Frequently Asked Questions

After 16 years of PERSONALLY responding to EVERY e-mail we receive we have finally had enough. We keep receiving the same questions again and again so we have created this FAQ page. Please don’t be offended if you e-mail us with a question that is clearly answered here and we simply respond with “please read our FAQ page”.

We charge a one-off fee for life for our E-Book Memberships, we provide regular e-mail updates, we are constantly updating our website and, on top of that, we provide free on-going e-mail support for life. Given that we now have around 25,000 Members, we cannot keep answering everyone’s e-mail personally so, where appropriate, we will simply direct people to this page instead – thanks for your understanding.


I’ve read the book but I can’t find the letters you refer to

The letters are accessed via the links throughout the digital e-book – mostly in chapter 3 – if you have the digital version, or they all on the Resources CD that comes with the book, if you ordered the hard copy version. If you don’t have a CD player you can log into our website and go to My Account, click Digital Products and then click Resources. Please note that most browsers will block access to those links so we recommend using Firefox as your browser.


I have forgotten my Username and Password

Your Username and Password for what exactly?

The E-Book – Please use the Password Re-Set feature on the website.

The Advanced Membership website – When we changed to the new website in 2022 we had to re-set all of those passwords so please use the Password Re-Set feature on the website and be sure to read this webpage.


Your letters refer to The Queen but we have a King now

Yes, okay, so what? Are you being fined under some new law that has just been brought out under the authority of the King or are you being fined under some 10, 20 or 30 year old law when the Queen was most assuredly still the head of power!


I was specifically charged with ??????, can your e-book help me?

Whilst our e-book is extremely in-depth and does specifically mention certain charges, in MOST cases they are irrelevant. No matter what you have been booked for/with, the fundamentals are the same. The laws have NOT been enacted, the device being used is NOT legal and is also most likely inaccurate AND the way the device was being used is likely to be incorrect as well.

We also cover any other traffic fine where no device was used at all – illegal u-turn, failing to display P-plates, driving unregistered vehicle etc.

Any specific information you have relating to YOUR particular case will only give you EXTRA ammunition should you need to go to court to defend your case. Our e-book explains the step-by-step process that you need to avoid paying ANY unlawful fine. We give you copies of the EXACT letters that you need to write, no matter WHAT you have been specifically charged with. Please note that we currently have letters for all speeding fines and parking tickets and have also included letters for red light cameras as well.


I don’t have a credit card, can I just send you a cheque?

You can’t send us a cheque but you can send us a postal or money order made out to Aussie Speeding Fines. Please note that you will have to wait about a week for the payment to reach us and be processed and for us to send you the book but it is an option if you have concerns about credit card payments.

If you are worried about credit card security you should know that we use Square and Paypal – some of the most SECURE payment sites on the internet. Please note that ALL credit card payments are processed through Square as they use the same security measures as the major banks. You will also note from our professional ordering service that we are definitely not some fly-by-nighters, we have been on National TV – on A Current Affair – and this site cost us a LOT to set up.

Further to that, you can go to and get a pre-paid credit card through them so you NEVER have to worry about credit card fraud. Conversely, for the sake of $67 a lot of our clients are simply borrowing a friend or family member’s card for the transaction.


A number of the laws you mention in the e-book relate to Victoria. Are they relevant to other states as well?

We have specifically researched Victorian laws because Victoria issues the MOST illegal and incorrect speeding fines of any state in the country and has the LOWEST speed tolerances. We quote examples of Victorian law at times in the e-book (but also quote laws from other states as well) but these are exactly the same no matter which state you live in – in fact, quite often, the actual sections of law have the same number!

All of this, however, is irrelevant, because we quote these laws simply to INFORM you that what the government is doing is illegal, but this will NOT help you get out of a fine. It is the Commonwealth laws – which obviously apply to ALL states – and the letters contained in the “Resources” section that will be most valuable to helping you avoid paying an unlawful fine.


The laws you mention aren’t relevant and the strategies won’t work.

On an almost weekly basis we get people e-mailing us telling us that the police have sent a letter saying that the laws we quote aren’t relevant or some idiot says on his forum that our strategies don’t work etc.

Here are the facts:

Our strategies DO work, we now have SEVEN full pages of testimonials from people saying that they have successfully avoided paying these ridiculous and unjust fines using our strategies and we even have a video testimonial from someone who avoided $28,000 worth of fines just by threatening to use our strategies! These are FACTS so please go and check them for yourself on this page –

As for saying the laws aren’t relevant, you need to understand that the state and local governments are facing the collapse of a TWO BILLION DOLLAR a year industry! They will try EVERY trick in the book to try and scare you off – wouldn’t you? We find it highly amusing that they will go to the trouble to say the law isn’t relevant but they will NOT explain WHY it is irrelevant or what the relevant law is!

So, we put out this challenge to ANYONE – please PROVE us wrong on ANY of the following points and please explain WHY we are wrong and WHAT is your opinion of what is correct:

  1. No traffic law in Australia has been correctly enacted in the Queen’s name.
  2. No speed detection device being used in Australia has an NSC number which CONFIRMS that it conforms to Section 10 of the National Measurement Act 1960 (Cth).
  3. The 1988 Referendum clearly decided that there was NO allowance for the establishment or continuance of local government in Australia. No local government or council has ANY right to issue ANY fines.
  4. The Victorian High Court ruling Forge v ASIC clearly states that ALL courts MUST go back to operating in the manner that they did at Federation in 1900. Therefore, you have a RIGHT to request a Chapter III court hearing in accordance with this ruling.
  5. Article 15 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states that “…. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time when the criminal offence was committed” therefore court costs cannot be added to a so-called “criminal” traffic fine.

We are sick to death of people attacking our system and saying it doesn’t work when it is the government extortion, to the tune of $2 billion a year that is the system that should REALLY be attacked. The road toll is NOT going down and all that is happening is innocent motorists are having their hard earned money STOLEN from them under the completely FALSE guise of road safety!

Why is it that some privately owned agency, that has NO lawful authority what-so-ever, can send you a letter in the mail and say “You have 28 days to pay this or to fill in our form and sign it and request to go to court and these are your ONLY options” yet, when we try and do the same thing via our 3 step process, people say we can’t do it? It is just crazy!

So, if you have any answers or responses to the above points then by all means e-mail us and let us know, otherwise, please don’t buy into the unsubstantiated rubbish that these so called “authorities” are shoving down your throat, go grab a copy of our e-book and fight back!


Some lawyer claims that your e-book doesn’t work and it’s all a scam

Yes, we are well aware of the “liar for hire” (lawyer) who attacks the validity of our e-book but then tries get people to download it for free – A) that doesn’t make ANY sense and B) he, as a lawyer, should know better than to blatantly breach international copyright law! Anyone with half a brain should be able to see right through his crap and why he says what he does but, for those that need a little help, we have had the following responses to his garbage up on-line for some time now:

Here are a couple of very simple questions to ask yourself about Sean Hardy and his rubbish before buying into any of it:

  1. Why would a lawyer knowingly make copyright material available for download in clear breach of international law? We all know lawyers lie and cheat but that is just too blatant and ridiculous for words. What sort of ethics and how much credibility does a lawyer REALLY have who would go to those illegal extremes just to oppose a single e-book?
  2. Why is Sean Hardy REALLY going to extreme measures of writing page after page about our little old e-book if it’s just a bunch of lies, as he claims? Why has he registered a domain name so similar to ours to try and trick and deceive people – which is, again, completely ILLEGAL, because he has NO legal entitlement to it under AUDA policies? Why is Sean Hardy spending good money after bad on Google advertising just to try and discredit us? Surely, being the prestigious lawyer that he claims to be, he has better things to do with his time. Hmm… maybe not! Maybe we have cost him so much over the years that he no longer has a viable practice to work in because people aren’t stupid enough to pay him $2,000+ to run a case for them when they can do it themselves for as little as $67!
  3. If our information is all “wrong” and doesn’t really work – as he claims, then why the need to go to such extraordinary lengths to tell people – surely they would have found out by now on their own! After all, we have been here for over SEVEN years now!
  4. Also, why, if the Consumer Affairs report was so damning of us, are we still around after SEVEN years and why have we been interviewed by the media on NUMEROUS occasions in that time???
  5. Why is it for every claimed “testimonial” against us, we have 100, fully VERIFIBALE testimonials in support of us and our information?
  6. Why is Hardy out to attack one of our founding Members, Mike Palmer – who simply did some promotion for us in the early days and helped us get up and running (we have far outgrown the ability to be run by a single individual now) – when we not only have documented wins from that Member but copies of the actual court rulings in his favour as well as a copy of the cheque from Victoria Police for the costs that they were ordered to pay him!
  7. Why has he been unable to answer ANY of the simple questions that Aussie Speeding Fines asks in the section above?

We don’t need to personally attack Sean Hardy or say anything negative about him at all – he has done a brilliant job of showing his TRUE colours himself – he is in breach of our clear Copyright, as is anyone who has downloaded one of his old, out-of-date copies of our e-book.

We continue to provide cutting edge, proven strategies for defeating unjust and unlawful fines. We upload new testimonials on an almost weekly basis that verify that. We provide regular updates completely free of charge for life and we offer on-going e-mail support for life as well – we are there to help you, inspire you and educate you every step of the way – all for a very low, one-off fee that simply covers the cost of running our website and continuing to research things for you.

Go and ask Sean Hardy what he charges per case and then ask him what kind of guarantee he offers – then make up your mind!

Oh, and just a few hours after uploading this to our website, we received the following e-mail from a past client of Sean Hardy’s:

Hi Guys,

In response to your washed up lawyer topic, I used Shaun(sic) Hardy and lost my licence for 12 months, copped $1,000 fine with 8 demerit points.

Whilst being out of work on the dole because of no licence, I used your system to defend a 1 demerit point fine and won.

Keep up the good work,

Ross B – Vic.

The TRUTH about Sean Hardy’s overprices “services” compared to the exceptional, value for money information that we provide simply doesn’t get any clearer than that!

If you were legitimate then you wouldn’t be charging for your information

Often people will ask us why we charge for our information and some even suggest that we are as bad as the corrupt agencies trying to steal from the very motorists we are here to help! Please see the following very straight forward responses to that:

It has taken us collectively over 20 years to research this information and put it together in a simple, step-by-step guide that anyone can use.

We spend thousands of dollars EVERY month just promoting our information on Google and the like to try and get it into the hands of EVERY motorist BEFORE they get a fine, so we don’t keep getting e-mails saying “Gee, if only we had your information ….. time ago” when it is often too late.

On top of that, we pay out a 33% commission to all our affiliates so you can actually earn money by helping us spread the word. We can’t pay you if no-one pays us!

We then provide e-mail updates pretty much every week or two – completely FREE – for life.

We receive in the vicinity of 300 – 500 e-mails EVERY DAY, which we personally answer. This costs time and money which we do NOT charge for.

We also have a web guy who puts EVERY update on-line and adds in new Testimonials and other information onto our website – at NO cost to our Members, ever.

Once you have paid your initial Memberships, you get everything else completely FREE for LIFE!

Just a SINGLE speeding fine will cost you upwards of TWICE the cost of our e-book. Our information will save you from EVER having to pay ANY speeding fines, parking fines, red light camera fines etc. for LIFE.

Trust us, for $67 it is the cheapest and best motoring insurance you will EVER buy AND, if for ANY reason, you don’t agree then just let us know within 30 days and we will give you a FULL refund!

We can’t be any fairer than that.


How do I REALLY know this isn’t just another internet “scam”?

Very simply! We have now been operating for over SIXTEEN years – despite numerous attempts by the so-called “authorities” to shut us down but they couldn’t because they KNOW that everything we say is 100% correct and FULLY verifiable.

We have now have SEVEN full pages of testimonials from people saying that they have successfully avoided paying unjust and unlawful fines using our strategies and we even have a video testimonial from someone who avoided $28,000 worth of fines just by threatening to use our strategies! These FACTS can all be verified via our numerous Testimonials pages –

On top of all of that, we give a FULL 30 day, money back guarantee which we certainly wouldn’t provide if we were a “scam”.

We answer EVERY e-mail we receive – which we also wouldn’t bother doing if we were just a “scam” – so if you have any questions or doubts about anything, please feel free to read over all the completely FREE information on our website and drop us an e-mail if you need any more help or information.