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We urge everyone who comes to our website to watch this important video which explains why the current system of supposed “road safety” doesn’t work and why it never will.

Please take some time to read the following web page – – to read an in-depth explanation of why driving is a common law right and NOT a Government granted privilege and therefore, why all fines are unjust and unlawful.

We are aware that some browsers will not allow access to that web page so, if you have trouble accessing it, you can download a simple word version of that same article by clicking here.

You should also click here to read an e-mail that details why the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and why it is NOT up to you to prove your innocence. You can also visit this link – – for further details.

We also recommend that you click here to read a detailed explanation of why traffic fines are NOT the criminal offences that the courts claim they are and a step-by-step series of questions you can ask to prove this.

We have just received a great e-mail from David who has sent an excerpt of a 125 page letter he sent the police in relation to one of his fines and why they have no lawful authority, what-so-ever- to pursue the matter. A copy of that letter is available via the Member’s Only Info section on our new Update Member’s area.

We have also just upload a very well researched document from Flora News that details how the Australian Government have “hijacked” our Constitutional rights. This document is also available in the new Update Member’s area.

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