Advanced Membership

  The New Advanced Members area is now up and running - this provides additional, more advanced and detailed information, over and above what is covered in our E-Book. This Membership level is for people new to our website wanting a little more information and/or existing E-book Members who want to keep up to date with the latest news. There is a minimal $19.95 annual Membership fee for this area. Our Advanced Membership area now includes the following: 1. A Downloads page, where you can download all of the training manuals and manufacturers guidelines for almost all the different speed detection devices currently being used in Australia. 2. It also contains links to download a number of very powerful court cases that can be used as precedents in any similar cases that you may be running. 3. We provide the Statute of Limitations legislation for every State in Australia. 4. We have copies of Members paperwork - including detailed Affidavits and Outlines of Submissions that they used to win their cases. You can simply copy and paste these documents and use them in your own cases. 5. Links to numerous articles explaining many more advanced concepts. Plus, much more! To become an Advanced Member click here Already a member?  Click here to login Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about this level of Membership.