Reply from Mike Palmer

We have had a few members contact us with concerns over recent reports by Today Tonight and the information recently posted on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website. Specifically, people were asking why the person who initially helped us set things up and promote us around 12 months ago went to court and had to pay a speeding fine.

The simple fact is that Mr Palmer has been harassed no end by the police since helping us in the early days and he needed to do something to get them off his back. He actually used our information to have 3 charges withdrawn before the case actually went to court but then made a decision not to use our information for the other fines.

We have contacted Mr Palmer and he has been kind enough to provide us with an explanation in his own words and this can be read below.

Also, we have put up our own website answering the ridiculous statements by Sean Hardy and Consumer Affairs and this can be read at:

Mr Palmer, has also posted his own reply to the following website:  

As always, we are here to help so if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask us. The simple fact of the matter is that there are numerous websites out there informing people of how to fight unjust fines but ours is the only one with a multitude of testimonials from satisfied members.

The fact is that our information WORKS and this is causing great distress to particular lawyers (who specialise in traffic fines) and, of course, the agencies who collect these fines. This is why they are trying so hard to discredit us – if we weren’t making such a big impact then why would they bother?

Dear ASF,

I just wanted to write to you in respect to the Today Tonight clip that was aired the other night and provide you with some further information. I can understand that some people may still link me to your website – as a result of the promotion that I did for you back in the middle of last year – and that they may therefore be concerned that the Aussie Speeding Fines information doesn’t work.

Let me clear up some of the misconceptions from the Today Tonight story first and then provide you with some additional information that I obviously couldn’t put on TV.

As you are well aware, I have copped a heap of flack as a result of the Current Affair story and the seminar that I did for you last year. Specifically, in the last 3 months – after very successfully using many of your strategies – I have had continued harassment from the police. It got to the point were it got completely out of control – I was pulled over coming out of a marina just to check that I was turning up to court on a certain date, I was stalked in my local shopping centre by a divvy van and was even dragged in and interviewed by the CIB over a simple clerical error. I was also singled out by a so-called “traffic lawyer” who saw fit to publish completely false information about me on his website and also posted highly confidential information that could only have come from the police.

It was at this point that I decided that “enough was enough” and I contacted Today Tonight to do a story on the whole thing. I went to court and was facing 8 completely trumped up charges by 2 different informants. The Police Prosecutor tried desperately to put Aussie Speeding Fines on trial – as they assumed I was the person behind it all – but failed miserably to do so. I was not using the Aussie Speeding Fines strategies as my outcome from these charges was to make the police believe they had beaten me so that they would finally leave me alone.

In the end, 3 charges were withdrawn because they were a complete joke and the other 5 were consolidated into 3 and I received a 1 month licence suspension and a fine. Now, the licence suspension is of no concern because I was travelling overseas for 3 weeks anyway and was then going interstate so it had no effect on my lifestyle at all. And, as for the fine, if I even pay it, it will be dragged out at $20 a month for a very long time.

So, anyone who questions or doubts the Aussie Speeding Fines system needs to understand that my outcome was very different to that of a normal ASF member. In this particular instance – and only this instance – I wasn’t trying to avoid paying a fine, I was trying to make the police believe they had won so they would leave me alone. I didn’t actually use any of the ASF principles – I used a lawyer, I plead Guilty and did a number of other things that go against the ASF system in order to achieve my own personal goal.

Now, onto the stuff that I couldn’t say in front of the camera. If anyone has the ability to check (or get a copy of the court hearing form the 4/9/08), they will note that I have had a crystal clear Victorian and Queensland licence for over 5 years now. I have not paid a speeding fine, parking fine or any other type of traffic fine in all that time – despite receiving many as a result of the continued police harassment after a contract was incorrectly awarded by the Tenders and Contracts department of Victoria Police.

So, how is it that I was able to effectively avoid any traffic fines for over 5 years? Primarily through the help and strategies provided to me by the guys who have now become, the team at Aussie Speeding Fines.

So Guys, thank you once again for all your support and wonderful information and I wish you all the best in your endeavours to change this unjust and unfair system. And, if anyone had any doubts or concerns about how well the ASF system works, they can put their minds at ease.

Thanks again,


Mike Palmer.


P.S. Obviously, you are more than welcome to use this on your testimonials page or anywhere else on your website that you deem to be appropriate.