notice number …….

This infringement was recalled from SPER by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) on 13 august 2011 and is no longer outstanding with this office.

Yours sincerely,

Registrar SPER

G’day ASF.

You probably don’t remember but I was railroaded, as you put it, and fined an extra $646.00 in court for an $86.00 ‘not carry license’ offence. I challenged it again at the higher district court and beat it this time. The Judge overturned her decision and said it was the most ridiculous thing he had heard that week and even congratulated me for fighting the fine! I couldn’t believe it.

I also challenged and won the case concerning a parking fine of $201.00 where the pathetic parking officer in Surry Hills hunting for quotas photographed me while I was moving on the street and sent the fine in the mail! The Magistrate actually acknowledged the difference between a road rule and a crime and along with my circumstance she dumped the whole penalty in front of the parking officer who had to turn up and embarrass herself in court. I have won all my unjust fines so far 5 all together. Thanks and keep up the motivation!

Use this email for a testimonial if you want to.

All the best.


Dear Team,

Many thanks for your prompt attention in sending my E-book and resource disk which I have read through several times.

As you are probably aware there is a plethora non-genuine Aussie Speeding Fines Sites, some of which are definitely against Aussie Speeding Fines, giving misleading information and outright lies, which I checked into as I needed to know if your organization had anything of value to say and you were not just another bunch Scam Merchants. As I went through some of these sites I found one that said you were giving misleading information about the All Capitals Names. Well I fully understand the significance of this scam that governments are using to enslave the Sovereign People of Australia and the rest of the world under Admiralty or Fleet Law.

Long story short, I did not mind at paying for you product, because it’s the right thing to do for something of value, and it is valuable.

Yours Sincerely

Keith – S.A.

Hey ASF team!!

It’s fantastic to hear what is going on around the country with cameras being turned off. How exciting!!

I have some great news!!

I had mentioned to you guys a couple of months back about my mum’s fine in Mill Park where she was alleged to have turned right on a red arrow, at the intersection of Childs road and Redleap avenue on the way to work in May, last year.

After hours of trying to help mum understand what to say in court… she at least was able to point out that they fined her under two separate road rules because the cops made a mistake on the summons sheet, and when they gave different statements in court, it was even more suspicious.

Her fine did ended up getting withdrawn, but the judge, of course, wouldn’t make the cops look bad, so he put the finding down to her good driving history over the past 40 years, and giving her a 3 month good behaviour bond…and we are to donate $100 to the Alfred Hospital road trauma fund… Which is better than 3 demerit points and a $350 fine.

So anyway, that was a win thanks to ASF!!

Alexandros – Vic.

Hi Guys,

Firstly thanks for all your support, after I brought your e book. GO ASF!!

After 22 months of legal heart ache we finally won our speeding case YYYYYeha!!!! In COURT.

Just a bit of back ground if you publish this. My son, then 17, red QLD P Plater, was booked in Northern NSW going over 153km per hr in a 110 zone.

Magistrates Court found him Guilty, and was shocked at this complete Kangaroo court. Magistrate said” the evidence was overwhelming”. Sentence was big fine and, of course, suspension.

We appealed to the district Court and won. Firstly, had he, (my son) been speeding you would not be seeing the email.

Armed with more facts and info than I needed thanks to ASF, we tipped this complete false charge on its head. We used all the police evidence as our weapon to prove to the District Court that the Police Officers average speed over the distance was only at best 120km ph – that’s right 120kmph. By using time in motion math’s, and the police video evidence and statement.

Long story short the Judge said “based on the evidence before this court, I couldn’t find anyone guilty! And the police evidence at best was fanciful”, Justice served.

Big thanks to ASF.

Kind Regards,

G’day Aussie Speeding Fines,

Just wanted to thank you for the information in the ebook regarding our rights etc

I received a speed camera detected fine in the post and I followed the advice given regarding nominating a driver if I couldn’t be 100% sure who was driving etc.

After receiving a letter stating that I HAD to nominate a driver, I replied stating I did not want to falsify a Stat Dec and therefore could not supply the driver accurately.

The final correspondence I received basically said they had dropped it!!! 

Wooohooo, a win for the Australian road users.

Anthony – QLD
Following your instructions I have had four infringements withdrawn. It took approx six months but saved about $1698 of fines.

I still have one outstanding from the camera on Eastern freeway that is subject of class action. Have received info that they will contact me when they issue summons, that’s just on 12 months ago.


Hi guys!

Thanks for your help, for your book and for everything you’ve done so far for me.

I was fighting infamous Wellington Bridge camera fine, went to Dandenong court for revocation of enforcement order, and not only revocation was granted, but I agreed to a “deal”, to plead guilty in exchange of dismiss of all charges and fees.

Unfortunately, the demerit points apparently still stays, but it all is about stopping money flow trough the system.



Please click here to read plenty more testimonials that we have received over the years.