In essence, there are a number of Aussie Speeding Fines Membership’s and they can be broken down as follows:

Subscriber – This is usually the “first step” for people when they come to our website. They enter their name and e-mail address on our Home page to get a copy of our free report and they are then encouraged to become E-book Members. Please note that previously, Subscribers received our free weekly update e-mails, however, due to feedback from our Members and Subscribers, this service will be greatly limited in future – with only a very brief outline of the available update being provided – to encourage Subscribers to become Update Members.

E-book Membership – This is, and will likely continue to be, the most popular form of Membership. In essence, due to the highly controversial nature of our information, we cannot provide it to the general public and the information in our  e-book is for Member’s Only. Accordingly, before you are able to access the information in our e-book you must become a “Member”. To streamline the whole process, we include lifetime ASF Membership and the purchase of the e-book in one simple transaction.

So, when you go to our E-book Membership’s page – – and select any of the products there, you first become a Member and then get access to our Member’s Only information, you are then an E-book Member for life and you will be provided with details of any updates to our e-book as and when we release them.

As an E-book Member, you also receive free e-mail support to answer any question you may have about the information in our e-book. Please note that this level of Membership previously also included regular weekly e-mail Updates – with the latest News articles, Updates from our Members on new techniques and strategies they have tried and the like. In line with feedback from our Members and Subscribers, this service will now be greatly limited in future – with only a very brief outline of the available update being provided – to encourage E-book Members to also become Update/Advanced Members.

Please note that there is no requirement to become an Update/Advanced Member, you can still easily and successfully use the information contained in the e-book without it and we will continue to support and assist you in any way we can. Being an Update/Advanced Member will just mean that you are fully informed of all the latest information – over and above what we include in our E-book Memberships – that we believe all motorists in this country should have.

Advanced Member – This Membership group gets access to the recently updated Advanced Member’s area that we have just reorganised. This area will contain a full copy of  all documents that we believe will help to ensure that all our Members are fully informed and educated in respect of the traffic laws in this country.

Our Advanced Membership area now includes a Downloads page, where you can download all of the training manuals and manufacturers guidelines for almost all the different speed detection devices currently being used in Australia. It also contains links to download a number of very powerful court cases that can be used as precedents in any similar cases that you may be running.

Please note that you do not have to be an E-book Member to join as an Advanced Member but you will need to be an E-book Member to actually understand and implement many of the strategies that are covered in our new Member’s area. You CANNOT just become an Advanced member and get access to the 3 step process – you MUST become an E-Book Member for that!

If you would like to join as an E-book Member – so that you can start fighting your fines straight away, please click here

If you would like to join as an Advanced Member – to ensure that you receive all our future e-mail updates so that you are one of our fully informed and educated motorists – please be sure to read the Advanced Membership instructions here – and then click here –