About Traffic Fines

All traffic fines that are being currently issued in Australia are being issued unlawfully!

We have covered speeding fines and parking fines separately on this website but our e-book relates to ALL traffic fines in ALL states.

In essence, no “Road Rules” publication in ANY state has been lawfully enacted. No state government can lawfully enact them because they contravene our fundamental Constitutional rights (Section 92 of the Commonwealth Constitution) to travel freely on our roads.

Certain fines, such as red light camera fines, also have fundamental flaws – like speed cameras – in respect to proving the authenticity of the photographs produced by these devices (see the section in the e-book relating to the flawed MD5 algorithm).

All the road rules are just that – rules. They are NOT Acts or Laws. You must remember that these rules were only ever put in place to help create an even flow of traffic. It makes sense to have Stop signs and Give Way signs that INDICATE what people SHOULD do, but you cannot punish them for not doing it unless they actually cause an accident.

There is large section of the e-book that explains that without a victim there can be no crime and without a crime there is no call for punishment. There is NO victim if you break a road rule and therefore there is no crime committed and no need for punishment by way of any fine or loss of demerit points.

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