All Hard Copy orders are now posted directly to you via Express Post to ensure that you receive our information in the shortest possible time!

Important Product Information: All e-book versions contain the same basic information. The additional products that you can include with your order are: our Audio CD’s, which have the entire e-book read out, word for word, for people who like to listen in the car, on the train, convert to MP3 etc. and; the Seminar DVD is a a recording of a live seminar that expands on the principles covered in the e-book and goes into much greater detail than the standard e-book allows for.





Option 2 Value – E-book $87 + Audio CD’s $25 = $112 for just $107!




Option 3 Value – E-book $87 + Seminar DVD $37 = $124 for just $114!




Option 4 Value – E-book $87 + Audio Cd’s $25 + Seminar DVD $37 = $149 for just $131!




Please note that we have done a deal with the guys at the Know Your Rights group and Bank Secrets Revealed, whereby you can purchase all 3 books in the one place and save on postage.


Please use this link – – if that is of interest to you and you will be re-directed to the Know Your Rights group website to finalise that order directly with them..


If you don’t know about the other books yet, please look them up. You can find the details of the Know Your Rights book here – – and the Bank Secrets Revealed book here –