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STOP!!! Please do not order the digital version until you have read all the information on this page!

Seriously, unless you have left things until the last minute there is absolutely no reason to ever purchase the digital version of our e-book and plenty of reasons not to!!!  And, even if you have left things til the last minute, still do not order the digital version – this is a very serious warning and we simply  cannot make this any clearer!

Please read this page completely to understand why and then do not e-mail us if the digital version does not work for you because we are telling you, in advance that there will almost certainly be issues with it!

Please note that we always recommend our professionally printed and bound hard copy versions and the digital versions are only provided for those who specifically like to read things on-screen. The digital e-book cannot be downloaded or printed, outdated/incompatible browsers will mean you can’t access links or download the letters – there are many issues with the digital versions – that are all outlined here – and no-one should ever purchase the digital versions!!! You can order one of our hard copy versions via this link –

Please note that our hard copy versions are sent out each day via Express Post so you will get them almost as quickly as the digital versions anyway!

After 17 years of helping motorists successfully challenge their unjust and unlawful fines we are completely baffled that people would be prepared to send us their hard earned money in exchange for our ‘advice’ but then ignore the first piece of advice we give them – do not ever get the digital versions!!!
Unless you are a stubborn ‘millennial’ who refuses to read anything unless it is on-line then there are NO possible benefits to the digital versions over the hard copy ones. Again all hard Copy orders are sent out via Express Post so you will receive it almost as quickly as the digital options anyway.
If, after reading all of this AND our digital e-book limitation details, you have still decided that an Online E-book Membership is the best version for you, despite us ALWAYS recommending our Hard Copy options, please see below for the various E-book Membership options available.
*Important Product Information: All online digital e-book versions contain the same basic information. The additional products that you can include with your order are: our Audio CD’s, which have the entire e-book read out, word for word, for people who like to listen in the car, on the train, convert to MP3 etc. and; the Seminar DVD is a recording of a live seminar that expands on the principles covered in the e-book and goes into much greater detail than the standard e-book allows for.
Please Note: We are currently running a 25% off, discount Easter promotion so, if you enter “Easter” into the Coupon Code box that comes up on the left side of the Order Form and hit “Apply” you will receive an additional 25% off the price of your Membership!